Gratitude Giveaway

by Julie, enjoying a warm snap and change of scenery

I got a new daily planner. A Plum Paper 6 month daily for any other planner addicts out there. I was able to personalize the areas of the planner, but there was one I kept, and am committed to using. A “Daily Gratitude” section.

I’ve tried gratitude journals in the past, as a separate daily practice. But this time, by having it in my planner, I’ve been far more likely to use it.

Now, 2020 has been, and continues to be, quite a year. But I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude, and I’ve given myself this challenge. What five unique things can I be grateful for every day. I have a wonderful base of family and friends. Work I love. Books. Cats. All of those are a given, though I still am grateful. For the past few weeks I have been trying to find five new things every day. My Shepherd’s Pie recipe. Getting my NaNoWriMo words done. The feel of my fountain pen on my journal pages. Brokenwood Mysteries for diversion. The joy of driving my 16 year old Scion xB. Those were on today’s list.

On the Wickeds, we discuss themes as we plot the year. This month we’re talking about light and darkness, a more appropriate theme then we could have imagined when we planned a year ago. Even on the darker days, finding five joys, five things to be grateful for–that exercise is a gift of hope. We all need that gift.

Speaking of gratitude–I was thrilled when Kate Carlisle asked me to be part of a Thanksgiving cookbook and a giveaway. The giveaway includes 14 books, and everyone who enters will get a copy of the cookbook. Enter at! The winner will be announced on November 17.

Friends, what are you grateful for today?

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  1. I journal every day and keep the last line as “Today, I am grateful for [fill in the blank].” But I like the idea of coming up with five things. I also love nice planners, so I’m definitely checking this one out, Julie! By the way, I’m grateful for each of you!

    1. Annette, we’re grateful for you as well. I love planners, and am very happy with my Plum Paper. I really love the way it can be personalized. I think they have a Black Friday sale where you can save 30%. Just saying. 😉

  2. What a wonderful practice, Julie – especially this year. One thing I’m grateful for is being included in the Kate Carlisle cookbook and contest! Also: being able to type despite the splint immobilizing my left thumb; yesterday’s distanced lunch with two friends of thirty years; my excellent French roast coffee; and my manic sweet teenage kitten, Ganesh.

  3. Grateful for a few hours of rest. It may not sound like much to some, but when you have medical issues getting a good night’s rest can be rare. On top of that, knowing we had to travel to Little Rock (2 1/2 hours each way) for a doctor’s appointment usually makes it even harder to shut down the brain and the body being allowed to rest. Last night was the exception with for which I am very grateful. Now I feel like I can take the day head on. Shoot after the appointment, I might even get to enjoy being out in the sunshine and time away for a few hours with hubby! Hoping to stop by and see if the trumpeter swans have arrived yet. 🙂
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  4. I’m grateful for my friends, far and near. I’m also grateful that one day we will be able to see each other and give out hugs whether it’s the regular ones or the elbow ones.

  5. Every Friday, I post the Positivity Friday on my blog (most Fridays). I include large things like visits from my family, grandkids etc to small things like seeing birds, sunshine etc. It keeps me focused on the good things in my life. I think I will start writing things down each night before bed, so that on Friday, I am ready to go. Great post!

  6. I’m grateful for my card club friends (family).
    We have been getting together for over 40 years once a month.
    We all have a special bond to each other. It is truly a friendship I am very very grateful for!!!

  7. I am very grateful for my card club friends (family).
    We have been getting together for over 40 years.
    We have a very special bond that we share. We laugh, cry, and I’m forever grateful for our friendship!

    1. There is nothing like old friends, I have 5 from college, we have known each since we were 18, 47 years ago, we keep each other grounded, have seen each other through good and bad, and although I have only been able to see two of the physically this year between phone, letters and technology they have made getting through this year much easier!!!!

      1. Technology is definitely making it easier this year. I can’t imagine what my life would be like right now without my computer and zoom. Old friends are a blessing, especially ones that you’ve shared the ups and downs of life with.

  8. Today (and every day) I am so grateful to have survived breast cancer twice — first in 1998 and then in March 2020. And I’m extra grateful to have survived Tropical Storm Eta, which paid a visit to Clearwater Florida all day yesterday and last night. Very very scary.

  9. I’m grateful that my cousin is home from the hospital and recovering from COVID and pneumonia.

  10. Today, I’m thankful for an already beautiful sunrise and my wonderful family!

  11. I love this and started doing three things a day, about 4 or 5 years ago, I do this on a calendar, I get one every year with lines. I try to concentrate on little special moments like a conversation with one of my little great neices or nephews, fonts of childish wisdom, something I saw on the drive to work like wildlife or a beautiful flower display and conversation with friends. Yesterday one of my college friends sent to me two notes I had written to her in 1975, what a kick for both of us!

  12. I am grateful for my beautiful home office, now almost put back together after a summer and fall of upheaval. It’s a wonderful place to work.

  13. I’m grateful for finally returning to Maine, family and friends, the close knit writing community, and good health.

    The Plum planner looks wonderful – can it handle fountain pen ink without bleeding?

    Happy upcoming 2021!

  14. I’m grateful that a couple friends seem to be becoming hooked on Babylon 5, my favorite TV show. I have only ever watched it with friends, so getting them hooked means I get to spend more time with them and enjoy the show all over again.

  15. I’m continuingly grateful for all the really little things in my life. Today, I am grateful for waking up in a warm, comfy waterbed, listening to the life-giving rain. Then I got up and walked across my newly cleaned soft carpet and how good it felt on my poor aching feet. And I am always grateful for the Wickeds’ blog to look forward to every day. It gives me new insights and perspectives on so many things.

  16. I read a very good quote from Tracee Ellis Ross (actress, singer and daughter of Diana Ross) recently where she talked about gratitude. She said, “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?” It made me think about being more grateful for everyone and everything.

  17. I’m thankful for my family and that we are still in good health. I’m thankful for the wooded area that my husband I walk through each morning and for the good coffee we enjoy when we get home. I’m thankful for my knitting sisters and reading buddies who bring joy to life. And I’m thankful for each of you.

  18. Thank you for sharing about the giveaway. Gratitude is something we all need to have. I had a manager keep track of five things we were grateful for daily. Since I became disabled, I have fallen out of the habit of recording my blessings. Thank you for reminding me how important it is to look on the bright positive side of our lives. It is so easy to fall into the gloom.

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