Eight in the Morning

Since we are celebrating eight years of blogging this month and thus all things eight, I was wondering what you are normally doing at eight in the morning?

Edith/Maddie: It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me – personally or as an author or both – that by eight I have been up for at least two hours. I’ve promoted that day’s Wicked Authors post, perused the Internet and email, and had one cup of coffee before seven. And then I’ve fetched another cup and gone back upstairs for my first hour of writing from seven to eight. It’s not everybody’s chosen schedule, but it suits me and my biorhythms, and I’m sticking to it.

Barb: At eight in the morning I am sound, sound asleep, usually the best sleep.

Julie: Like Barb, I am a night person. At 8 o’clock in the morning, I’m usually stirring, but hardly awake.

Liz: At eight, lately I’ve been trying to get my word count in before my day job or trying to get a workout in. By then I’ve usually gotten up, made coffee, cleaned up after the cats, taken the dogs out, served everyone breakfast, and gotten my journaling and meditation in. If I can also squeeze in the word count or the workout, depending on my mood, I can feel accomplished before the phone starts ringing and the nonstop meetings start…

Jessie: I seem to be a whenever sort of person so long as I have slept for 7.5 hours but my dog is definitely a morning creature. So I am usually up between 6:00-6:30 to take him for our morning jaunt round the village. By 8:00 I am starting my morning routine which involves a coffee with my husband, meditating, intention setting, and reflecting on my goals, notes in my five-year journal, and then reading nonfiction from which I take copious notes.

Sherry: I’m often awake, but groggy. I don’t like getting up or apparently waking up. I do wish I was more of a morning person, but I’m just not. I also wish I woke up fully awake and energized instead of thinking, “I’ll just stay here for five more minutes.”

Readers: What are you doing at eight in the morning?

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  1. At 8:00 in the morning I am getting home from working all night Work 3rd shift 11-7 and then I will go to sleep for like five maybe 6 hours . But first I have to read The Wicked Authors blogs😃

  2. Early riser here! I like the quiet of the morning – at 8:00 a.m., I’m catching up on all my emails, news, and social media while enjoying my morning coffee.

  3. Because I get up so so early, I’m on social media sharing my blog posts and reading blogs and then start working at 6am, so by the time 8am arrives, I’ve already worked two hours remotely before I’m ready for a nap at 10a.

  4. At 8am during the week, I’m usually finishing up my morning rounds on the Internet and finishing getting ready for work.

    On the weekends, what I’m doing varies. I could be sleeping (though that is more and more rare) or I’m still up and getting my day started. If I’m up, I’m usually doing housework on Saturdays. If I’ve done everything right, on Sundays I can do nothing. But sometimes I’m working on writing one of my music reviews.

  5. By 8am I’ve been up for hours. I have 3 cats and they don’t let me sleep much past 6. They think they are starving to death. They eat and then they go to bed. I then catch up on my emails and watch the news while waiting for my husband to get up.

  6. At eight, I’ve been up for over three hours (husband leaves for work EARLY) and am working on my writing.

  7. By eight I’ve been up for a couple of hours, made coffee, had a cup, checked e-mail and facebook, looked over yesterday’s work on my WIP. More coffee. this time on the patio with husband Dan. Then ready for the REAL day to begin.

  8. Like Edith, I’ve been up some time. At 8, I may still be on the computer. I set 9 as my cut off time to get off and do things that need done for the day. So if not done, I come back later to finish. In the summer time with it being warm, I may be outside enjoying the critters and the sun coming up trying to snag a photo or two of the birds.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  9. I am not a morning person anymore, though that is a real change for us.. Since retiring, we have stated sleeping later – mostly due to reading in bed at night! We are about to babysit the grandkids for two weeks, which means getting up at 7 every day, and that will be a struggle!

  10. Gorgeous photo! By 8 in the morning I’m cooking breakfast for hubs and I having taken care of cats, vacuumed the house (see note about cats), done my 15 minute workout, taken care of e-mails, and have an hour of writing work behind me.

    By the way, I’m not a morning person by choice, but by feline need. Given my druthers, I’d start my day at 10 AM not 5 or 6!

  11. By eight I have been up for 2 hours (out of bed for 1.5-1). The dog is fed, breakfast consumed, first cup of tea is in hand, I’ve read my blogs and checked social media (usually) and the day-job tasks are underway.

  12. Don’t tell my boss, but at 8, I’m usually in the show instead of starting work. I’m supposed to be working from 8-5. It’s going to be a rude awakening (literally) when I have to go back to the office for the first time.

  13. It seems that Barb and Julie are my Spirit Sisters! At 8, I’m hopefully sound asleep because if you read until say… 2 AM, 8 AM is a ridiculous time of day!

  14. Y’all are impressive. My retired self gets up whenever I feel like it. I try to make appointments for the afternoon, warning, “I’m a nicer person in the afternoon.” My mom’s assisted living pleased residents when they replaced the set breakfast time, and the stress of getting everyone up and ready, like it or not, with a come when you wish, short-order menu the ladies called “The Harvester Cafe.”
    My last week before retirement, I raised my fist and swore, “As God is my witness, I’ll never set my alarm for 5 a.m. again.” My first-period students applauded. <3  

  15. I certainly try to be asleep at 8AM. I spent my whole life having to get up a lot earlier than I wanted to. Once I retired (for the second time) I said no more 5AM. In fact, being a real night person, there are times I am just going to bed then! I, too, make appointments for afternoon whenever possible. After 47 years of working, I feel I deserve to sleep in whenever I want. And I love it!

  16. At 4AM eyes pop open at our house. We are early to bed and early to rise folks. By 8AM we are generally (weather permitting) in the garden or answering emails. On the days we cook, we are probably in the kitchen prepping for a recipe that will be the day’s lunch and have portions go into the freezer for future meals. I was not always an early morning person, but after 50 years of marriage my husband has turned me into one. 😉

  17. Hi by 8am, my husband and are are usually having coffee and eating breakfast. Have a Great rest of the week and stay safe. I enjoyed reading this post.

  18. I am usually on the way work–wishing that I could stay in bed and read!

  19. At 8, I’ve been up for close to six hours slogging through unread emails (current count 8,148) and am measuring out my second dose of musil (life at 72). If you’re wondering why I STILL haven’t reviewed a book, this is why. I will fight with emails until about 10, then switch to whichever ARC I am on. Even if you are on Booksprout, which is pretty strict on keeping me to task, your book is probably still waiting in the queue.

  20. If I am not out of bed before 5:30 a.m. I have overslept. It’s amazing how much you can get done before the world wakes up. Then around 11 you have to wait for the world to catch up!

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