Julia Henry Cover Reveal!

by Julie in snowy Somerville

I think of my writing life and my author life as separate tracks on the same journey. What does that mean? My writing life is about creating. Right now, that part of my life is focused on Book #5 in the Garden Squad series.

My author life is about the website, newsletters, social media, book events. That’s the part that connects with readers. My author life has been busy lately, so I thought I’d catch you up on what’s new.

cover for Wreathing Havoc by Julia Henry. Scene includes a greenhouse, view of the ocean. On a table is a partially eaten cupcake, and wreath. A cat looks on.

First of all, Wreathing Havoc, Garden Squad #4, is available for pre-order! How much do you love this cover? The cover artist added, and hid, so many details from the book on the cover.

It’s interesting, but though my covers aren’t exactly how I picture Lilly’s house, they are perfect for the series.

The book won’t be out until September 28, but you’ll be hearing more about it in the coming months. Here’s a bit of a preview, courtesy of the folks at Kensington:

There’s nothing like autumn in picturesque Goosebush, Massachusetts, but beneath the season’s sun-dappled foliage, Lilly Jayne and her Garden Squad must investigate a shadowy murder mystery after a theater owner’s sudden death sows as much drama behind the scenes as on any stage . . .

Lilly Jayne typically spends the harvest season baking festive pies and crafting colorful wreaths to enter in the library’s annual fundraising contest. But this year, autumn opens on a somber note when beloved local theater owner, Leon Tompkin, dies unexpectedly. His memorial sets the scene for a mini reunion of The Goosebush Players’ best and brightest alumni, including Hollywood star, Jeremy Nolan . . . until someone plucks Jeremy from the spotlight, permanently.

Now, as dedicated theater volunteer, Scooter McGee, falls under suspicion, Lilly and her Garden Squad must spring into action. They quickly discover a cornucopia of potential suspects in Jeremy’s murder. Was it an embittered ex . . . or a jilted lover? A rival thespian . . . or an overly ambitious artist? Lilly rakes through the piles of clues, but if she doesn’t uncover the real killer soon, more than autumn leaves will be dropping in Goosebush . . .

I’ve just finished the copyedits on the book, and I cannot wait for you to read it.

In other book news, I’ve been learning/working on getting my Theater Cop series back out into the world. So far they’re both up on Kindle. More to come. They have new covers, but the inside is the same.

A Christmas Peril is the first book in the series, With A Kiss I Die is the second. They were first published by Midnight Ink, but the rights have been reverted to me. I was working on the third book in the series, and I’m going to brush it off and work on it after May 1.

I’ve also refreshed my JHAuthors website, and changed my newsletter up a bit.

Whether I’m on my writing path or author path, I’m so grateful you’re all on the journey with me. Happy Thursday, everyone. I’m putting my writing hat back on, creating more mysteries for the Garden Squad to solve.

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  1. I love the new Garden Squad cover, Julie. I feel the same about the covers for both my Maddie Day series – the restaurant or town aren’t exactly what’s in my mind as I write the books, but they work for the series.

  2. Love the very inviting gazebo! Looking out at the ocean, I could sit and read for hours!

  3. Love the cover and can’t wait for the opportunity to read the book! I’m sure others are like me in that I dissect covers to see what all I can find and then enjoy going back after I read the book to see how I did or what I missed before.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  4. The covers for your Garden Squad mysteries are stunning! I love the little skulls by the wreath and the title! I love the new covers for the Theater Cop mysteries too. And you rocked your website!

  5. Such great news about the next Garden Squad book. I can’t wait to read it! What a busy and productive time for you.

  6. I must admit, based on the title, I was expecting a Christmas mystery until I read the description. Either way, I’m looking forward to reading the book. That is another lovely cover.

  7. The covers depict a more elaborate home and property of Lilly Jane than I imagine from the books, but I must say they are beautiful. I, too, want to live there, especially with the gazebo in the garden. Looking forward to the latest adventures of the Garden Squad.

  8. It’s cover reveal day I guess – Lucy Burdette is showing off her latest over at JRW!

    I like them all, Julie. Congrats on all the developments in both your lives!

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