Eight Minutes

If you had a sudden eight minutes of free time, what would you do?

Jessie: I love small pockets of time to read a few pages of a book, listen to a short podcast or do a quick meditation session.

Barb: Unfortunately, I am terrible at using small periods of time. Always have been. I have the kind of brain that takes awhile to climb in and out of tasks. So I would probably end up frittering the time away on the internet.

Edith/Maddie: This question has me stumped! I guess I’d go out and sit on the deck, where our antique dogwood is having a spectacular bloom this year. Or just play with the cat.

Liz: I would probably go sit outside in the sun, play with the doggies or maybe sneak in a few minutes of reading. Or, like Barb, bring my phone and get sucked into Instagram or something.

Sherry: So this might sounds nuts, but I read an article about all the things you can accomplish in small amounts of time. When I find myself with some free minutes I often do some quick cleaning. Breaking cleaning into small tasks makes it much more palatable to me.

Julie: Sherry, I’d love you to share that article with me! If I’m home, I’d probably have the gap between meetings, so I would check email. If I’m waiting somewhere, I will read a book or listen to one. Or I may just sit and meditate. I need to get better about breaks between tasks.

Readers: What do you do when you have eight minutes of free time?

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  1. Eight minutes? While I love Sherry’s idea of cleaning (goodness knows, my house NEEDS it), in reality, I’d probably jump online to check email, get sucked into something on Facebook, and 20 minutes later, realize I’m late for whatever I was supposed to do 12 minutes ago.

  2. At the present time with so many brightly colored migratory birds paying us a very brief visit, I’d spend it on the porch watching for them and trying to capture their beauty on my camera. Any other time, I’d use it to read a chapter or so in book I was reading.
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  3. Since you can’t really do much in eight minutes, I’d probably just grab whatever book I was reading and hopefully read a chapter in it.

  4. Oh probably just play with my phone. If I started reading, I’d get lost in the time and go over eight minutes for sure!

  5. Truth is, I’d probably start by staring into the refrigerator, then selecting and eating or drinking whatever looked most interesting–a Covid habit that has so far resulted in eight unwanted pounds.

  6. I might brush the dog, if he’s in the mood. Eight minutes is enough time to make a dent in the fluff that hangs off him all year round.

  7. I would probably take the dogs outside if it’s a nice day and let them have some fun.

  8. I would just sit on our outside patio swing and enjoy the birds singing away. Have a Great week and stay safe.

  9. For me, eight minutes of free time would probably involve taking a seat and having Maria jump up on my lap. She’s an ultimate lap kitty!

  10. Check The Wicked’s blog post for the day! Which is what I am doing right now.

  11. Like Barb, I’d probably wind up on the internet. Maybe grab a book if my brain isn’t shouting at my something I need to do on line.

    The tricky thing is, if I have 8 free minutes, that probably means I will wind up 10 minutes late because I’ll get distracted and wind up losing track of time.

  12. Sometimes I really do have free minutes: waiting for the microwave to finish heating up hot chocolate or anything else I find to eat or waiting on something to download on the computer or even waiting for my hubby to be ready to go outside to walk or work in the garden. During those times I have discovered that if I look around me, generally there is something close at hand that I can do to fill the time. Most recently it has been coloring postcards for a Dear Friend who just lost her husband…I pray for her as I color the cards that I send to her once I am finished coloring. Sometimes it will be to dry silverware in the kitchen that Hubby left to drain. (Our dishwasher died a year ago in May…and no replacement yet) or I will open mail or straighten paper piles that seem to multiply like bunnies. I do like to multitask, too…so maybe I will do several things at a time like looking out the kitchen window into the side garden while drying dishes. And, I always have a book nearby to read a few pages when I get any extra time, because in my mind any time is a good time to read.

  13. Who has 8 free minutes? Just kidding. Like Judy, I look around and can always find lots of little things that need to be done. It’s how I keep the place in decent order. I’m not big on major cleaning times.

  14. I’m with Sherry. I would dust or vacuum a room. Sometimes, if I’m watching a program on TV that has lots of commercials, I can get a lot of cleaning done.

  15. I usually sing. It’s one of the few things I can still do since I had a couple of strokes late last year.

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