Violet Mooney’s Favorite Holiday Harmony Crystals

Happy almost-Thanksgiving, readers! Liz here, and today I thought it would be prudent to get Violet Mooney’s take on the best crystals to take with you on those family visits–especially the ones that might be, shall we say, less harmonious. Read on for the stones Violet always has on hand when she’s interacting with her mother, Fiona, especially during a tense situation…

Clear quartz is a powerful, high vibe stone that not only gets you crystal clear on all your “stuff,” it is able to absorb and release negative energy. It also amplifies good energy, so it’s a must-have on the holiday table.

Turquoise is great for self-healing, and for people who want to prioritize their own health and wellness. It clears negative energy and gives off peaceful, serene vibes at the same time, so it’s a great one to wear into battle–literally. In ancient times, warriors would wear it into battle. So if turkey day can get contentious in your house, this is a stone to bring!

Ocean jasper. Like all the jasper stones, ocean jasper is calming and grounding. This stone is straight up happy and positive, and trust me, you want it with you if you’re in need of ditching any pessimistic feelings.

Rose quartz is the go-to stone for love and romance, but it’s also a great stone to bring self-love and healing vibes to the party. It also helps give you clarity about other people. This stone is all about the heart chakra, and helps you attract unconditional love. And yes, that can be from Mom, Dad or Grandpa too.

Citrine is one of my (as well as Violet’s) favorite stones for positivity, joy and happiness. The orange color alone makes me happy, which is no surprise because it’s literally like you’re bringing rays of sunshine into your life when you work with citrine. For all you writers out there, it’s also a stone of creativity – and what writer doesn’t get happier when the muse visits?

And, if those aren’t enough, take a black obsidian along. It’s Violet’s favorite protection stone, and it shields against negativity.

For those who celebrate, have a happy, safe, and peaceful Thanksgiving!

Readers, do you carry any kind of talisman with you for peace or protection? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Expert advice from Liz! Thank you. I wear turquoise every day, but I never knew its properties. And you’ve given me a brainstorm for a side character in my WIP – thanks!

  2. I wear amethyst a lot for it’s healing properties. I also keep rose quartz on my night stand and I have a jewelry set. It’s very pretty. Also a worry stone. I have been interested in crystals since high school.

  3. I love this – I knew nothing about the power of all these stones. I’m partial to turquoise and amethyst. But as for what I wear? Pearls, dahling! They go with everything. 😉 I’m sure they, too, have some positive force and influence as they always make me feel happy.

  4. I’m always fascinated by crystals. Never knew about turquoise although that is my go to stone for jewelry. Thank you for this post. Reminded me it’s time to recharge my desk crystals. No wonder I’ve been a laggard at the keyboard!

  5. I have a beautiful rose quartz that I found. It lives in my home office. Maybe it has something to do with how serene I feel when I’m in here.

  6. Jade necklace from my parents. I also have a number of stick pins with different stones and a tabletop filled with different crystals.

  7. Liz, thanks for sharing this information about the properties of these crystals. I had no idea.
    I do have some turquoise jewelry and my birthstone is amethyst. I definitely need help with self-healing, so I should wear the turquoise pieces more often!

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