Eight in the Evening

Last week we talked about what we are doing at eight in the morning. What are you normally doing at eight in the evening Wickeds?

Julie: After years of working a full time job, my writing time is evenings and weekends. At 8pm, I’m frequently working on a novel. I try and stop by nine, and that’s when I knit. In non-pandemic times, once a week or so you’ll see me in a theater at 8pm.

Liz: By eight I’m either trying to do the word count I may not have gotten to at eight in the morning, or if that’s done (and sometimes even if it’s not) I may be watching a show or reading a book.

Edith/Maddie: Because I get up so early, I’m toast by eight. Dinner is over and I’ll be on the couch with a book, quite possibly with a little glass of bourbon at my side.

Jessie: Eight at night is totally variable for me. My work day is over, dinner is done and dusted and as my kids are no longer in the needing help with bedtime phase, my time is my own! I might be attending a Zoom lecture or tour. I might be visiting online with friends. If the weather is nice I love to spend some time in the screen house listening to records and reading. Sometimes I am in the living room knitting in my favorite chair whilst watching a class on SkillShare. Other times I am watching something with my husband on television. The only thing that is certain is that my dog Sam will be curled up nearby!

Barb: At eight in the evening we are finishing dinner and clearing away the dishes. Then, at least on most of these pandemic days, Bill and I are settling in to watch TV. In the last thirteen months I feel like we’ve watched everything that is on television. That said, we’ve seen a lot of terrific, amazing stuff.

Sherry: Often we are on the couch to watch some show that we both like or I’m getting ready to take Lily out for her last walk. Now that it is light so much longer, I like to go out for a little stroll sans Lily. A couple of nights ago I tried to get her to go for an evening walk, but she was not having it.

Readers: What are you usually doing at eight in the evening?

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  1. At 8 in the evening, I’m usually watching TV as I begin to wind down my day.

  2. I hate to admit it, but at 8:00 in the evening, I’m about to climb into bed. We get up so darned early, it’s the only way I can get enough sleep to remain functional.

  3. By 8:00 in the evening, we’re winding down, watching television. We’ve gotten hooked on Britbox and all the British/Scottish mysteries on there – currently watching the Taggart.series! I’m an early riser, so I’m in bed by 9:30 most nights.

  4. By eight we’re in full wind-down mode. Dinner is long over, dishes washed, and we’ve read for a couple of hours. At eight we fire up whatever show we’re watching to get an episode in before bed.

  5. By 8PM we are in bed asleep. With early morning hours like others here have said, it is hard to stay up late at night. We even have our Grands conditioned to go to bed early at our house which always has their parents scratching their heads wondering why that does not work at home. šŸ˜‰

  6. By 8 p.m. my body is screaming that its done all it’s going to do for that day. I’m usually in my recliner with its electronic control in hand trying it zillion different positions trying to find one that will ease up the pains thereby allowing me to either watch a TV show I’ve been wanting to see or more than likely to read a bit before the eyes join the rest of my body saying enough already. However, my mind in in control and refuses to go to bed before 10:30 to 11 or I’d be up at 3 instead of the 5:30-6 when the body once again says move you’ve been still too long making it impossible to sleep late. As you can see, my mind which still thinks it can do anything and continue on for hours upon hours and my body which says “oh hell no” are in constant battle on what and when we do things. I’m just along for the ride. šŸ™‚
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  7. During May, I’ve rarely made it home from the hospital until after 8pm, so by the time dinner is done, I’m toast and do a lot of staring at the walls. But before May, 7-10pm was serious writing time. TV shows were on record, and books were waiting for me after 10pm. I’m looking forward to June, and a return to the ordinary.

  8. During the summer, I am usually still working out in the yard. The rest of the year, I’m holding the sofa down and reading.

  9. That question is a true indicator of how old you are.
    By 8pm these days, I’m in the final stages of getting my Dad into bed. This takes sometime.
    Then I’m doing a quick pick up/clean up, then my shower and bed. The days of going out in the evenings are long past. I’m just too tired. I do try to watch abit of TV. Most of the time with my eyes closed! This from the person who could and would routinely stay up til 2-3 am. I was a true night owl. How things do change…..

    1. My husband and I were having a conversation at 4 am this morning (I did got back to sleep), but I told him back in the day we would have been up because we were just going to bed. That is lovely that you are caring for you Dad!

  10. At 8 in the evening, I’m quite often about to eat dinner while watching whatever show is on that night that I follow. Yes, I eat late. But when you come home from work and go for a run, cool down, and shower, it gets late fast. On nights when I don’t run, I’m often trying to read or do something else with my time, so I put off dinner to eat while watching TV.

  11. Around 8 I’m still on Facebook. I’ll eat around 9. Yes, my eating schedule is really off! Daisy, my dachshund is usually fast asleep under my desk in one of her beds- until I go to the kitchen for food! LOL. We usually go to bed around 11, and I can only start to read after I do the kissy face, belly rub deal for Daisy. She actually gives me “Smackey Paw” if I don’t start in on the kisses and belly rubs fast enough!

  12. Spending time with my mate, playing games on my tablet or watching a movie. By eight, that is my downtime to chill and do fun things.

  13. I used to tell my boys, “There’s no good mommy left after 8 o’clock.” (That was when good daddy took over.) I’m like Edith — up with the sun at 6 and down for the count at 8 šŸ˜‰ Well, not exactly down for the count — maybe on the couch with Bill to watch an episode of Seaside Hotel (on PBS Masterpiece and wonderful), but usually getting all comfy in bed to read for a couple of hours.

  14. I’m in bed either reading a paperback because the ARC mountain is so high (currently on page 96 of Shucked Apart) or I’ve closed the book and settled down to sleep.

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