No Grater Crime Cover Reveal + #giveaway

Edith/Maddie here, tapping out a post from north of Boston.

I’m excited to share with you the cover for the ninth Country Store Mystery! No Grater Crime releases on August 24 and is up for preorder.

What do you think? The cover Birdy is looking suspicious, and less like his real-life model, my late junior kitty. But it’s all good!

This series is so fun for me to write. I love being back in southern Indiana. It’s always interesting to come up with new breakfast and lunch specials for Robbie Jordan and her crew to offer in Pans ‘N Pancakes, her country store restaurant, recipes I share at the back of the book. It’s even a blast coming up with new ways to murder people – but only fictionally…

Here’s the blurb:

Robbie Jordan’s Pans ’N Pancakes boasts delicious eats and the best vintage cookware finds in South Lick, Indiana. And now, for a limited time, there’s a new special featured on the menu—murder!

Ever since meeting the wary owners of an antique shop opening across the street, Robbie has been scrambling to manage weird incidences plaguing her café and country store. Pricey items vanish from shelves without explanation, a fully equipped breakfast food truck starts lingering around the area each morning, and loyal diners mysteriously fall ill. When an elderly man dies after devouring an omelet packed with poisonous mushrooms, Robbie must temporarily close down Pans ’N Pancakes and search for the killer with a real zest for running her out of business—or else.  

If you’ve read Candy Slain Murder, #8 in the series, you know Robbie’s boyfriend Abe proposes to her at the end. So I also got to plan a wedding for this book, which takes place in May.

If you’d like a signed copy of No Grater Crime, please preorder from my fabulous local indy bookstore, Jabberwocky Books, and put a note in their comment area about how you’d like it endorsed.

Readers: What’s your favorite non-electrified kitchen implement? I still use my mom’s sifter and biscuit cutter. Do you have any antiques you use regularly? I’ll send one commenter one of my special Author aprons!

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  1. There’s that don’t-remember-where-it-came-from fork that isn’t comfortable to use for eating but works fine for whipping up eggs, shifting things around in a pan, or whatever.

  2. I use my Asian grater to grate fresh ginger. It is something my mom used and holds precious memories. Thank you for your wonderful books! Have a blessed day!

  3. I have a few kitchen “senior citizen” gadgets that I treasure. There is an egg beater with a splash guard that was my grandmother’s. A set of cake pans for making checkerboard cakes that were my mother’s. Plus, a metal pot that also belonged to my grandmother. Memories that they conjure up are priceless.

  4. See, now this is how you start a Monday! I know that I can’t wait for this book to come out because like Edith, I like nothing better than returning to Pans N’ Pancakes for another heaping helping of food and murder! You know that I’m going to be ordering this one and I think I will have to order this one through Jabberwocky so I can keep my collection of Edith’s books in complete signed editions condition.

    Is it August 24th yet? No need for an apron because I don’t do much in the way of cooking so I don’t have any favorite cooking implement.

  5. LOVE the cover! I think Birdy is saying “Aren’t you ever going to get over here? Can’t you see what’s going on?” Can’t wait to read more of Robbie’s adventures.

    Guess I’m just an old school gal and use the non-electrical things as I cook from scratch. Most of the things I use in my kitchen are items passed down from my Mom and my Granny and I use them regularly from my set of Revere Ware pots and pans to the utensils. Like you, I have the older shifter that comes out every time I bake. My rolling pin was my Granny’s. Love the feel of my antiques and when I use them they bring to mind happy thoughts of the previous owner in their kitchens cooking up all the goodies for us all. Love the graters on the cover. I still have the old box grater and use it regularly for cheeses. I still use the hand mixer for small jobs when getting out the electric mixer just isn’t worth the trouble. I even still use the old style can opener.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  6. Congratulations, Edith! Cover Birdy is indeed looking suspicious – and a bit miffed.

    I’d have to say my favorite non-electrical things are my Christmas-cookie cutters. Oh, and a friend of mine made me a heavy wood cutting board that I accidentally discovered made a great surface for rolling out dough (the board is huge). No sticking!

  7. This is one of my favorite series, I’m so excited for the next one! I use some old biscuit cutters and even though they weren’t passed down my family, I picked them up at an antique store, I love them all the same lol

  8. I have an antique Springerles rolling pin. It could be used for other cookies but I use it when I make Springerles, along with my cookie molds. It’s old and big around and very heavy!

  9. I love this cover, Edith! It just makes you want to BE THERE.
    My favorite kitchen implement has got to be a marble rolling pin inherited from my husband’s Aunt Elsie. It’s wonderful for making pie crusts because it stays cold if you put it in the fridge for a few minutes first. And I’m not sure that it counts as an implement, but my mother’s original Joy of Cooking with her notes and food splatters all through it. Priceless.

  10. I have a number of old, possibly antique, kitchen items, including a potato peeler that was my grandmother’s, a meat grinder that was also hers, her rolling pin, and a dutch oven that dates from the 1940’s. They all work well and I prefer them to something new.

  11. I use a flat grater that father use he used to grate Romano cheese . It works perfectly. He has use it since I was a small child. I still use it. It is very old.

  12. Great cover, Edith! And yes, Birdy does look miffed to me.

    Hard to choose one kitchen instrument so I will choose two that I use everyday:
    My kitchen tongs
    Set of 3 mixing bowls (I have been using them for 30 years)

  13. I have a few heirloom kitchen items. I have a carnival glass fruit bowl from my Uncle, I have a deviled egg dish and pierogi cutter from one Grandma and old German baking pans from another Grandma.

  14. Downsizing was hard. Gave away many tools of both my Mom & my Grammie’s. Used to have all the canning goods, egg whipper, piercing fork, and more. I still have THE birthday cake plate plus a couple of half aprons with cross stitching on the edge. Thanks for the memories.
    Can not wait for the book this summer.

  15. Love the cover! I must say, Birdie looks guilty – did he do it? No spoilers intended 🙂

    I have two heirloom bits. My mother’s potato peeler and her grapefruit knife. Both were purchased by my parents when they were on their honeymoon in Washington, DC in 1941. Needless to say, I cherish and use both items. I also have my mother’s rock maple French rolling pin. Since I learned to bake using that rolling pin, I find I can’t use the kind with handles.

  16. I love my old kitchen gadgets. One treasure I use on a regular basis is my Daley butter churn. Yes, I churn our butter out of local cream. It is so delicious! I also use my mom’s old pastry cutter and enjoy memories.

  17. I have a “Mary Poppins” spoon from 1965, I saved many box tops to get. I still use it for my cereal.

  18. Thanks for taking us back to southern Indiana and Pans ‘N Pancakes. I still use my mom’s roasting pan. It is so much deeper than most of the newer ones. Sadly, I recently had to replace my Grandma’s Kitchen Aide mixer, one of the old style with the glass bowl. I do love the metal bowl on the new mixer, but miss that heavy old glass one. I think it was sad when the mixer died. It cracked a few days later. RIP!

  19. Love the cover and am eager to read the book. I still have several “old-time” utensils: a meat grinder, a garlic press, a couple of cast iron skillets, and my favorite, a potato masher (which I use regularly even tho’ it is a pain to clean all those little grid holes. All of these things are so much better than the “electric” models. And I have several electric appliances that are older than our 51 year-old daughter. Hey, they still work! I guess that makes ME an antique. And, I’m definitely manual.

  20. I still use my mom’s potato masher. I’ve never been able to find a new one I like and hers still looks almost brand new even though she’s had it as long as I can remember.

  21. I still use an old handheld potato masher.
    Years ago, I cooked with my grandmother’s vintage pots. I now use them for decoration.

    Love the cover of the new book.

  22. I can’t wait to read this! Lots of trouble for Robbie. Yes, I have and use the sifter and biscuit cutter, as well as the cake decorating tips and cookie press, the special big metal spoons or the knife for slicing potatoes or the little pancake turner that is the only thing I can properly flip an egg with. All these and other implements and pans seem so familiar and just seem to work best, and remind me of my mom and grandma.

  23. Wow, love the book cover! So excited to read this book. Antique wise I have a rolling pin, dutch oven and some biscuit cutters. All of these from my grandmother. I use these kitchen items to this day!

    Thanks for the chance!!

  24. I have my mom’s old beat up pan that makes the perfect brownies… my two sisters are jealous that I got the brownie pan!

  25. I use my mom’s potato masher and my mother-in-laws sifter. Love this series of books and can never put one down till I finish!

  26. Since I live in my childhood home, I have everything of my mother’s. I still use most of it. Sifter, potato peeler, etc. I had to google some things that my friends mentioned but Mom had them like a pastry cutter and a whisk. I didn’t really cook or bake before Mom died so I still have more to learn. I may use more things later. Stay safe and well.

  27. I have a few of my grandmother’s aprons she used at our camp, I remember so many of her recipes and the wonderful smells that filled the camp each summer. I also have a grinder my mom used to attach to our counter. She used it to make stuffing on Thanksgiving. I can still smell the crackers, onions, and Bell seasoning.

  28. The new cover looks great. I am looking forward to another great read, and the wedding. I prefer to hand whisk batter over pulling out my mixer.

  29. Thank you for writing about cooking heirlooms! We still use my mother’s colander all the time. It is aluminum and still looks and works great and makes me think of my mother.

  30. I have many antique items. One is an old waffle iron, my mom’s metal mixing bowls, a food processor (which works just fine).
    The cover looks great. I am looking forward to reading it.

  31. I used to use my Grandmother’s flour sifter. It has been a while since I have used it. Congratulations, Tina.

  32. I have a grinder you attach to the table and push the vegetables or meat through the blades. Also cookie cutters. I love your books. I need the new one and the one before it.

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