Guided by the Moon

By Liz, wishing I was somewhere warm right now…

One of my favorite things about my Full Moon Mysteries is getting to incorporate moon stuff and crystals into the mysteries. Since I’ve talked a lot about crystals here, I thought I’d spend some time on the moon.

I’ve always been fascinated by the moon phases and the lunar cycle and the power it holds. I never really dug in to what it all meant until the last couple of years as I was doing my research for the books. As part of that research, I started going to moon circles – after I was lucky enough to meet some people at my yoga studio who held them. They were usually done around either the new or the full moon, and they were incredible experiences. We did a lot of manifesting, a lot of intention sharing, and one night we even called in a storm.

I also learned that each of the moon phases mean something energetically – it’s not just about the new and full moons.

My new moon phase tapestry

My Moonology daily planner has exercises you can do to prepare for the new and full moons, which is really helpful to get my intentions and wishes down on paper, and also for noting the things I want to let go. It also helped me get the eight moon phases straight:

  • New Moon – new beginnings, planning for our future
  • Crescent Moon – great time to manifest our intentions
  • First Quarter Moon – halfway between the new and full moon, and a time when we need to commit to our new moon goals. Also a time when crises could arise
  • Gibbous Moon – brings up lots of emotions
  • Full Moon – the time to surrender our wishes
  • Disseminating Moon – all about breathing and letting go
  • Third Quarter Moon – More learning experiences, reflecting and letting go
  • Balsamic Moon – Healing and soothing time

One tool I found super helpful was – a digital calendar that gives you the lunar calendar daily and summarizes what each part of the cycle means from a productivity perspective, as well as the astro transits. It’s so cool to realized that how your mood corresponds with the cycle – for example, if you’re feeling unproductive it could be a void moon, a day in which more contemplation than action is suggested.

The next full moon is Thursday, the 28th. It’s a full moon in Leo, and it’s supposed to be pretty intense. It’s a great time to make a list of that which you want to let go of (and we probably all have a lot of those things left over from 2020). I’m going to be doing that before Thursday to help me move into the rest of the new year with a clean slate.

Readers, what do you want to let go of this full moon? Tell us below!

30 Thoughts

  1. I am SO, SO tempted to delete all the ARCs that are over a year old. (Sorry, but you offer me a book, and, of course, I am going to say yes.) But, having made the commitments, I feel bound to fulfill them, even if they are late.

      1. Well, I HAVE most of the books on the Kindles now, but it is all the reminders to review that are taking up storage space.

  2. Great stuff, Liz. A long time ago I had a biodynamic calendar for planting. It said to plant root crops as the moon was waning and crops that grow up when the moon was waxing. Made sense to me!

    I have lots to let go of, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen. The moon was very bright last night.

  3. Critters most definitely work around the phases of the moon. The trumpeter swans migrate to our area each year. Everyone always said to expect their arrival on Thanksgiving and to leave on Valentine’s Day. In researching them, I found that they do that around those holidays but it’s actually the full moon phase closest to that day when they come and go. Several species of bird migrate only at night using the signs of the moon to take flight. Maybe humans could benefit more by following the critters example.

    For me, I wish I could let go of the anxiety – since I refuse to worry. 🙂 The anxiety of doing medical procedures during this time, of not doing them and creating more problems, of when we will be able to get the vaccine, of when it’s safe to travel both for recreation and to see loved ones. However, we must move forward and to do so means to turn lose of the past. So turning lose is a very good thing.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  4. Here in Key West I almost always go for a swim at the end of my work day and the moon has accompanied me most nights in the past week. I really enjoy my skyward companion.

  5. Liz, I have always been intrigued by the moon cycles. Thank you for this information. I would like to let go of any negative thoughts that pop up on occasion.

  6. I love the tapestry, Liz. Did you make it? I don’t know much about moonology, but I love to look at a full moon (or even a mostly full one) and imagine what it would be like to step on it. I still find it amazing that several men have done so. I have to be careful while driving when there is a full moon. I have a really hard time keeping my eyes on the road.

    Over the years, I have learned to let go of a lot. I really don’t have much left! It is certainly a very freeing feeling. I’ve realized how unimportant most things really are. Then I can concentrate on the things that really need it.

    1. Ginny I love that. And you are so right. I also have trouble not looking at the moon when I’m driving…the struggle is real! I didn’t make the tapestry – got it at The Funky Hippie, my fave crystal shop 🙂

  7. So many things I would like to let go of. I could start with some extra pounds acquired over the holidays. I’ll put that into action on the 28th.

  8. Moon magic is one of the oldest and most powerful froms of magic left in our world. It can be used for great benefit by most women. I mostly just try to show myself to the moon everyday and acknowledge Her. Great care must be taken with the full moon.
    Your books sound really interesting. I’m adding them to my list.

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