Cute Baby Sells Shucked Apart

by Barb, in Key West

Some of you may remember my previous campaigns, starting with Cute Babies Sell Clammed Up. In 2013, I had a new series, the Maine Clambake Mysteries, and a new granddaughter, a first grandchild, in fact. My son, Rob, sent me a photo of him reading Clammed Up to his daughter and the game was on!

My brother, Rip, got in on the act with his first grandchild, also a baby girl.

As did my cousin, Rob, with his second grandchild, first granddaughter. It’s hard to believe these kids are going to be eight this year!

In 2019, I had a new series–and a new granddaughter. Thus a new model emerged for Cute Baby sells Jane Darrowfield.

Now there’s a new baby on the scene. She was born a year ago, right after the eighth Maine Clambake Mystery, Steamed Open, was released, so she’s a little older than our previous spokesmodels. A true pandemic baby, she’s never stayed with a babysitter while her parents had a night out on the town. On the other hand, she’s extremely proficient at waving bye-bye on a FaceTime call. (Sometimes when you’re done with the call and sometimes when she decides she’s done with you.) A proficient walker, she has a little more control over her environment than previous models, so it took two photo sessions to get the shots..

Enjoy the cuteness!


Readers: Do these photos make you want to run right out and buy Shucked Apart? I promise to donate some portion of every dollar I make to spoiling these cuties.

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  1. The granddaughters are all adorable, and I would buy anything they advertised. I am eagerly waiting for Shucked Apart!

  2. Absolutely adorable! Fabulous idea and yes it would have me checking out the book even if I didn’t know the author.

    Spoil them rotten! After all, isn’t that one of the descriptions for being a grandma?
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  3. Your post was the perfect way to start off my day at work! Yes, I’m sneaking a peek at my emails between phone calls! Your grandchildren are beyond adorable!

  4. This is the cutest marketing campaign ever:-) You could not have hired more beautiful models if you had wanted to! Our Book Club is shaking in anticipation as we await the arrival of SHUCKED APART, but we are also starting to be sad that we will not be catching up with Julia Snowden for quite a long time until she returns from vacation on August 31 in HALLOWEEN PARTY MURDER. Thank you so much for coming up with such intricate and entangled stories. We always marvel at how you detangle every fiber of the stories. Stay safe and joyous!!!

      1. Thank you, Barbara. We have no doubts whatsoever. You are a brilliant writer, and on top of all that, you have such cute grandkids 🙂

  5. Very photogenic grandbabies. I can tell that not only is Shucked Apart a good read, but it tastes good too.

  6. Considering I’m already anxious to read the new book (and have the ARC sitting on my nightstand right now), I’m not sure if the pictures helped or not. However, they are cute.

  7. Barb, they make me want to run out (well actually run to my computer and go to the internet) and buy every book you’ve written so these kids get super spoiled! BTW, that’s totally unfair to use cute kids to sell books. Babies, doggies and kitties get me every time! LOL They are all adorable!!

    1. The Wickeds among us have a ready supply of babies (me), doggies, (Liz, Jessie, Sherry) and kitties (Liz, Julie, Edith) to keep us going for a while.

  8. This brought instant smiles to my face and my mood! Lovely ad campaign and a great bunch of adorable photos! A great way to advertise books. Congratulations on all of it!

  9. Your books are so good they hardly need marketing, but you came up with an advertising campaign far better than anything that was shown during the Super Bowl. I’m ready for your latest book!

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