I’m enjoying a respite from the summer heat! I actually had goosebumps when I walked Lily this morning.

I’m am so grateful for all of the people who made my launch week for A Time to Swill so wonderful! I’m amazed by the number of bloggers and readers who take the time to read my books and then highlight them. While I miss in-person events there are some joys in doing virtual events because I get to do them with people I normally wouldn’t be able to. Also, people from across the globe can attend.

I did an event with S.C. Perkins and Esme Addison. I love their series and they both have such interesting premises. John from Murder by the Book asks such great questions! If you didn’t get to see out discussion here’s a link:

I celebrated release day with Cate Conte and Meri Allen (aka Shari Randall) who both had books out too. Meri’s is first in a new series. The fabulous independent bookstore One More Page hosted us. Here’s a link:

On Thursday morning I did a radio chat with prolific authors Vicki Delaney and Julie Ann Lindsey with Hunderton County Library. The link takes you to their Facebook page and then you have to scroll down to July 29th:

Thursday evening I got to chat with Meri Allen, Cate Conte, and Vicki Delaney — I can’t find a link to the event but we had a great time.

Tuesday night I had a wonderful time talking and making drinks with Cheryl Hollon! We had so much fun with Zandia from Bethany Beach Books! Here’s a link to their Facebook event:

Also a huge thank you to everyone at Kensington Books who work so hard on each book! A special thanks to my editor Gary Goldstein and publicist Larissa Ackerman. And of course a big shout out to my agent John Talbot.

The week ended with a lovely gift from one of my readers. I’m am one fortunate woman.

Readers: Do you ever attend online events? Do you long for in-person ones?

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  1. Sherry, you had quite the week launching your book! I’ve got my copy and I’m in the midst of reading it now.

    I have taken part in a few Facebook events since the end of in person events. They’ve been fine but they just don’t compare to in-person events. Those in-person events are definitely missed here.

    The last official event I went to was at the end of February 2020. I’ve been able to meet up with Edith (properly distanced and masked) a couple of times though they weren’t official events of course. But there were pretty awesome!

    I had hoped to go to New England Crime Bake this year but I’ve decided to pass on that and since there does seem to be the rising chance it might not happen in person as infection rates rise in Massachusetts, I’m not “really” regretting that decision. Until things change, I will have to settle for the online interactions I have through the blogs or on Twitter and Facebook.

  2. I do like online events, but I miss in-person ones. Looks like my launch on Tuesday is going to be a bit of a hybrid; there will be people in the store, but Mystery Lovers is also broadcasting it on Zoom.

  3. Congratulations, Sherry!

    I love online events and do attend them. Because I live far from the madding crowd in-person events are almost impossible so the proliferation of online events has been a godsend.

  4. I love online events and attend many, but they are not as fun as Malice or Suffolk in person. Fingers crossed for next year!

  5. I have attended some local in-person events, local being an hour away!! Online has been a huge gift to those of us who live away from stores or cannot attend conventions.

  6. Please let me add my congratulations on the release of “A Time to Swill”!

    Sadly, I don’t get to do many of the on-line events. I did love the in person ones I have been able to attend. Living in a very small town, in person means traveling some ways to go. It seems when they are on-line that I always get interrupted by something or someone. Maybe it’s because you know you can catch it again later whereas in person it’s the here and now only plus you’ve been out the expense to attend so you want to see and hear it all.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  7. I don’t do the online events and have only done one in-person event, which I really enjoyed. I would like to do more now that things are getting back to normal – at least I hope they are!

  8. HI. Congratulations on the book. I am looking forward to reading it.
    I too miss in-person events but have gotten used to online meetings and events. I was planning a historical society event and am now postponing for a few months, at least. We also just postponed a SinC picnic. Safety has to be one of the main considerations now. On the positive side of that, it adds a few hours of reading time when you don’t have to travel to an event. Reading and writing are great ways to fill in the hours! Have to be positive!

  9. I enjoyed in person events for years, but they are hard for me to find any more – at least for authors I like. The mystery dedicated bookstores who specialized in them seem to have gone away.

    I’m loving attending virtual events. I never would have been able to go to your events if they were in person. And I can do it while still at work, too.

    1. That is the great thing about virtual events — anyone can attend no matter the location. I’m chuckling thinking about you at work and listening in!

  10. I don’t do in person or online events, but am happy for those of you who can do them. And, I am so very happy for the good well deserved positive responses you are getting for A Time to Swill and the series. Your books are some of my favorite cozy mysteries!

  11. Congratulations on the launch! I find I quite enjoy the online events I’ve attend this past year. From book launch parties, to craft seminars, to writing sprints, to readings and panel discussions, everything has been fun and informative. I’ve joined so many events I’d never have had the chance to attend in the past.

  12. I miss in-person events (and travelling in general) but the virtual events give me the chance to attend events that I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. I see you at conventions but I could never get to your book launches. Since March 2020, I’ve been to book events, concerts, scifi conventions and virtually travelled the world.

  13. Yes, I have attended online events with Facebook and Zoom. I have never been able to go to a live book signing. I had planned on two last year, but they were both cancelled due to Covid. Thank you for sharing.

  14. I have started reading your new book A Time to Swill. I like the character and the story premise, but, I am sad to know that Sarah Winston is history. S. C. Perkins is my cousin’s daughter, so she is kin and that is apropos as we have worked on our genealogy and she is writing it.

  15. I have Zoom fatigue, but, although some of my activities are scheduled to be in person, some are STILL scheduled to be via Zoom. Honestly, it depends on Delta. There are still too many unvaccinated running around as potential vectors.

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