WW: How Do You Celebrate Typing “The End”?

This month we’re going to talk about rituals around “finishing”. Wickeds, how do you celebrate typing “the end” on a novel?

Sherry: I’ve never typed, “The End.” I wrote a whole blog about it which you can read here. I do however celebrate sending a manuscript to my editor, usually by a meal out or during the pandemic by getting takeout from a favorite restaurant. Oh, and some sparkling wine — nothing says celebration (or it’s a day of the week that ends with day) like some bubbles around here.

Edith/Maddie: Contrary to Sherry, I love typing The End. I just did it on Memorial Day, in fact, after a weekend of marathon writing. I know I still have lots of work ahead to fix that rough first draft. Still, it’s cause for celebration if I get the gist of the story down on paper. But like Sherry, I agree that nothing says celebration like some bubbly!

Jessie: I also recently finished a manuscript and felt it called for a celebration. And like both Sherry and Edith, I popped open a bottle of champagne. I adore bubbles in any form and can think of no better way to mark an occasion than toasting with something effervescent with loved ones! I also celebrate by tidying my office and puttering round my house and gardens with all the things that I have put off whilst steaming to the end of a novel!

Barb: Like Sherry, I never type “The End.” This process is, well, such a process, I’m not sure when The End would be. My writer’s group used to be great about celebrating all the little victories, since they are so few and far between in a writers’ life–the end of a first draft, a completed manuscript, a submission, an acceptance. Now that I’ve moved away I’m not as good about it, but my husband and I did celebrate my last submission with a wonderful lunch.

Julie: I mentally type “the end” right before I hit submit, though I know there are more steps ahead. I need to get better about celebrating each of these steps–I don’t and should. I certainly tell people I coach that they should. I do dance a little in my chair when my editor accepts the book, and I dance a lot on release days.

Readers, how do you celebrate completing a large project?

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  1. I did type The End, but I don’t think I celebrated when I sent in my book! I was just relieved that I finished it on time!

  2. I’m really lousy at celebrations. I always think I should do SOMETHING, but all I usually end up doing is getting to work on the next book.

  3. At my job, we had a huge order that would take a long time to complete. It was four times larger than the usual order from this one company. And when you had in the 2 1/2 months we were shut down, it took a year to complete it. At the end, it wasn’t so much a celebration but rather a huge sigh of relief and the exhalation of the word, “Finally!”

  4. The end is such a fluid thing for a writer. My first celebration comes when the manuscript is through edits and I have done everything I can possibly do as a writer to be certain the book is ready for prime time. That’s when I take a week off, clean my office, frequently my house, and pay attention to everything that went by the wayside. It’s usually when new ideas pop up fast and furious and the next book or story catches my attention. My second celebration, the one with champagne, comes on release day. Better get moving! It’s been a while since that’s happened.

  5. Think the great joy of knowing I succeeded in finishing what I probably at times thought impossible is most definitely worth celebrating. In my family celebrations mean food. Right now it would be a great celebration to be able to dine out somewhere special after so many months of having only take out. Although I do so love to cook and could see hubby and I whipping up a fabulous meal at home too.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. Kay, I had my first restaurant meal last week. My nieces graduated from high school, and we went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. We ate outside. I’d forgotten how good french fries taste right after they are cooked.

  6. I do put “the end” on the end of my manuscript when I submit the final draft – that initial deadline. Celebration usually includes chocolate and maybe dinner out. I tend to take a deep breath and do a little nice thing when I check off each milestone on my production schedule. Big celebration on launch day/week.

    But then I’m off to work on the next book!

  7. We all need to celebrate the good times, especially nowadays. I have a bottle of Writers Tears Irish Whiskey for special occasions. When I type The End, I mark the occasion with a Writer’s Tears and ginger ale. Cheers!

      1. I first had it in New Orleans. It was tough to find in Indy, but worth the effort, Edith.

  8. I am not an author, but often had big projects at work in the library. I learned that like some have said, there is no such thing as “The End” as once we would finish one project another one would pop up. Realizing that situation, a few of us gave ourselves a weekly celebration we called “Wacky Wednesdays” and would take turns bringing lunch that day. That way we got to celebrate every week no matter what. Alas, no bubbly was involved! 😉

  9. A nice dinner out, a glass of bubbly apple or grape juice, and a big tap on a the singing bowl, letting it’s vibration continue until it is out of the human hearing range. All very satisfying.

  10. I celebrate by moving on to the next big project. There’s always something to be working on at my job.

    I always say I’m going to take myself out to dinner, but I never do.

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