Dark Days — Favorites

Since the days of darkness are upon us, I was thinking about some of my favorite dark things? Which do you like Wickeds?

  1. Dark Chocolate? Yay or nay?
  2. Black coffee or tea? Or do you have to doctor it?
  3. Dark leafy greens or give me some iceberg lettuce?
  4. Did you watch the soap opera Dark Shadows? Or pulease, I’m way too young for that!

Jessie: 1-Yay. 2-Yay. 3- Both! 4-I am too young. I didn’t even realize it was a soap opera!

Edith/Maddie: Dark chocolate, the darker the better. Dark roast coffee with whole milk. Dark leafy greens, preferably from my garden. I’ve never followed a soap opera except the 1975 Gabriela (in Portuguese), with a young Sonia Braga, when I went back to visit my exchange family in southern Brazil – the whole country was watching it!

Julie: I’m not as big a fan of dark chocolate, though I prefer it in desserts. I drink black tea, but lately have become a London Fog drinker as a treat. Dark leafy greens for sure. I’m not a big lettuce fan. And I didn’t watch Dark Shadows–I was a wimp even then.

Barb: Not a fan of dark chocolate. Give me milk chocolate any day. I like my coffee with skim milk, cream on special occasions. (Sometimes “special occasions” means I was driving by a Dunkin Donuts.) I like my salads to have some crunch, so I mostly focus on leafy greens, but will throw in a wedge salad on special occasions. (In this case, special occasions means wedge salad is on offer and someone other than me is making it.) Like Edith, I have never watched daytime soap operas, (nighttime ones are a different story), but I did watch a telenovella every day when I was an exchange student in Colombia. It was called Simplemente Maria. The whole family gathered to see it including the maids. I can still hear the theme music.

Liz: Dark chocolate and black coffee for SURE! And dark leafy greens because I’ve always read that iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value to speak of (sorry for the nerd moment). As for soaps, I was a Days of our Lives gal from early on. I was never allowed to watch it though, so I would rush home from the bus and watch it standing up at the window so I could keep an eye out for my mother coming home from work. I barely ever got caught!

Sherry: Liz, that is so funny that you watched for your mother coming home while you watched Days. I’m more of a any kind of chocolate person. I usually drink tea plain, but it is delightful with a splash of milk and sugar. Dark, leafy greens except like Barb, when I’m out and there’s a wedge salad. I adored Dark Shadows and watched it every afternoon.

Readers: How about you?

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  1. Milk Chocolate. No coffee, but hot chocolate. Romaine lettuce or collard greens. Love Dark Shadows.

    1. Coffee with light cream, but dark chocolate, strong sweetened black tea at tea time, no ice berg lettuce! And no dark shadows- it wasn’t t worth 4 kids sitting on the floor in front of a little b&w tv!

  2. Hi Sherry et al, Actually iceberg lettuce contains great deal of vitamins A and K and also has calcium, potassium, vitamin C, and folate. I like it for my favorite family salads and it’s easy to clean and crunch a bunch for a big salad. Love the topic.

  3. An eggnog latte made with dark roast coffee. Two-pound gain guaranteed with one sip, but worth every ounce!

  4. Dark coffee nay but tea yes.
    Dark Dove chocolate–I’m there and don’t share.
    Dark leafy green yes
    Dark Shadows- Yes but missed a lot as I had to work. (oops, guess that hints at my age.)

  5. Dark chocolate. Leaf or romaine lettuce. Neither. Didn’t know about Dark Shadows when it was on but have seen some episodes since.

      1. It’s fun to watch for the mistakes – seeing the microphones; actors flubbing lines.

        The complete series is on Tubi, a free streaming service. You can watch online or add the app to a device or smart tv.

  6. I can eat dark chocolate but it’s not my first choice.

    I don’t drink hot drinks of any kind.

    I don’t eat veggies.

    I know of Dark Shadows but I haven’t seen any of it.

      1. Sherry, I didn’t watch Dark Shadows or the revival of it. But I do know about it because I’m a total geek and I have at least a passing familiarity with a lot of properties even though I haven’t ever watched them. It is just that it wasn’t something that struck my fancy to try and check it out.

  7. I eat dark chocolate but in reality I like almost all chocolate. I used to drink black coffee all the time but now I have it with flavored cream. I prefer iceberg lettuce but I will eat the dark leafy greens. My husband and I are huge fans of Dark Shadows. We went on a cruise with 3 of the stars a few years ago during the week of Halloween. We also went to the 50th anniversary of the shows beginning and met everyone there. I even got a kiss on the cheek from David Selby who was Quentin Collins. I talk to some of them online.

  8. Hi Sherry! Do not like dark chocolate, love milk chocolate. I use creamer in my coffee, and I like romaine or iceberg lettuce. Used to watch Dark Shadows every day. I got in trouble once for letting my nephew watch it and he was up all night with nightmares!

  9. Dark chocolate: Yes I have switched over a few years ago.
    Dark coffee. Definitely! I only drink strong dark-roasted coffee, black.
    Dark leafy greens: Another yes. My edible balcony garden provided me with plenty of kale, pak choi, Swiss chard, arugula and mesculun lettuce this year.
    Dark Shadows: No, never heard of it!

    1. OK, I looked up Dark Shadows, and was too young to watch it!
      I was born the first year that Dark Shadows aired.

      1. I am glad you liked it! It doubled in size from last year. My edible balcony garden kept me well-fed with healthy food and nicely occupied during the multiple lockdowns we had in Ottawa.

  10. I came to dark chocolate later in life, but now prefer it to milk chocolate (but once you get above about 70% cacao it’s too bitter). I never used milk in my tea, but I used to use a ton of sugar. Now it’s black. Dark, leafy greens for my salad, although I don’t mind a sprinkling of iceberg for some crunch. And I’ve never heard of Dark Shadows, so I’m guessing I’m too young (but the only daytime soaps I ever watched were the ones my grandma watched – General Hospital and All My Children).

  11. Milk or white chocolate for me! Very black coffee and tea, any kind of vegetable. And I would rush home

  12. Milk or white chocolate for me! Very black coffee and tea, and any color vegetable. Like Liz, i ran home from school, only for me it was to watch Dark Shadows, I loved Barnabus! I think Netflix or Prime (too many streaming services going on here lol) had the show on and I tried to watch it, how corny it seems now, danggit.

  13. Prefer my chocolate more on the milk or white side. Don’t drink coffee, but do like black tea – sugar please. Not partial to dark greens, but have cooked them for so many years that hubby says I cook them to perfection – without tasting them. So give me the iceburg lettuce – in a chef salad even better. Dark Shadows – YES! It came on just after we got home from school and couldn’t miss an episode.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  14. Dark chocolate kind of girl definitely. I like dark green leafy lettuce. And yes I watched Dark Shadows every day.

  15. Sherry, you will certainly be able to tell our ages from the Dark Shadows question. lol
    Dark chocolate for us and we like the Guittard dark chocolate chips just out of the bag.
    Coffee and hot chocolate are favorites, dark roast coffee with one spoonful of sugar, no cream.
    Spinach is a favorite at our house. I like kale, but hubby does not. We both grew up on iceberg lettuce & still like it.
    I was too busy in high school and college to watch Dark Shadows, but it would have not been a favorite anyway, too scary and dark for me.
    I do remember seeing some Days of Our Lives while in college with others in the dorm lounge. However I am not a soup opera fan. I would rather be reading a good book!

  16. Love dark chocolate but never turn down any other kind. Coffee with creamer several times a day. Iceberg or Boston lettuce for me. Loved Dark Shadows! (Also watched Ryan’s Hope.)

  17. Dark chocolate for sure! But if it’s not available, any kind of chocolate will do. Half and half in coffee AND tea. I see any English readers cringing at that. If it’s not available, I’m good with black. Dark leafy greens, please. I read the same report as Liz. Dark Shadows – oh, yes. It came on about the same time I got home from high school. I loved the creepy storylines. Anyone know if that was Kate Jackson’s first role? Had a huge crush on David Selby!

  18. Dark chocolate, coffee with creamer but tea dark, dark leafy veggies, and I loved Dark Shadows. I was a big Quentin fan. I bought the 45 rpm Quentin’s Theme and still have it.

  19. Dark chocolate – yes.
    Black coffee – oh, yeah
    Dark green leafy vegetables – definitely
    Dark Shadows – I’m plenty old to remember it, and I loved it! I even named by daughter Angelique.

    When I was in Peru we all gathered on the bed of my friend’s to watch a particular soap opera. Can’t remember it’s name. The maid hopped on the bed to join us each night.

  20. Dark Chocolate at the bottom percentage of the scale for being dark. The darkest is too bitter. Hot tea plain. Nay on coffee. Like plain old lettuce like bibb and not leafy greens like arugula. And I loved “Dark Shadows” when I was a teen.

  21. Favorite soap though was “Guiding Light” which I watched until it was cancelled. I went to a gathering event with the stars of it in Atlanta.

  22. 1. I prefer milk, but I won’t turn down dark chocolate
    2. Neither. I’ll stick with water, thank you
    3. Dark leafy greens, please
    4. I’m way too young for that, especially since I didn’t start watching much TV until I was out of college. I didn’t grow up watching TV.

  23. Love dark chocolate, the darker the better, but any chocolate will do. Not a coffee fan but love black tea (or any tea). Dark leafy greens but eat iceburg lettuce too. Loved Dark Shadows. Went to a couple of Cons, and met Jonathan Frid several times.

  24. 1. Nay 2 Unsweetened tea with Splenda 3. Dark Leafy greens 4. I am too young for that. Merry Christmas.

  25. Hi Sherry, I like anything chocolate. Milk,dark or anything in between! Didn’t watch Dark Shadows, .Used to eat iceberg lettuce then someone told me that Romaine was more nutritious. But I do like a mix of dark leafy.
    Great questionaire!

  26. Dark Chocolate? Yay or nay? the darker the better!
    Black coffee or tea? Or do you have to doctor it? black coffee or tea every time
    Dark leafy greens or give me some iceberg lettuce? ack to iceberg
    Did you watch the soap opera Dark Shadows? Or pulease, I’m way too young for that! err never heard of this I am guessing US only?

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