Wickeds Upcoming Books

We are so excited about the books we have coming out this year!

Barbara Ross: Muddled Through releases June 28.

Halloween Party Murder, mass max paperback releases August 23.

Logged On, the standalone novella originally published in Yule Log Murder, releases September 27.

Cate Conte: Gone But Not Furgotten releases on June 28th.

Witch Way Out releases December 2022 — cover reveal to follow!

Jessica Ellicott: Death in a Blackout releases on Feb 24 in the IK and May 3 in the US

Murder Through the English Post releases on July 26 — cover reveal to follow.

Julia Henry: The Plot Thickets releases October 25.

Maddie Day: Batter Off Dead releases February 22.

Murder in a Cape Cottage releases September 27.

“Scarfed Down” in Christmas Scarf Murder (with Carlene O’Connor and Peggy Ehrhart) releases September 27.

Sherry Harris: Three Shots to the Wind releases March 29.

Readers: What are you reading right now?

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  1. Looking forward to reading a few of these books.

    I’m reading Cheddar Off Dead by Korina Moss, new series coming in March

  2. Congratulations to all! Keep ‘em coming.

    I’m flipping back and forth between mysteries and thrillers, and midway into Steven Konkoly’s Deep Sleep. Also, halfway through analyzing the scenes in L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to understanding the beat and word magic that continues to resonate with readers 122 years after publishing.

      1. Once I broke the book into scenes instead of chapters, I immediately perceived a one-for-one match with time-proven beats. Way too much fun!

  3. The MOST anticipated book for me would be BATTER OFF DEAD. However, technically I don’t have to anticipate it because I got to read an advance copy and let me say that I loved the book!

    So I’m looking forward to MURDER IN A CAPE COTTAGE and the CHRISTMAS SCARF MURDER anthology in September. And that last one is doubly important since I’m a big fan of Carlene O’Connor’s Irish Village mystery series as well.

    Of course, before September comes, there’s the end of March and Sherry’s THREE SHOTS TO THE WIND to look forward to as well.

    Then fitting in as much of everyone else’s books as I can manage too.

    Currently, I’m reading DARK NIGHT by Paige Shelton and working on my Goodreads review of LAST SEEN ALIVE by Joanna Schaffhausen.

  4. Lots of fun sounding books from the Wickeds this year!

    Right now, I am laughing as I read Catriona McPherson’s SCOT MIST (Last Ditch #4) which is set during the early days of the pandemic in California.

    My reading mojo is not yet back to normal but I hope to read ARCs of Maddie’s (Edith) BATTER OFF DEAD and Sherry’s THREE SHOTS TO THE WIND this month, as well as an ARC of BROKEN TIES by Shannon Baker (Kate Fox #5).

  5. Oooooh, those all look so good!! I’m finishing up Death by Equine by Annette Dashofy.

  6. What a wonderful year of releases to look forward to!

    I just finished HER NAME IS KNIGHT by Yasmin Angoe and I’m a bit between books right now.

  7. Lots of excitement here! Congratulations on all of your new books. Spring and summer are looking good!

  8. I’m reading an ARC of Lost Coast Literary by Ellie Alexander. It’s different from her usual mysteries since this one has a bit of a paranormal element

  9. Changing it up a bit from cozies – reading anything Susan Wiggs right now and Becoming Mrs.Lewis. Next in line is trying out one from Laura Max Fitzgerald, get in a little art history – I am a docent at Worcester art museum and I just went back to lead a tour after 2 very long years!

  10. I am so happy for all of you and your book babies! Right now I am reading from our public library the Paige Shelton Scottish Bookshop Mystery Series. I am currently reading The Lock Ness Papers from the series. The camaraderie between the central characters reminds me of The Garden Squad Mysteries by Julie!

  11. I’m trying to lessen the number of books in my Kindle, so I’m reading like crazy. What I have discovered, which is no surprise, of course, is that many of the books just don’t live up to the quality of the ones written by the Wickeds. So, I get a couple of chapters in and get bored. Delete. Next. I save the Wickeds’ books and a few other authors’ for a treat after grinding through the dregs. I”m between books right now. I think it is time for a Wicked good book.

  12. Looks like I’ve got a lot of great reading ahead of me this year!

    I’m actually reading a non-fiction, devotional right now, Singing in the Dark by Ginny Owens. Should be finishing it off today, and then I’ll be reading Forbidden City, the newest City Spies middle grade book from James Ponti.

  13. Diane Kelly’s Paw Enforcement novels. Very good after I got used to the three different points of view. Plus, I lived in Fort Worth, so it is cool to hear it referenced and Iove dogs.

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