What We’re Writing: Mid-Winter Edition

Hello Wickeds. We haven’t checked in for awhile on what we’re all working on. Tell us about the latest writing project that is in your computer/on sticky notes stuck to your walls/spread across your dining room table with scribbles on the pages.

Edith/Maddie: I’m on the verge of submitting Batter Off Dead, Country Store #10. I’ve also written three short stories since the new year, for three different calls for submission, and those are polished and sent. Next book up is Cozy Caper Book Group #4, which might or might not include a wedding…

Jessie: I’m just finishing the polished draft on a new novel this week! Next I will turn my attention to the sixth Beryl and Edwina mystery.

Liz: I’ve just begun the sixth Cat Cafe Mystery, and in the mode of being excited about the story! Which just means I haven’t hit the dreaded middle yet…

Sherry: I sent Three Shots to the Wind the third Chloe Jackson Sea Glass Saloon mystery to my independent editor Barb Goffman last week. Since then I’ve been writing a thriller. It’s the first time I’ve written anything long in third person and the first time I’ve used multiple view points. I’m having so much fun.

Barb: I just sent back page proofs for “Scared Off” my novella that will be in the forthcoming Halloween Party Murder, along with stories by Leslie Meier and Lee Hollis. I’m working on blog posts, newsletter, etc for the Shucked Apart release next week. And I’m pecking away on the tenth Maine Clambake Mystery (no title yet) due May 1.

Julie: I just did the copy edits for Wreathing Havoc, and now I’m working on Garden Squad #5, which is due May 1.

Readers: Do you have a project you are working on through the long winter? Are you particularly looking forward to anything we’re working on mentioned above?

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  1. Still battling the ever-increasing emails which, although I have TWICE gotten them down from 20k to 9k, now are increasing from 9,386!

  2. Oh, looking forward to all of your new books! I am not an author, but I do write a blog about books and anything related to books. I started it last year. My New Year’s resolution was to write at least one blog per month. I’m doing research right now for my second one. It’s not easy and I hope I will be able to make it through the year. I have great respect for all of you!

  3. What am I most looking forward to from all the projects that the Wicked Authors are working on? Come on, how can I not be buzzing with anticipation with the news of BATTER OFF DEAD? Robbie Jordan for the win! I’m also looking forward to the Seaglass Saloon series books #2 and #3 after loving the first book.

    As for my own writing projects, I’m working on stuff but none of it would be considered a winter project. My Cassette Chronicles series has been moved back to twice a month for the first half of 2021 and I’m working on the next article for submission there.

    I also have CD reviews planned for albums by Todd La Torre, Joel Hoekstra’s 13 and Damon Johnson & The Get Ready. Those will keep me occupied for a while.

      1. Barbara and Sherry, it’s good to keep some sort of busy so I don’t fall victim to the same kinds of stuff some of my friends are. You know, the at home with nothing to do and no way to cope with it kind of stuff. Luckily for me, I enjoy being alone more than most.

        Factor in the book reading/reviewing and TV watching (and re-watching) and I’ve got plenty of things to keep me occupied.

  4. My “final” round of revisions of my upcoming release (Death by Equine) now appears to be the NEXT TO final round as a few issues have been pointed out that need to be woven in earlier in the book. Also working on the second draft of the next Zoe Chambers mystery AND polishing my proposal for a new series.

  5. I’m looking forward to ALL of the releases by the Wickeds, but Cate Conte – this on is for you – is there another spellbinding mystery in the works? I was completely charmed by Witch Hunt.

    I’m working on the second of the Southernmost Secrets mysteries and waiting for edits to the first. Also perking a few short stories.

  6. I’m writing the third Homefront Mystery, THE LESSONS WE LEARN, and I just sent off the fourth Laurel Highlands Mystery, HARM NOT THE EARTH, to my publisher last week.

  7. I have a weird project. I’m getting cataract surgery on my eyes. I had the first one done on the 3rd of February and the second is scheduled for next Wednesday the 24th. It has kind of interrupted my reading at the moment right smack dab in the middle of reading Shucked Apart. Can’t wait to get back to it!

  8. YES, looking forward to everything you Wickeds write! We are in Rolling Blackouts here, so trying to stay warm and cook when we have electricity! Very COLD!!!

  9. Such exciting news from all of you. More great books to look forward to!

    Me? I need to draft my review of Shucked Apart today. Finished it up on Valentine’s Day.

  10. I’m looking forward to all of your completed projects! I hope to get more books read this year than bought, but I can’t help myself I love adding new reads to my collection! …And so the saga continues! *LOL*

  11. I’m excited by all the books y’all are working on. I’ll make sure to keep room in my TBR pile for all of them.

    I’m not a writer, but my winter project (which continues) is getting ready for our daughter to move in at the end of March. It’s a temporary arrangement, but we don’t know for how long. In the meantime, I”m doing what I can to help her get ready from 2000 miles away! And getting myself ready to fly out there to drive the moving truck back. I certainly don’t live a dull life for a 70-year old.

    1. My husband and I once drove a moving truck from Key West Florida to MA. The only rule we had was that any place we eat or slept had to be visible from the highway. Good luck!

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