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Jessie: In New Hampshire where there is as much colorful foliage on the ground as on the trees.

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Every month we are picking a Thursday to mention something we are each grateful for and to offer a giveaway of books to one lucky commenter. So, Wickeds, share with all of us what is making your heart sing with thankfulness this month!

Edith/Maddie: I’m thankful I got away for a week-long solo writing retreat on Cape Cod. While there, I wrote almost half a book and typed The End. The cottage I rent is my happy place and where I find it easy to let the muse flow. And every day I’m thankful the coronavirus hasn’t hit me or anyone I’m close to. I will give away either Murder on Cape Cod or Murder at the Taffy Shop, winner’s choice.

Barb: I am grateful my husband and I got to spend this month renting a place on a lake near my son and his family. When we made the plan I imagined us helping with remote school and providing childcare coverage for our seven-year-old granddaughter. There’s been some of that, but I think the most exciting thing for all of us has been seeing new faces and spending time with new people after all this time in relative isolation. I’m giving away an Advance Reader Copy of Jane Darrowfield and the Madwoman Next Door.

Liz: I am grateful for continued good health and a full life that keeps me busy…sometimes a little too busy, but better than the alternative! I am also so grateful that my dogs have a fenced-in yard to run around in. It makes me so happy to watch them playing outside. I’ll give away a copy of Witch Hunt.

Jessie: I am so thankful that my two sons at college have stayed healthy and that their campuses have been able to safely remain open. I am also so grateful for all the enthusiastic help my husband has given me on a recent and ongoing office redo! I’m giving away an Advance Reader Copy of Murder Comes to Call.

Sherry: I am thankful that we got to take a mini-break last week. We rented a house on a lake south of Annapolis for three nights. It was a fabulous neighborhood and so refreshing to be away for the first time since last February. I will give away an ebook of any of my books.

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  1. I’m thankful I finally found a job this week, only parttime but extremely grateful after being unemployed for 7 months due to the current situation. I’m hoping things will get a bit better for my children and I and help to reduce some of the stress. Staying positive and thankful that things can only get better 🌙💜

  2. Good morning. I am thankful for each new day when I wake. What a pleasant surprise to wake to your giveaways! I am tired of the pandemic, of all the changes it has brought, but it was nice to wake to all of your thoughts and to stop and think about all that is good, and all that I am thankful for.

  3. Good morning ladies!
    I’m thankful that I am surrounded with wonderful neighbors!
    We laugh together, we cry together , and mostly we are there for each other always!😍
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    Have a wonderful day!!

  4. I am thankful that I am in a position to continue to write while my kids are home for remote schooling. The writing pace is a little slower, but that is nothing compared to what some people have suffered in the last 7 months!

  5. I guess that I’m thankful that I’m employed and healthy. It might not seem like much is going on if that’s the headline events but in this day and age, that’s just going to have to be enough.

  6. I am grateful to my husband who helps keep me sane during these trying times. And books that takes me away to places I wish I could go to in person. Thank you to all of you wonderful authors that help us through your cozy mysteries!!!

  7. I’m thankful for waking up each morning! I’m thankful for reaching retirement age and figuring out what this next part of my life will hold. And I’m thankful for the gift of reading…it’s my travel mode!!!

  8. I’m thankful my husband and I have remained employed and that our whole family, including two at college, are healthy (my son’s college has been able to maintain in-person classes since August). I’m also grateful that said school is a supportive environment for my son, who is having a lot of trouble with the transition to college life.

  9. I’m thankful that all of our libraries have finally opened. I’m still amazed at how many people have supported the libraries through this pandemic. Books mean so much to so many people and it brings a smile to my face to see our patrons slowly coming back to us. (Did you guess I’m a librarian? 😃)

  10. I’m thankful that all of our libraries have finally opened. I’m still amazed at how many people have supported the libraries through this pandemic. Books mean so much to so many people and it brings a smile to my face to see our patrons slowly coming back to us. (Did you guess I’m a librarian? 😃)

  11. I am grateful for family, in-life and online friends and fellow writers. In this time of isolation and semi-isolation it’s these relationships that have thrived.

  12. This month I’ve been thankful for the changing of seasons – the cooler temperatures, lower humidity and even the rain that we so desperately needed. Extremely thankful that for all my loved ones to have stayed healthy. Thankful and very happy that the state (even if it was pressured by all us seniors and our elected officials) decided to keep covering our medicine on the insurance policy in 2021. Thankful for a steady income, roof over our heads and food in the pantry – small things for those that have them but so big for those lacking. Today I am extremely thankful to have made it to another year. Today’s my birthday. 🙂 To have reached 68 when I was told I’d never see 30 is something to be very thankful and very blessed about. I’m thankful that our 15 year old furbaby who gave us such a scare at the first of the month, is doing well and ready for his birthday next month.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

      1. Thank you! Great to share my day with others. It just makes it that more special. <3

    1. Happy bithday! It’s mine too! Thankful for to see my mom this week, first time since Dec.

  13. I’m thankful for the Hallmark Channels. Their movies are so good and make me happy. They just showed a new Aurora Teagarden and a new Picture Perfect Mystery.

  14. Thanks for sharing all of this positivity, ladies! After four days if clouds and rain, I’m thankful for sunshine. And that all of the political ads will soon be gone from my TV. 😉

  15. Thank you Wickeds for encouraging all of us to focus on things that we are grateful for. It’s easy to get lost in a place of negativity with all that is going on in the world. I am so thankful for the support my daughter has given me through this trying time. Even though she was furloughed and eventually let go from her place of employment because of Covid, she has always remained full of positivity and has been a true light in my life. My elderly mother was the first resident in her nursing home to pass from Covid. I realize that she is now free from a body that was failing her but it wasn’t how I imagined her death to be. My daughter was with me every step of the way providing love and laughter. She now has started a new job this week and is working for the employer of her dreams! It’s amazing how wonderful things can happen because of trying times. Life is good!

  16. I am thankful for my husband and children. They are my blessings from God above. Based on this I am also thankful for the freedoms we have been provided. Our ability to worship any God, to cast our vote, to own our own home, etc., these are all things others only wish they were able to enjoy.

  17. I am thankful that my family has stayed healthy. I’m also thankful for The Wickeds and all the other great authors who have kept me in reading material during the pandemic.

  18. I am thankful that everyone in my family is healthy. Also, my three grandchildren are spending the weekend here (i have never had all three at the same time), so I am thankful that I am able to spend time with them and it forced me to do some purging, something I have wanted to do for a long time.

  19. Happy 68th birthday, Kay. Happy birthday to Jessie’s mom!!

    I’m grateful for good health (relatively speaking, at 70), a wonderful, loving husband, a successful daughter, and a warm, cuddly kittie. We are very fortunate that we have a safe, comfortable place to live, no mortgage, safe investments, and a lovely town to live in. We aren’t rich in material things, but we are the richest people in the world in the things that matter.

  20. I am thankful that our two businesses continue to remain busy and we are all in good health. I’m also thankful that friends have come to help, without hesitation, as our sudden increase in business has been taxing to say the least. They’re stepping in, some traveling from far away locations, and support has meant the world to us. I thank the universe every day for the positive light!

  21. I am thankful for a lot of things in my life and around me now. One particular thing I am thankful for is all the thankfulness that is evident in your answers and that we are lucky to be in a position to be thankful. Touching lives with our best attitudes now is one more way we are getting through all this.

  22. Of course I’m grateful for all of you authors, who have entertained so many before and during these trying times. But also incredibly thankful for a home where we can be safe and secure, and surrounded by nature. It’s kept us grounded right now.

  23. I am thankful for my friends and family taking this pandemic seriously. It is difficult for those of us over 65 to feel safe with such a horrible virus running rampant. But good friends and good books have made this so much easier to handle. Bless you all, I hope everyone stays healthy.

  24. I give thanks every morning for our continued good health, our friends and family, and our country home that makes it so enjoyable to isolate. I am thankful to be seven years past my diagnosis of breast cancer and more active than ever before.

    And of course daily I am thankful for all these great books to read!

  25. I’m thankful my parent’s house was spared in the most recent wildfire in their area. It got way too close.

  26. I am thankful once again that we and extended family have remained safe and healthy, and after many medicine changes lab numbers for me that were back in the normal range. I am also thankful for the addition of another great-niece to our family early this month, for the fact that my great-grandchildren have returned safely to school, and that a grandson is moving a bit closer which hopefully means some socially distanced visits one of these days.

  27. I am thankful for my husband who is my caregiver. That he assumes jobs he never saw as his and takes care of all my needs. He is earning his crown and jewels and honoring a promise nearly 50 years old.

  28. I’m thankful that my grandson’s school were able to set up their classes outdoors. The classes have been broken into smaller groups and all grades are spread out around the campus with canopies and wooden desks built by staff and parent volunteers. They all wear masks even outdoors. I’m thankful for my garden and with my window open, I can hear the birds singing. I’m thankful for our continued good health while observing necessary precautions to avoid giving or getting COVID. My husband has been able to work from home. I worry less when he’s here. I’m thankful for the fall season. It’s cooler. No more 100+ degrees weather. Grateful.

  29. I am VERY thankful for a three-day getaway at Lake Sunapee, NH with my best friend. We had a wonderful, relaxing time and enjoyed seeing so much beauty all around us and just spending time together. I’m also always thankful to have found this wonderful group of authors, whose work can brighten any day! Stay safe, everyone!

  30. I am grateful for another day in this beautiful world, where I can be with my loved ones here on earth. I am grateful for my morning walks I go with my husband and our pup every day, where we get to see some of the deserts beauty and little creatures. I am grateful that my children, grandchildren , brothers, sisters and their family and pets and my in laws are all doing well. You all have a blessed day and stay safe.

  31. Wow thank you ladies. We all have something to be thankful for even if we have to look a little deeper.
    I am so thankful that my daughter in CA is safe from the fires and that my son (who lives in the area) along with his wife can come and visit once a week. I thank the good Lord for family quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  32. I read a quote from Fred (Mr.) Rogers just the other day that states better than I can what I am thankful for: being alive in this world with family, friends and friends who are strangers I just have not yet met. He said, “Our world hangs like a magnificent jewel in the vastness of space. Every one of us is a part of that jewel. A facet of that jewel. And in the perspective of infinity, our differences are infinitesimal. We are intimately related. May we never even pretend that we are not.”

  33. I’m so thankful that my whole family is healthy and happy! I’m thankful for my flower gardens and my health so I can still dig in the dirt to make my whimsical garden come to reality! I love all the beauty of nature from a butterfly to the tall oak trees!

  34. This is pretty mundane, but that’s okay I’ll take some mundane this week. We’ve been working through refinancing our house and it has been headache after headache–finally yesterday we closed! Hurrah! I’m so grateful it is done!

  35. I’m thankful that I had a successful surgery in October and I’m home recovering and feeling good. I’m also thankful for my Sister coming to stay with me and for my two cats watching over me.

  36. I am grateful that my husband and I are staying safe and well at home with your dogter. I am grateful that I am a 38 1/2 year retired teacher and do not have to deal with that during these covid times. I am grateful for life, books, jigsaw puzzles and talking to friends on the phone and praying nightly to God along with lighting my St. Jude candle and praying for everyone else.

  37. I am thankful that my Mom came home from a rehab center after being there for seven weeks. Because of Covid, we were not able to see her. We are dealing with new adjustments, but she is home. My husband and I celebrated 32 years of marriage on October 14. I am grateful to family and friends who came over while Mom was in rehab to paint three rooms as well as Fall cleaned.

  38. I am very thankful that despite the pandemic, I am able to spend time watching movies with my 86 year old mom!

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