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Edith writing with hope from north of Boston.

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I’m excited to present the hot-off-the-press cover for A Changing Light, my seventh Quaker Midwife Mystery!

Isn’t it stunning? Here’s the blurb:

In a new mystery from Agatha Award-winning author Edith Maxwell, midwife Rose Carroll confronts a killer on the cusp of a new age . . .

As the nineteenth century nears an end, midwife Rose Carroll can see signs of progress and change everywhere in her Amesbury community. Adding to the excitement is the annual Spring Opening, when the town’s world-famous carriage manufacturers throw open their doors to visitors from all over the globe. This year’s festivities are tainted, however, when a representative from a prominent Canadian carriage company is murdered.

Driven by her strong sense of justice, Rose is determined to track down the killer. She has only just begun her investigation when she learns that the plans for a radical new horseless carriage have gone missing. Faced with the question of whether the two crimes are connected—and a list of suspects that includes some of Amesbury’s own residents and any number of foreign visitors—Rose has to delve into a case with implications for the future, even if the motive for murder is one of mankind’s oldest . . .

The book releases April 13 and it’s is up for pre-order now. (A temporary glitch doesn’t show it connected to the previous six books in the series, but they’re working on that.)

I very much enjoyed writing this book and bringing the real Amesbury Spring Opening into the story. Tuberculosis, which was running rampant at the time, plays a role, as well. Rose has lots of changes going on in her personal life to match those in the 1890 world around her!

Readers: Which historical events spark your interest? Do you have a favorite era to read about? I’ll send one commenter an ebook version of Taken Too Soon, the previous book in the series.

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  1. I just try to keep up with the ever-growing TBR mountain. You all write and I read, edit (it’s a curse, I tell you), review, repeat.

  2. I believe most of the reading I do inside of the mystery genre with stories set in the past end up being centered in World War II.

    As for the actual historical events that sparks an interest, I’m not sure I have any one particular thing. Since I don’t do a lot of non-fiction reading, it would be hard to single something out.

    No need to consider me for the e-book, I have the physical edition. Best to give it to someone who doesn’t.

    As for the new cover, it does look quite visually appealing. I do have a question though. Was the cover purposely designed to avoid showing Rose’s face or was it picked from a few different options?

  3. LOVE the cover of “A Changing Light”! I partial to purple so the purple hues in it just make me love it all the more. Can’t wait to read more of Rose’s adventures when the book comes out. Fabulous series that I devour each book as soon as given the opportunity.

    Enjoy reading book set in just about any era if the author’s done their research which brings the past to life as if we are living it ourselves which is what your books do for me. I do love the time in the very last of the 1800’s to the middle of the 1900’s. It’s a time that my grandparents and parents lived in. They brought it to life for me through their verbal stories. When I read a well defined book from that time period, it’s almost like see life during their time frame and before I was even thought about.

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win a copy of “Taken Too Soon”. It’s one of your that I haven’t had the opportunity to read yet. Shared and hoping to be the fortunate one selected.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  4. Hi Edith,
    Looks like another good book. I do love historical mysteries! I don’t really have a favorite era. I think one of the things I enjoy most about historical books is learning about a new time. When I read Jacqueline Winspears’ Maisie Dobbs books, I knew virtually nothing about the time after WWI. I learned so much. So the history aspect is always a delight. I’ll have to check out this new series as well. Yeah, more books!!

  5. I can’t wait for the release of “A Changing Light” and have already pre-ordered my copy. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres to read and especially ones during the 1920’s and WWII. If the setting is in England, Scotland, U.S.A., Ireland, even better. Thanks for providing us with a wonderful series to enjoy.

  6. Wonderful cover, Edith. The colors are gorgeous and I like that it doesn’t show her face. I love how the artist used light, color, and clouds–along with not showing her face–to lend mystery and foreshadowing to it. I’m not partial to any one era, it seems, as I enjoy everything from early history to present day. I think this series should be made into a movie series, as it brings to life not only an era that many don’t know much about but also the Quaker background that is so interesting and still unknown to so many.

  7. Normally I enjoy reading about England from the 1200’s through about 1800’s but am also open to other times. I will be interested to read this book as it deals with TB and my father had it in the 1920’s, not long after (especially medically) this story takes place.

  8. Gorgeous cover, Edith! Looking forward to spending more time with Rose.

    My favorite era to read about? The Gilded Age through the 1930s. There was so much going on and so much change to society. Makes for interesting reading.

  9. I like stories taking place during the Civil War but also any that take place in America in the past.Love you stories.

  10. I love the cover, Edith! My first and immediate impression was of fear. After reading the blurb, I know the cover is perfect. I, too, prefer your covers without faces.

    I love all historical mysteries because of what I learn from them, but I think my favorite is Victorian England. Yes, I’m a huge Sherlock Holmes fan.

    Looking forward to the release of this great sounding book.

  11. I like a lot of different historical eras, for different reasons. My favorites are probably the ‘50s-‘70s, because we lost our mom in 1979 at a young age. She was 45, my older twin sisters were 23, I was 18 and my younger sister was 17. When I see certain home decor, food or fashion from those decades that remind me of her, it’s both melancholy and sentimental.

  12. Lovely cover once again, Edith! Congratulations! As far as eras and events, I have trouble choosing a favorite, which is probably why I keep writing books set in different times!

  13. Wow, this book sounds and looks very intriguing! I love the book cover, it looks full of mystery! Thank you for sharing about your book and showing us the beautiful book cover! (not entering the ebook giveaway, but Thank you, I don’t read ebooks at all) Have a Great weekend and stay safe.

  14. A great cover! I really enjoy books set in the 1920s —before the Depression. I also like books set in the 60s and 70s, since that is the time period I grew up in. Thanks for the chance!

  15. I enjoy reading about the Civil war era as well as WWII. Thank you for the opportunity. It is a beautiful cover. God bless you.

  16. Beautiful cover! I like reading from the 1850s through the 1920s. However, I also read almost any other time! I am not very picky. Why limit my choices? I love always having one more book to read! This looks really good!

  17. As time has gone on, I’m leaning more and more towards historical novels. I enjoy what I learn about previous times.

  18. I like reading al.ost all historical fiction. Your midwife series give a great pleasure and information about the changing times. The suffrage movement is a favorite.

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