It’s a Pawty!

By Liz, wishing spring would come a bit faster

This was a big month in my house. A few of my furry friends celebrated birthdays – and this is notable for a couple reasons. First because it’s always fun to celebrate four-legged birthdays (and those of you with furry children totally get this). And second, because when it comes to my cats, well, these birthdays are extra notable given the age ranges. So I figured I’d have all you readers celebrate with us!

Here’s a recap of the notable days this month:

First up was Snowy, who celebrated her 25th birthday on February 9! I mean, come on – that’s pretty good, right? Here’s a pic of her enjoying her treats.

Snowy came to me back in 2008 – I rescued her and her friend Red, a flame point Siamese, from a not-so-great house. The plan was to adopt them out, but they were older than the person had told me so no rescues would take them. Red and I fell for each other, but he died about eight months later. I attempted a few times to adopt Snowy out but she was notoriously nasty to everyone who tried – she made it pretty clear she was here to stay. Thirteen years later, I’m beginning to think she’ll outlive me.

Next up is Penny, who turned 3 on February 14th (yes, I gave her Valentine’s Day as her birthday). Most of you who follow the blog are familiar with Miss Penny and her antics. I adopted her a little over two years ago and she was a bit out of control, to say the least. But with some good training, a lot of love and patience (which is definitely not my strong suit) and Molly keeping her in line, Penny is a different dog than the one who crashed into my life like a homemade bomb a couple years ago. She’s become the sweetest, funniest, most snuggly little girl. Here she is at her party.

And finally, Jack celebrated his 16th birthday on February 19. I adopted Jack from the shelter I used to work at in New Hampshire. An older couple brought him in one night, crammed into a bird box from Petco, after their grandson had pretty much abandoned him. He was nine months old. He’s named after Jack Bauer from 24 πŸ™‚

So that’s how I spent my month! Readers, do you do anything special for your furbabies birthdays? Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. We always celebrate our 3 kitties birthdays with tuna. It’s a big favorite around our house with Belle, Barnabas and Fella. They get tuna on the major holidays too and not the cheap stuff either.

  2. Happy Birthday to your furbaby’s February birthdays!

    Snickerdoodle is our 16 year old Chihuahua furbaby. We laughingly say he owns everything and allows us to use what we needs. He may be an old dog to some, but he will always be our baby. All holidays are special with him in it. Christmas revolves around Snickerdoodle and his stocking and him being fur-Santa and Easter he’s the little duckie. We had a special made sidecar made for our Goldwing trike complete with windshield. Nothing’s too good for this special little man. So the after all this, you KNOW birthdays are special as well. Snickerdoodle’s birthday is the same as Emmett Kelly Jr., world famous clown and was a dear friend to us. Since hubby and I both were clowns and my name was Cook E. Lady, he naturally had to have a cookie name – thus Snickerdoodle. He loves treats including the homemade chicken jerky that I make for him. So there’s always a special batch make on birthdays along with cut up chicken gizzards, which is his favorite food of all. I’d say we pamper him, but that’s an every day occurrence for us so I’ll just say we latter “extra” attention on him for his birthday. πŸ™‚
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  3. I love this post! Since this is bird birthday week at our house, I had to chuckle. Do we celebrate? Well, Ralphie turned five on Sunday, and Bogie – Ralphie’s chick – turned three yesterday. Many fresh fruits and avi cakes were included in the celebration. Jenny, our feline matriarch, will be 9 next month and we’ll celebrate with a new mouse and steamed cod bits. Piper and Cub will be nine in September and new mice and steak bits will be involved. Piper and Cub are Jenny’s kittens – they were all dumped in our yard on Thanksgiving week in 2012. Jenny was still a kitten herself at the time by vet estimate.

  4. We celebrate our rescue Jax’s birthday, which we’re putting at January 15th, and his gotcha day, which was Mach 1. He was around 6 weeks old when we got him on March 1, so going back and figuring out his approximate birthday wasn’t too hard. He gets extra treats, toys and lots of walks and playtime on both days, even more than he usually gets. He’s not spoiled at all!

  5. How fun! We give Koda extra treats on his birthday, 12/26, but really we spoil him all year long. He’s coming up on his second gotcha-day (3/3), so there will be some fuss on that day, too.

  6. What a special blog entry…Furbabies are such unconditional lovers. Happy Birthday to all the Furbabies out there!

  7. Happy 25th birthday to Snowy. Got us beat by several years. Pussington Le Chat lived to be 18 1/2, not bad for an abandoned kitten found in a wild rain storm. Since all of our kitties have always been very spoiled, birthdays are just another day of being over pampered. Our current kitty, Agatha, is 15 and doesn’t care for treats, but she sure loves belly rubs. Our daughter and her three kitties are about to move in with us for a while. That will be treat all by itself (but poor Agatha won’t think so!)

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