Wicked Wednesday-The Unexplained

Jessie: In New Hampshire where the days are crisp and the leaves are changing.

This month we are chatting about those things that defy logic or remain shrouded in mystery. Today I wanted to ask you if you delight in those things that have no obvious explanation or do you prefer logical answers to strange occurrences?

Sherry: I can’t wait to see what everyone has to say on this topic–I’m guessing in my head who will say what. I love the unexplained and speculating on the whys and hows of something. My parents once had a minister who said, “ah the mystery of it all.” I love that philosophy.

Edith/Maddie: Sherry, I agree that there is much we don’t – and possibly can’t – know about the world. Coincidences – are they, really? The prickling of the neck that makes you whip around and avoid being hit by a moving object. I’m happy to have scientific explanations for a whole lot of occurrences earlier peoples might have chalked up to gods or spirits. But I can “Let the mystery be,” too (thank you, Iris Dement, for that song).

Barb: In my mind there are whole categories of things “we don’t know yet.” Humans are always experimenting, hypothesizing, and synthesizing knowledge. Some things we know, some we don’t. One subject I don’t think we have a handle on is the nature of time. I think our lack of understanding of how time works explains a lot of the mysterious things we experience.

Jessie: I am so interested in all of your answers! I absolutely love mulling over things that I cannot explain. Sometimes it is a greater mystery of the universe and sometimes it is the inexplicable behavior of my fellow humans! Either way, I am never without fascinating things to think about!

Liz: I LOVE this – and I love thinking about the countless stories that can be created from all the things that have no good explanation! Like Jessie says, there’s always something to think about and a corresponding rabbit hole to disappear into!

Julie: This is such a timely question for me. I’m taking a class right now, and learning about things I thought were true but aren’t. While these things are about how our brains work, and decisions are made, I love having my mind blown and pondering things I don’t understand.

Readers, what about you? Do you love the inexplicable in life or do you prefer the logical?

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  1. I’m glad we have science to explain a lot of things. But I hope that life always has a little mystery to it, as well. I think it will.

  2. Funny, I was just watching The Unexplained hosted by William Shatner last night! I think there’s lots we don’t know out there (go Bigfoot!), folklore isn’t all fake, and I love the mystery of it.

  3. I think there are supposed to be things we don’t understand. That’s where the term blind faith comes in. To think that we are able to explain and understand why and how everything in the world happens seems somewhat narcissistic and egotistical. Besides it’s kind of magical to have some things be unexplained.

  4. My favorite non-fiction reading is about how the brain works. I can never get enough of it. For all that we have learned, there is still so much we don’t know and may never know. As we say in AA, “More will be revealed.” I agree with Barb about the time thing. I have had so many experiences that can’t be explained by any logical explanation. But time warping would certainly explain some of them. I love a mystery! I hope we never are without mysteries – fictional or real.

  5. I much prefer the logical. It’s why, a mystery that isn’t resolved in a book I’m reading drives me up a wall.

    Sherry, did the answers fall in line with what you expected?

  6. Both. Depends on my frame of mind. I know that there are a lot of things unexplained out there. My mother had an experience with a curandero and an egg that was amazing… That is a story for another time. Listen to Nelson Eddy (way before your time) sing “Ah Sweet Mystery of Life.” There are things out there that are not explainable but are believable, though I do think I like my mystery stories to tie up the loose ends; especially when an author all of a sudden ends the book and there is no completion. Garage Sale Mysteries is one of those as is Books By the Bay Mysteries. I was left wanting so much more. The last of the Garage Sale Mysteries was the best and left me wanting more. I did not like that they killed off Chief Rawlins and then Olivia went away in the Books By the Bay…. We get so involved with characters that it is upsetting.

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