Wicked Wednesday- Anticipation

Jessie: Peering longingly out the window when she should be working on her next novel!

All this month we are discussing anticipation. Sometimes I think it should be called anticipatience! So Wickeds, how patient are you? How about your sleuths? Do you think patience is part of the writing process? If so, which parts of it require the most patience from you?

Edith/Maddie: Right now I have five short stories AND a new series proposal out on submission. I am not feeling at all patient waiting to hear about them. Otherwise I am a pretty patient person, something parenthood taught me. I’m also writing the fourth Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery – Murder in a Cape Cottage – in which my already obsessive protag Mac is trying to solve two century-old murders in the week before her wedding. It isn’t going along very fast (which leads to tension and suspense, both great things in a mystery), and she’s getting more and more impatient.

Liz: Oh boy – patience is probably my least favorite word in the dictionary! I have basically none. Maddie is a lot like me – she has very little patience for most things, especially fools! Violet is a bit different – out of all my characters she’s probably the most patient, except when her mother, Fiona, throws a magickal monkey wrench into her world.

Sherry: I’m fairly patient with most situations, but when I get my dander up about something watch out. Chloe is more impatient than Sarah. As to writing — I get impatient for first reviews, hoping they will be good.

Julie: I am patient with other people, especially small children. Though when pushed, watch out. Lilly Jayne is such a fun character to write. She’s patient with her gardens. But she is impatient with incompetence and stupidity. Which makes her an excellent sleuth.

Jessie: My patience tends to extend easily to people and less so to glitches in technology. My leuths all seem to be equally willing to take the time it takes when it comes to their interactions with others. As far as writing goes, I think patience is a super power. Without it, everythign is so much more difficult. The writing process itself, awaiting reviews or news on submissions and even the business side of production of the books themselves are all helped enormously by a heaping heling of it!

Readers, are you patient about some things but not others?

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  1. It depends. This morning I am most IMpatient with my Paperwhite which required the numbing of my right thumb and two other fingers before it agreed to update instead of refusing to open at all!

  2. Growing up, I was in Cub Scouts. At the monthly meeting of the whole group, they always had us reading these things that were considered “virtues”. I always got stuck reading the one for “patience”. I got even with them one time by reading the start of the card “Patience is a virtue…” then added “Which I have little of.” I never had to read the card again.

    These days, I’m patient with the things I can’t change. Having to wait for release dates for books and CDs is a bother, but since I can’t do anything to change those, I have to be patient.

    If I can do something to hasten things along, then I’d rather be seen as impatient to get it done.

    1. I can understand your philosophy! It is hard for authors to await their own release dates but if we don’t get used to t it really wastes energy that could be used writing more books!

  3. Impatient is how I would have classified myself when I was younger.. However, after becoming a senior citizen and getting into photography along with hubby’s patience in me, I have become a more patient person. I think part of it may be contributed to less stressed about the little things and going with the flow. In photography of critters, one of my passions now, patience is your best weapon towards a great photo opposed to no photo at all. Once you can see physical evidence that patience pays off, it’s easier to be more patient.

    When I was younger, it was run here and run there to see it all. I can remember seeing the imagine of older people sitting on a porch thinking life is passing them by. In reality maybe they were the ones observing their surroundings and seeing it all while I was traveling through life with blinders on, seeing life as a fast blur and missing so much around me. Sitting on the porch has it’s own rewards – if you’re patient enough to sit long enough.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. I love this sentiment, Kay! I think I have become more patient over time through some of my passions too. Knitting is not a fast sort of activity and over time I have discovered that I don’t want to be hurried about it. I love setting deadlines in my work but with my hobbies and leisure pursuits, I want to take all the time in the world.

  4. I think I’m fairly patient. I know I get very impatient with some of my doctors. Some things have been going on since I’m 18. I’m now 50. I think I’ve been patient enough there… 32 years? Yep, patient enough. I’m also a fan of Annette’s prayer!

  5. Like others, as I’ve gotten older I have learned to be more patient. I really worked at patience and tolerance. It was a conscious effort. My life is certainly a lot more serene now because I’ve learned to accept what I cannot change (for the most part – I’m not infallible). Sometimes I amaze my hubby with how patient I can be about something that drives him nuts. On the other hand, don’t get me riled up about something, or I can really lose it!

  6. I can be patient. Except when my personal laptop decides to run very slowly. Then I’m ready to throw it across the room. But I don’t because I know that will just mean I have to wait even longer.

  7. Working in the garden has helped me be more patient. Our front garden which has no grass and instead is a series of crushed granite paths with stone edged flower plot areas has taken us twenty years of try and fail and try again planning. We finally feel like we have it the way we want it and each flower that blooms is a reward for the somewhat “patient” time we have spent…although there was a lot of hair pulling, hand wringing, plain old sweat and if I am honest a small amount of impatience that got us to this point. We do feel like it was worth the wait! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Hi, I am a very patient person, I know somehow things will get done and at the proper time, so no use in being too impatient, especially if it means something will get done the right way. There are some things that do wear my patience though, not too many though. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a Great rest of the week and stay safe.

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