Opening Lines

It’s Opening Lines Friday! Wickeds, add your opening lines to go with the photo below. And thanks to Sherry for the picture!

Edith/Maddie: Miss Lacey insisted I donate my favorite gown to the rumble sale. She didn’t need to know the fluffy brown skirt bore my late rival’s bloodstains. Neither does the girl who buys it.

Barb: I would have recognized it anywhere, even after all these years. In 1974, my best friend Lucy had disappeared from our prom wearing that dress, the one her mom had so lovingly made her. Lucy had never been seen or heard from again.

Sherry: I sucked in a breath. Those were the dresses that had been haunting my nightmares, keeping me from a good night’s sleep for the past month.

Jessie: She handed the cash to the vendor for the pair of long white gloves and smiled as the woman asked her if she was purchasing them for a special occasion. Oh yes, she had a very special evening planned and it happened to call for her to wear gloves, preferably a pair purchased without a paper trail.

Julie: “Think Pink” was Ginny’s mother-in-law’s favorite saying, mostly in reaction to her Goth inspired wardrobe. She’d think pink. And use that cyanide she’d been saving to sweeten the tea.

Liz: I walked out of the building through the back door and tossed the gun into the nearest dumpster after wiping it clean. Then I ducked into the thrift shop I’d seen on my way in to grab one of those lacy pink numbers in the window. No one would suspect a pretty-in-pink type girl was the hit woman they were looking for.

Readers, add your opening line below!

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  1. I perused the offerings. All very nice, but what I needed was something like a sarong to wear over my ninja suit so I could whip it off, fold it up, and make a swift getaway.

  2. My eyes opened wide and I gasped at the pink frothy confection displayed with pride on the wall of Miss Hetherington’s Vintage Emporium. How did my prom dress end up here of all places? That dress was ripped and dirty when it was hidden for good reason thirty years ago.

  3. As I gazed upon the gathered trophies in the killer’s basement (some with tags to remember his victims), I couldn’t decide which was worse: the fact that he’d killed all these women or his overwhelming fetish for the color pink. I whistled low and thought to myself of that Alice Cooper album “Welcome To My Nightmare”.

  4. I’d spent a lot of time cleaning the dresses before I hung them for sale. I just couldn’t let them be wasted. No one ever said I couldn’t double-dip when it came to making money from this job.

  5. Jasmine loved the saying “All that was once old, is now new again”. She was gleefully excited seeing the prom dresses and couldn’t wait to try them on. Sally, on the other hand, could only remember that horrible night, so many years ago, that seeing them brought back. She had worked so hard to keep those memories buried. Could she really allow her daughter to dig them up again?
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  6. She found the dead girl’s dress hanging in the corner shop, a price tag on the front. The back was shredded and smeared with blood, dried and rust-colored now, shocking to the eye. It was out of place, the dress, left here, displayed like all the others, as a taunt, a marker. It fixed the spot where the dead girl breathed her last. It was the start of it all.

  7. I looked at the pink dresses hanging from the rack and gasped. The middle one was the dress I was wearing when I was killed.

  8. I looked at my best friend Zita, and looked again at the PINK dresses hanging on the rack. She knows that I don’t wear pink EVER, and yet she was suggesting that I need to wear one of these dresses to be her bridesmaid. I know she has some other reason to show me these and I just need to figure out what it is.

  9. That one pink dress used to be white. But no matter how much I soaked it, I couldn’t get all the blood out of it.

  10. I nearly fainted when I saw the dress in the thrift shop. After all these years my past was catching up with me. Could I buy it then burn it in the back yard near where I’d buried the body?

  11. Oooo, vintage dresses, Madelyn thought, just what I need to complete my costume for the towns Clue reenactment.
    This was my 1st thought. After reading all of yours, I’m reminded why your the writers and I’m the reader.
    I’d be hooked by any of those beginning.

  12. no one expected the Prom Queen to be found in the dress shop, strangled with a sash!

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