Welcome J.M. Griffin – and a Giveaway!

Liz here, and today I’m welcoming J.M. Griffin to the blog today! Her latest Jules & Bun mystery, Hop ‘Til You Drop, came out last month and she’s celebrating with a giveaway. Take it away, J.M.!

Many thanks to Liz Mugavero, and all the awesome Wickeds for the invitation to their blog. It’s such a pleasure to share my love of cozy mysteries and to talk about my newest cozy, Hop ‘Til You Drop. This is the third in the Bun & Jules cozy mystery series. I’ve had a great time writing about their adventures. There’s Bun, a black and white telepathic rabbit who complains about boredom just before a murder takes place, (and only Jules can hear him). He has a passion for mystery solving and together they do. The story setting is in beautiful southern New Hampshire and features a host of unusual characters. A healthy dose of Bun’s humor is added for flavor. I consider it an honor to make readers chuckle. That’s when I know I’ve done my best to brighten their day. 

While I’m a Kensington author now, I began writing fiction long ago. Try as I might, I couldn’t seem to connect with a publisher or an agent who liked my writing enough to take me on. I kept going and eventually published with a Canadian publishing company who brought me success. But. . . my goal hadn’t changed, I wanted to work with a New York publisher. 

By chance, when leaving a NINC (Novelists Inc.) conference, myself and another person were boarding a bus for the airport. We both tripped up the same stair, had a chuckle over it, and we began chatting. Turned out he’s Hannah Howell’s agent and she’s a great friend of mine. One thing led to another and we decided on the bus trip that I should write about a talking rabbit. Bun & Jules came to be, was sent to Kensington and accepted. Funny how life works out. I’ve never been so happy to trip up a stair.

Most of my mysteries are set in New England, with the Vinnie Esposito series based in RI. As my very first series, I learned a lot about writing and how dedication plays an enormous part in it. I’ve also taken time to visit many spots in Rhode Island I hadn’t seen in ages, including Block Island.

My latest Bun & Jules novel was released on February 23rd. With Covid-19 holding on for what seems like forever, I’ve been unable to do in person library visits, book fairs, book stores and such.

Reaching out to Wicked readers, I’m happy to give away five copies of Hop ‘Til You Drop to readers in the USA, so please leave me a comment. Have you ever vacationed or visited Rhode Island? Our beaches are to die for. (pun intended☺)

Thanks J.M. – and I agree Rhode Island beaches are to die for! My favorite is Second Beach in Middletown for sure. Readers, what about you? Tell us below if you’ve visited!

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  1. Nope. and I am unlikely to. I’ll just stick close to home and review ARCs.

  2. Congratulations, JM! What a fortuitous stair.

    I’ve walked a beach in Westerly, RI, but never really explored the state. Maybe this summer!

  3. Yes! Years ago my husband and I visited Newport and did a tour of some of the Gilded Age mansions, and Hammersmith when it was still open to the public, plus some general sight-seeing. We’d love to go back someday and have a more leisurely visit!

  4. My husband and I went camping for a week not too far from Newport, RI so we could tour some of the mansions and old forts. Lots of good seafood too. I would love to go back to see Newport at Christmastime. We also did a beach day.

  5. A few years back, we took a bucket list trip to all the New England states in the fall. So yes, I’ve been to Rhode Island. I have to admit though most of our trip was sightseeing as trying to see as much scenery and landscape as we could with indescribably beautiful fall colors. We saw drove a lot and saw a lot, but still our time was limited. Satisfied one item on the bucket list, but turned around and added another. Now we want to go back and have more time just to explore the towns and places of interest than we did before. Can’t wait for the time to go back!

    Thank you for the fabulous chance to win a copy of “Hop ‘Til You Drop”. Can’t wait for the opportunity to read it. Definitely on my TBR list and I just LOVE the cover. Shared and hoping to be one of the very lucky ones selected. Well, shared all but Twitter. Hubby, Mom (who is 91), sister-in-law and myself finally have our Covid shot. We have taken a 2 day trip to see Mom after a way too long time. At home, my computer is automatically signed in to my accounts. Laptop that isn’t the case. Been so long since I’ve had to sign in, I’ve plum forgot my password. Another sign of getting older – note to self take passwords with you for stuff you think you know. They say laughter is the best medicine, so I just got a big dose this morning and hope have you a little bit too. 🙂
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  6. I’ve been to Providence for a work conference years ago, but unfortunately have not visited any beaches in RI. Your book sounds delightful!! I love a little humor in a cozy mystery.

  7. How sad is it to say I don’t remember? I did go to visit a friend who lived in Connecticut right after college, and I remember going to a town with some of the most gorgeous historical homes, but I don’t remember if that was RI or somewhere else.

    Congrats on the book!

  8. Congratulations on the release! The expression on the rabbit’s face is priceless. Just the way I’ve always thought rabbits considered us.

    A beach in Rhode Island? Many, many, many years ago – Newport. It was glorious, the water was cold, and the surrounding “cottages” stunning.

  9. Welcome to the blog and congratulations on the new book. I’ve only been to RI a few times and I’m not sure I ever went to the beach there.

  10. No, I’ve never been to Rhode Island. We don’t travel much. Congratulations on another book! I read the first one and loved it. And here the third one is coming out already. I need to catch up. I hope the series goes on and on. This little bunny looks so much like two I have had. So cute! Mine weren’t telepathic though. Probably a good thing. 🙂

  11. Fond memories of Newport, Rhode Island! I’ve visited and stayed many times, and one of my favorite memories is making the acquaintance of the golden fox on the famous Cliff Walk.

  12. I’m sorry to say I’ve never been to Rhode Island. My uber-talented visual artist sister-in-law teaches at RISD and seeing her there would be the perfect excuse for exploring RI the rest of RI. Until I get a chance to visit, I’ll need to lean on writings like yours to get a sense of the place.

  13. I have been to Rhode Island. My best friend’s daughter attended Brown University and I went (with her parents) to see a production of Hamlet that she directed. It was in October, so I got to see RhodeIsland in the fall. We went to one of the mansions as well. Thanks for the giveaway! aut1063(at)gmail(dot)com

  14. I have never been to Rhode Island. I would actually like to someday take a trip to the New England area. I’ve never been to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine. I hear that they are beautiful.

  15. Welcome, J.M. When my kids were small my good friend Vida lived in Portsmouth,RI and I agree, the beaches were excellent. As a kid, my family and I always spent a week visting friends in Quonochontaug.

  16. While I’ve been to New England a couple of times, I haven’t been to any of the beaches there. Looks like I should change that. (No need to enter me in the giveaway.)

  17. This sounds like a book series right up my alley since we live in a house we named Chez Lapin with a stain glass window bunny above the front door. Our house name and stain glass window pay homage to the wild bunnies who lived on the lot before we built here. 😉 And, no I have not ever been to RI, but enjoy reading fiction books set in New England and non-fiction ones, too. I travel by “words on page” these days! And, yes we still have bunny sightings near our home.

  18. My daughter had a French exchange student, Marie, stay with us in high school. Highlights of her trip- a visit to Rhode Island and a Halloween party at our house- both totally new to her; one involved gorgeous scenery and great food and the other a truck of costumes for all the French students!

  19. Hi, I have never been to Rhode Island , but I have seen a lot of pictures of it, and I think it is beautiful. Have a Great week and stay safe. Thank you for sharing about this book, I Love, the title and the book cover, it sounds like a Great read.

  20. I only visited Newport on a tour so didn’t see much of the state. Also it was Fall and cold so not interested in the beaches. Stay safe and well.

  21. JM, your books sound fun!
    I’m very fond of bunnies, so they should be right up my alley.
    I’ve never been to RI. It is on my places to go list. I’ve read about it and I saw a travel log many years ago that really peaked my interest. Yes, the beachs look wonderful. Maybe next year. I would love to tour the Atlantic seaboard, I’ve only ever been exposed to the Pacific.
    Happy Spring to you!

  22. Love the book cover! We are actually planning a trip to Rhode Island this summer or next. Fingers crossed! Never been before! Thanks for the chance! Would love to read this book!

  23. We traveled through several states including RI just to say we visited them! I live in CA where you can’t drive to several different states in one day!!

  24. Lived in Long Island for a while and ferried over to Conn & RI enjoyed the beautiful small Coast at sunset. So excited to tell you how much we enjoy your books. The Vinnie Esposito series kept me
    In suspense as well as a few laughs. Kept trying to read in order. Back.in the paperback day. Then We discovered your new Jules & Bun series! Oh my goodness- such fabulousness . I have been reading pages to husband and calling daughter at Work. When she was growing up we had several miniature black and white Dutch bunnies. Squirt T , Professor baby, Spunky, one followed me around to my studio had a pillow, and so talked to them all. I also was their voice who interpreted what they said back. Often the family forget it was me & talked back to the buns..
    I finished ‘Left Fur Dead’ reading ,’Who’s dead, Doc?, slowly.. Then I found out another is here
    Whoo hooo.. I feel like I have all my buns back. Really, these are amazing. The entire world is so well put together so far, buns, classes, yarns,people, Bun.
    .CONGRATULATIONS and thanks

  25. We took the ferry over from Long Island back when we lived there. Enjoyed a wonderful drive along the Shore, we got out and walked along the beaches watching the folks fishing from the shore as the sun slowly set. Such beauty and so clean.
    J.M.- We have enjoyed your Vinne Esposito character though all her books. Suspense, her family & fun. Although, A clear new favorite is Bun & Jules – finished #1Left Fur Dead, already bought
    #2 Who’s Dead, Doc? Reading slowly but now I see #3 is out – thankfully.
    Have been making my family nuts, calling daughter reading Bun passages to her. Reading to husband. From his shaking to plain funny.
    You see we have had miniature black &white dutch bunnies for most of daughters life. Just got a mini red. When I saw your covers, I was sold, when I began reading. Amazing. I talk to our buns but I also am their voice that talks back. Often family forgets and answers back and forth. I do it for the dog too. When you spend so much time with them you jyst know what they are feeling/thinking. Great writing. Thanks

  26. No, I have never visited Rhode Island. As for beaches, the panhandle, which is where I live, has some beautiful ones. I love how cute your book cover is.

  27. No. I have not visited Rhode Island. I have not been able to get on a beach for years. I am disabled.

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