So long, 2020!

By Liz, looking forward to ringing in a new year (as I’m sure the entire world is at this point)!

Happy New Year’s Eve, readers! We are all looking forward to turning the page to a new year, especially after the dumpster fire that was 2020 🙂 So Wickeds, what’s your hope for 2021?

Barb: It is my fervent wish to see family and friends again, up close, personal, and safely.

Edith/Maddie: I’m with Barb. And for sanity and kindness to reign. We all need it so desperately.

Liz: Same here, on both counts. And health and happiness for everyone, and for no one to be lonely anymore.

Julie: I agree with all of the above. I’m going to add that my 2021 hope is to find joy in the everyday, and to be present for all that unfolds.

Sherry: All of the above here too! I have been thinking about joy too. This year has certainly taught me to find joy in little things — laughing with my family, a day of perfect weather, and gestures of kindness from strangers. I hope I continue to not take anything for granted.

Jessie: You ladies have said it all! I can only add that I hope there is more hope going around since it is one of the most positive things I can imagine!

Readers: What do you wish for?

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  1. My hope is to be able to see all of my family again! It’s been too long since we have been able to get together.

  2. The ability to safely travel so we can once again start marking off places to see on our bucket list. For this to happen, it would mean that they have a handle on Covid, vaccines not only work but are available for everyone and businesses are back up and running.
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  3. I haven’t seen my son, dil and grandson in over a year, will finally travel to see them after I’m vaccinated. In their Christmas card my son wrote that 2021 will be the year of hugs – I can hardly wait!

  4. I think the Wickeds have covered most of it. I can only add I hope my son gets his head in the right place to be successful in his second semester of college.

  5. As people have in the past and we do now, I hope for peace, goodwill, love of family and friends in 2021. Emily Huntington Miller wrote a short poem about today, New Year’s Eve:
    “Then sing, young hearts that are full of cheer,
    With never a thought of sorrow;
    The old goes out, but the glad young year
    Comes merrily in tomorrow.”
    I hope everyone here has a good 2021 and gets lots of time with family and friends. And, COVID, be gone!

  6. Lovely wishes, ladies! My wish is so a speedy and effective worldwide rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines so that everyone can have a little more security in their lives.
    Oh, and for my book that comes out on January 19 to be a bestseller. 😂 Though, clearly, wish one is way more important than wish two! Happy New Year!

  7. A healthy first quarter, then second, then in the third, the ability to travel.
    Happy New Year to all the wicked authors and readers of this blog.

  8. As always, the eloquence of the Wickeds says it all. Remember, at the bottom of Pandora’s box is HOPE.

  9. I desperately want to go to the theater … or even a movie or a restaurant. Anything to get out of my “bubble”. This year, I lost both my roommate and my dog, and this solitary living does NOT suit me. Boy, Ginny, do I need to go scrounging at the bottom of that box, ’cause I’m fresh out.

    As we all say, “Good riddance!” to this awful year, I send the Wickeds and everyone else here my most sincere and fervent wishes for better times in 2021.

    It’s off topic, but in the wake of the death of Dawn Wells (Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island) from COVID this week, I can’t resist using my favorite quote from Mrs. Howell: “Anyone who says money doesn’t buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop.”

    Happy New Year everyone.

    1. I was so sad to see the news about Dawn Wells – that show was one of my favorites. I’m so sorry about your roommate and your dog – this year really does stink all around.

  10. In addition to what the Wickeds have already said, I hope I get to do a mud run this year, especially since I have a friend who wants to do one with me. Haven’t done one with a friend for a couple of years.

  11. I hope that the vaccine rolls out quickly and safely and that we get this under control so we can do all the things we miss, especially hug our family and friends.

  12. My wish is that everyone who can get vaccinated will get vaccinated and that we will be able to gather together in groups large and small

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