The Gift of Giving

Hi Wickeds! Since we just celebrated Christmas and we’re technically still in the season of giving, I wanted to talk gifts today. I love spreading holiday cheer – one of the lovely things about Christmas this year was spending it with kids, something I haven’t gotten to do in years. It’s nice to see them so happy with their presents, and especially nice to see them happy with something I’ve given them. It got me thinking – what was the best gift you either gave or received this year?

Edith/Maddie: Mine is one I haven’t had a chance to deliver yet, but I will soon. When my sons were young, we had a boxed set of twelve little hardcover books of the Tales of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. My boys loved reading about Peter, Mrs. Tiggywinkle, Chippy Hacky, and all the other characters, and I did, too. I got the same set for my three-year old great goddaughter this year, except her family is in quarantine because of an exposure. During our joint family Zoom on Christmas Eve, I told her I’ll bring her gifts as soon as I can. She said, “You can throw them to me. I will catch them.” “Through the screen?” I asked. “Yes!” I can’t wait to snuggle up with her later this year and read the stories over and over.

Sherry: That is so sweet Edith! I just got the loveliest note from a reader who read my books to his mum who was a librarian and organized the rummage sales at her church. It is the best gift. I still have tears in my eyes and I will cherish his words forever.

Jessie: How lovely, Edith! I loved those books so much as a child and I still find them so charming! And Sherry, what a delightful note to have received! I I was able to give a gift of a set of books to one of my son’s that he loved as a child too! Somehow he lost it in a move at some point and was delighted to have a new copy!

Liz: I love these stories. In the same spirit as Sherry, I got the sweetest card in the mail from a reader – she had made magnetic bookmarks for me and wrote me a sweet note about how she loves my books. It made my whole week!

Julie: I’m finding, as I get older, that the notes and thoughtful gestures make the season bright. I’m thrilled to have received both.

Barb: The best gift this Christmas was one I neither gave nor received. Santa brought a mini-basketball set for a certain two-year-old. I don’t know how he knew, but it was the best gift ever.

Readers, what was the best gift you gave/got this year? Tell us below!

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  1. Zoom! Because of Zoom, we got to spend Christmas morning with our daughter, 2000 miles away. We sat by the Christmas tree and I passed out the gifts. We take turns opening gifts, and when it was her turn, I would open a present and “give” it to her. It was as close to being together as possible right now and it was really uplifting.

  2. You’d have to ask the people I gave gifts to which one was the best I gave.

    But the most unexpected, coolest and thus best gift I received was from my friend Ann. No, it wasn’t the copy of the new Paige Shelton book COLD WIND, although that was greatly appreciated believe me.

    Rather, it was a coffee mug. I know, sounds kind of plain jane boring right? Nope, because it was the effort and specialness of said coffee mug that made it so special and cool. Ann knows that I’m a huge fan of a certain Wicked author. So she reached out online to the author and between the two of them, they put their heads together to sneakily conspire in a holiday season kind of way and on Christmas afternoon, I got to open a package containing an author inscribed coffee mug from the one and only Edith Maxwell!

    It was AWESOME to receive not only because it was a signed Edith swag mug but to realize my friend would take the initiative to give me a surprise gift like that. It is the coolest and most unexpected gift I’ve received in a good long while.

    Really made my Christmas!

    So thank yous go out to both Ann and Edith for a gift that meant so much.

    1. I was delighted that, a) she reached out to me, b) I had one last mug in my swag stash, c) the mail actually got it to her on time! So glad her gift made you happy, Jay.

  3. We don’t really exchange gifts. Not that we don’t believe in it, but more of we buy for each other as the mood or need strikes. Why wait? 🙂 However, not all presents have to be bought or wrapped under the tree. For me, my best present this year was being able to spend it with my loving husband with us both having our healthy, be as it may be, in our warm home knowing that all our needs are met. In this time, that truly is a blessing and much, much more than most.

    Although we don’t exchange gifts on Christmas morning, we did end up buying a new phone for each of us. At this point, I’m not quite sure if it’s the best thing or the most frustrating thing. You see I’ve always had just a little flip phone that I could keep in my pocket just for phone calls and a few text messages. Mostly for emergency like if I fell and needed help – which thank goodness hasn’t been as often as it once was. With the big sales, I finally decided that IF I fell that I would probably fall on that pocket and not be able to reach the phone any ways. So we went to check them out a week or so before Christmas walking out with a new one for each of us. I’m still in the learning process. The decision of was it a good thing or not is still on the table for now.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  4. I found this neat kit that let’s kids write their own story, book, draw the pictures, tell the whole story they want to tell, then they send it off and it is “published” and sent back to them to keep forever. I got those for my almost 5 year old twin great nephews. Their Mom was as excited as I was and the boys seemed pretty intrigued, I can’t wait to see what they come up with. They both have incredible imaginations.

  5. That’s a very cool story, Sherry.

    The Hubby surprised me this year with a handmade sweater from a ethnic vendor (Nepalese?) downtown. it is so soft!

  6. We didn’t exchange gifts this year at Christmas, but decided to put off the holiday until July when we hope to be able to combine it with a restaurant meal!

    I hope all Wickeds and readers had and are having a wonderful holiday season!

  7. It was a quiet, just the two of us Christmas here and we don’t buy gifts for one another, so the best gifts we received were computer Face Time visits with our children and their families. And, we had a long phone conversation with my husband’s sister who is the only sibling for both of us. Family and Friends…now more than ever the most priceless gifts.

  8. Best gift given, that feels like best gift received: seed money for the year end matching gift fund for a favorite and local non-profit. They managed to switch all programs from in person live to distance (on-line, telephone) and continue to care for all their clients. Also switched all fund raising, including the annual run, to virtual, with moderate success. Amazing group of folks working very hard for so many.

  9. No contest. It was the new collection of cartoons (this time for book lovers!) by the hilarious Grant Snider, I WILL JUDGE YOU BY YOUR BOOKSHELF. Because, honestly, don’t we all do this? Just a little bit?

  10. My Dad moved into an apartment in May after losing my step-mom. His apartment has a large area between the floor and the door. I was able to find him a draft dodger that is a cat. He was so excited. He told the neighbor that he received a cat for Christmas. He also needed a tv tray so I was able to find him one that can be adjusted for various heights.

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