Cover Reveal for Rum and Choke!

Alicia is the winner of an ARC of Three Shots to the Wind. Watch for an email from me!

I’m so excited to share the cover for the fourth book in the Chloe Jackson Sea Glass Saloon mysteries! I love the vintage vibe. I also love that it depicts a scene in the book. My editor did say this might not be the final version, but that it’s close. He also came up with the title. Look for a giveaway at the end of the post.

Here is the back cover copy:

Chloe Jackson runs a saloon in Emerald Cove, Florida—and she also happens to be an expert at putting people behind bars . . .


The Florida Panhandle Barback Games are coming up and Chloe’s been drafted to represent the Sea Glass Saloon—competing in various obstacle-course events that conclude with rolling an empty keg up a hill. The rivalries are so fierce that some of the participating bars even stoop to bringing in ringers.

Meanwhile, Chloe’s friend Ann—a descendant of the famed pirate Jean Lafitte—asks her to come along for a boat ride as Ann dives into the Gulf of Mexico. She’s found some old papers that may identify the location of sunken treasure. Instead, she finds a sunken body—of one of the ringers hired for the Barback Games.  Now that murder is in the mix, Chloe has to figure out whether one of the competitors went overboard . . .

Rum and Choke comes out on January 23, 2023. I’ll let you know when it’s up for preorder.

Readers: Have you ever run an obstacle course? Or just say hi! I’ll give an ARC of Three Shots to the Wind to someone who comments.

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  1. I ran an obstacle course in elementary school during field day I’m sure. Beyond that, I haven’t done one since.

    I like the idea of the cover, but I’ll admit that it threw me first to have an actual person depicted on the cover. I don’t recall too many of the cozies I read having people (as opposed to cats/dogs etc) on them. Unless I’m conveniently blanking on things.

    As soon as I read the Barback Games, being a devotee of the “Cheers” TV show, I thought of the Miss Boston Barmaid contest from Season 1 (and a Season 9 episode as well). Leaving aside the murder, the contest gives the story some lightness and humor possibilities to play with for sure.

  2. Oh, I’m way to much of a klutz to run an obstacle course! I’d be tied up in a human knot on those rope ladders lol! Your cover is great, an action picture whereas most I’ve seen are more of a still picture. Best wishes for success!

  3. I have not run an obstacle course, but my husband and son are both retired Army and did it often. My daughter runs and has competed in a couple of obstacle course races, which she enjoys. Can’t wait for the new book! I am really enjoying the Chloe Jackson series.

  4. The only ones I’ve “ran” were in gym class in school. When I say run, let me explain. I run like a sewing machine – my legs go up and down, but I don’t get anywhere. Being an old Army brat, I have observed lots of them though and they always amazed me.

    “Rum and Choke” sounds amazing and I love the cover! I would love the opportunity to read and review this fabulous sounding book. Shared and hoping to be one of the fortunate ones selected. Thanks for the chance!

    Stay in and stay warm if like us you are getting hit by the winter storm.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  5. At least once a year my school would have one of the military branches bring their giant blowup obstacle course and we would run that for our gym classes.
    Looking forward to Sea Glass book 3 and happy to hear there will be a fourth. Love the series!

  6. What a fun cover! It really embodies how fun your books are. (And no, I don’t recall ever running an obstacle course. But someone could probably get a viral video out of it if I tried!)

  7. Sherry, the cover is terrific (I hope they don’t change it too much), and I love the title. I enjoy this series and am delighted to know there is a book #4 coming along and look forward to reading the next one.

    I’m sure we did obstacle courses in gym classes, but I guess they weren’t very memorable. My first dog was a large, crossbred German Shephard whom I took to obedience classes. Eventually he was off leash trained and could do the police dog training obstacle course. The up-and-overs were a cinch for him but seeing a 110 pound, 5′ long German Shephard crawling through the foot high cage was something to behold. Anyway, that is exactly what comes to mind when someone says obstacle course.

  8. Sherry, I am so excited about the newest Chloe Jackson book! My first reaction looking at the cover was “Daisy Mae” from the Li’l Abner comics of old. And, then I thought of the TV show Dukes of Hazard and the Bo and Luke Dukes’ cousin, Daisy Duke. Fond memories and you have a really clever cover and great title. To answer your question, one time I participated in a “Bed Run” in a small WY town. Our sons rode in the bed and my boss and a friend from the newspaper where I worked pushed, supposedly with my help, except they outran me and left me in the dust. I would almost catch up with them and they would take a curve and I would be running in their dust again. I remember my sons waving at me from the disappearing bed. LOL

    1. Judy, I was just thinking of the bed race held in a neighboring town, with restaurants competing. And I made a note to myself to include something like that in a future cozy!

      1. Excellent idea and be sure to have someone enter who has no idea what she is doing! Lung capacity after only a month or two in high altitude is not the same as at sea level. LOL

  9. Love the cover and the title! I have never run an obstacle course, and I hope I never have to. I am so happy to hear there will be a Book 4! Thanks for the chance to win an ARC of Book 3!

  10. No I haven’t ran an obstacle course unless you call trying to get through my daughter’s room and obstacle course. lol! It would be a pleasure to read you book and my fingers are crossed my name is chosen. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  11. Though I run obstacle courses every day (normal activities, I mean), I have never run a competitive obstacle course.
    I do want to say HI, and congratulate you on a most enticing cover for RUM AND CHOKE…what a clever title. I admire clever titles, and wonder how you come up with such fun titles…but the ‘meat’ of the book is most attractive…can’t wait!!! Thank you for sharing your writing talents Sherry!

  12. Congratulations on your new Sea Glass Saloon book. I’ll be watching for it to be available for preorder. The only obstacle course I have run is our house when the three puppy dogs get out a myriad of toys. LOL
    Now that I had a stroke last Friday afternoon and I’m using a walker that canine made obstacle course seems a little more challenging.

  13. The cover is fabulous, Sherry. It reminds me of the covers on the books I grew up reading. I’ll be looking out for the preorder information, but I do think you might frame the artwork on this one.

  14. Last summer I ran a course at my great-granddaughters’ Vacation Bible School which was held outdoors in the evening so entire family members could participate with the kids.

  15. SHERRY: I LOVE the cover and the title for the upcoming Sea Glass Saloon mystery!
    No, I do remember doing an obstacle course in grade school. I was fun to do so in phys ed class but I don’t think I would be very good at it an adult!

  16. Love the cover and the title! There’s a run at Living History Farms in Des Moines that I did once…and once was enough. You had to cross several creek beds by swinging on ropes, climb over bales of hay, etc. etc. There was lots of mud involved. It was a challenge but lots of laughs. It’s always held in the Fall so the weather is very unpredictable—I did it on a cold, drizzly day so that made it even tougher.

  17. Love the cover! It has such a great, vintagy feel. I’ve never run an obstacle course on purpose, but I do remember, when the kids were small, crossing a playroom covered in Legos and headless Barbies many times.

  18. Obstacle course? I’m in! In fact, I’m doing a mud run in two days! (And I’d better get muddy this time, unlike last time with hardly had any mud.)

    (I’ve got my ARC of book 3 already. Looking forward to it.)

  19. Oh, a new Chloe Jackson book! How exciting!! I have never run an obstacle course (or any other kind of course), but I’ve done some treks in the mountains and in the rain forest that were really challenging and needed a machete to get through. My niece used to be a competitive roller skater and her name was “Rum and Choke”.

  20. I have never run an obstacle course. Great cover for a great series. Looking forward to the new release.

  21. Love this cover! I have never done a true obstacle course. As a kid, we would put them together from things around the yard, like jumping over the big rock, swinging from a tree branch, etc. A fun memory! Thanks for the chance to read and review your latest! It’s a good series!

  22. I run an obstacle course every time I try to feed two hungry dogs and one husband all at the same time. Cover is great and I know the book will be, too!

  23. My mother ran a daycare in our home when I was younger. Navigating from room to room around a “school”, a “racetrack” and any other imaginary world that was in play was truly a challenge. I would love to win a copy of your book. Egoehner(at)roadrunner(dot)com

  24. Yes. In elementary school, I did so well on the gym class obstacle course that I was one of a couple students to represent our school at a city wide event. But having people watch me perform can get the best of me and I CHOKED. And just guess which part of the course I choked on. The tires!!! I stumbled. So when I saw your book cover, I felt the humiliation all over again. Thank you very much. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. No obstacle courses for menot now and not when I was young either…we didn’t even have them in gym class!

  26. Hi, well, if I ran an obstacle course when I was in elementary school or in Junior HS, I don’t remember, it has been a long time since I was in elementary school. Thank you for the chance. Have a great weekend and stay safe.

  27. I have never run an obstacle course, but I have walked through a maze and found my way out. I just don’t run. No desire to ever run. The only thing in my life that felt like an obstacle course was in college at UT in Austin. You had to pass a swimming test in 1966 in order to not have to take swimming as one of your gym class choices. In an Olympic size pool, you had to swim from one side to the other side using the breaststroke, return using the back stroke and then tread water for 5 minutes. I passed, but was a bit worried that I would, especially after the teacher kept asking, ” are you all right?” I probably should have taken swimming but did not want green hair daily from the chlorine. l love the cover. A bit of Daisy Dukes goes vintage.

  28. Hi. I have never run an obstacle course. I do love the cover for your next book. I do not think I have read your books before. I am going to see if I can get a book through the library, if possible. Have a great day!

  29. In elementary school I did an obstacle course. Love the book cover! Congrats!! Thanks for the chance!

  30. Hi. I do not remember if I have run one or not. Thank you for the opportunity. God bless you.

  31. One of my top five cozy series! Actually love both of your series, but I went to FSU so the North Florida vibe really hits home for me. No, even in my younger days, an obstacle course would have been an invitation to injury

  32. I love the cover too! I love this series!
    I have not ever been on a run before.
    Thank you for your giveaway!

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