Celebrating our “Gotcha Days”

By Liz, on deadline (again) and really looking forward to the end of this year!

I recently celebrated two years with my girls, Penny and Molly. For those of you who have been around since the beginning, can you believe it? And for those of you who are just joining us here on the Wickeds, let me assure you – it’s been a journey.

So today, as I frantically try to make my deadline, I’m sharing some of my favorite photos of them from the past two years.

Thanks for indulging me – and tell me in the comments if you’re celebrating any special days lately, furry or human!

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  1. Our small celebration – my daughter is a high school senior and received her first college acceptance – which is also her number one choice! We’re very happy for her!

  2. Our precious chihuahua furbaby, Snickerdoodle, turned 16 on November 13th. That was a great reason for celebration to us. Although, he’s almost blind, extremely hard of hearing if not completely deaf, takes insulin twice a day, suffers from arthritis and has gotten quite cantankerous, it was still one of the best thing that ever happened in our lives. We will continue to spoil him rotten and treasure every year we have with him.
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  3. November is my birthday month, and it’s also the month we got our sweet Lab, Bandit. We’ve had him 4 years this month.

  4. Koda’s 5th birthday is next month and we will celebrate his second “gotcha” day in March 2021. Last night the adoption group sent an email that they have another hound who is currently with a foster, looking for a home. I would adopt a “baby brother” for Koda (this dog is barely 3) in a minute — if it weren’t for the husband saying no.

  5. Jenny and her two kittens Piper and Cub were abandoned in my yard on 11.20.12. Jenny was estimated to be eight months at the time, Piper and Cub two months. We managed to corral them with the intention of fostering until we could find them homes. Big fail there. Eight years later, they still own us.

  6. What a great way to fill the page when you are already pushed to the limit in time. I’m not a dog person – we have CATS, but I sure can appreciate cuteness in any animal. And I love when any animal is a GOTCHA – the only kind we have ever had. Thanks for taking care of these cuties. Now, get back to work and quit reading the comments!

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