Jessie: On the coast of Maine, still recovering from a June 1 deadliine.

I hate to admit it but I am a bit tapped out, at least as far as producing the written word is concerned. I’ve been busy with draft upon draft of novels in progress since October which has been fun and fulfilling but I think I have hit a wall.

So, I hit upon the notion to share a digital puzzle with all of you. I have created them for my last few newsletters and they have proved popular with readers. So here is one I’ve made for you.

Readers, do you like puzzles, either digital or physical?

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  1. I used to do puzzles as a kid. I don’t really do them much now.

    However, I’d like to say that I love the photo you included with this post. I actually owned that kind of typewriter when I was a kid.

    1. That was a popular model! The one from the photo sits in my office below the glass wall upon which I plot and plan my novels. I love seeing it daily!

  2. Sounds like you are due some “down” time. Enjoy and refresh your creative endeavors.

    Thanks for the puzzle! Yes I enjoy them and actually find them relaxing. I enjoy doing both forms. Sometimes the digitals work better because I don’t have to worry about where to sit it up and leave it until finished.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  3. Sounds like you need a vacay and now is a perfect time! The weather here in Maine is lovely right now, get thee out and enjoy! I’ve never done a virtual puzzle, but I do like to do regular puzzles, especially during the winter, so this will be a new experience for me. Thank you!

    1. It is glorious in Maine at present, isn’t it! Saturday and Sunday were so delicious! I am glad to have introduced you to a new version of a pastime you already enjoy!

  4. Love jigsaw puzzles! We always have one going. We alternate from difficult to easier, to reward ourselves for a big accomplishment…500-11000-500 pieces. Thanks for this one!!!!

  5. Love jigsaw puzzles! We always have one going. We alternate from difficult to easier, to reward ourselves for a big accomplishment…500-11000-500 pieces. Thanks for this one!

  6. I really love 1000 piece puzzles, but right now with our daughter and her three cats living with us, the puzzle table has been taken down. I miss it, so digital puzzles are all I have. But I only like the small ones where I can see all the pieces. Not nearly as fulfilling. But I really enjoy the ones you post because it gives me an extra little, unexpected, challenge. Thanks, Jessie.

  7. Thank you, Jessie! I love digital puzzles, though like Liz, the amount of time I spend on them ebbs and flows. I’m on the same schedule as you–just turned a book in and for the first time in years I have nothing due for eleven months, so I am chilling, taking a short stories course and doing the last tiny bit of my quarancleaning.

  8. I do like puzzles. I’m not talking about the New York Times crossword puzzle. But different kinds of puzzles of various types for the average intelligence person like me.

    1. There is something completely different about all the various sorts of puzzles, isn’t there? It uses such a different skill set to fit a jigsaw together than it does to figure out a crossword. I think the break from words might be what I like about jigsaws.

  9. I’m not much of a puzzle person. I don’t have the patience for it. 🙂

    However, I did take the time to do this puzzle. A great way to procrastinate starting work on this Monday morning.

  10. Hi, yes, I love puzzles either way. They are so much fun and my brain gets exercised, Thank you for posting this . Have a Great week and stay safe.

  11. 7:16 was my time. I love digital puzzles with these kinds of edges!

  12. I hope the wall you hit was a soft one because I’m glad you had time to make this puzzle for us. I’m new to digital puzzles, and this had just the right amount of pieces. I love physical jigsaw puzzles but always wish I had longer arms to get to all the pieces I’ve laid out.
    My time was an unimpressive 14:36, but it was full of memories of using a typewriter just like this one to earn my “party money” by typing papers in college. Good times – lol.

  13. It’s been a while since I’ve done a puzzle, but I do like the challenge! When I was a teacher I always thought giving the kids a puzzle to do together helped build critical thinking and communication skills in a fun way. Hope your summer provides some much needed down time for you. Nothing like a New England summer! Keep those puzzles coming!

  14. Took me a bit to get to it, but when I did, I finished it in 9:39. Loved it.

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