Cover Reveal and a Giveaway

ATTENTION: Kathy Laweryson, Janet, and Patricia Borgognoni are the ARC winners. Jessie will contact you to arrange to deliver your prize!

Jessie: In New Hampshire, running headlong towards a March 31 deadline!

There is nothing like an end of March deadline to help the winter not feel quite so long! With fewer than 3 weeks left and the ground thawing at a rapid clip, I am wondering which will come first, the earliest daffodil blossom or hitting send on my manuscript!

But the deadline for one book doesn’t mean nothing is going on with the others already in the pipeline. So, with that in mind, I am revealing the cover for the sixth Beryl and Edwina mystery, Murder through the English Post. It will be out on July 26 and is available for pre-order from all the usual outlets.

I have recently received my Advance Readers Copies of the novel and would love to give away three of them to randomly selected commenters.

Readers, what makes time pass quickly for you?

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  1. WOOHOO, another Beryl and Edwina book! Love, love, love this series. Time whizzes past when Iā€™m reading a good book (like one of yours), doing jigsaw puzzles, and computer paint by numbers.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Ginny! I like digital jigsaws and painting by hand so we have an interesting intersection of interests!

  2. When I’m immersed in a book, not only time passes quickly, but everything else can pass me by. I used to fly every week for work, and the CT to L.A. trip was long enough for me to escape into another world, meet new people, have new experiences, and solve a mystery or two. I wish I’d known Beryl and Edwina at that time – I would have loved to travel with them !

  3. When I’m on vacation. I can’t believe how fast time went and then it’s time to head back home. Also when I am curled up in bed with a cat or 3. Thank you for this chance at your giveaway. pgenest57 at aol dot com

  4. JESSIE: Great cover! My main (non-negotiable) work deadline used to be March 31. It was the end of our fiscal year, so I was always super stressed in late March. I still shudder when I see that date, even though I am retired.

    The hours seem to pass by quickly when I am immersed in reading a good story or playing some computer games.

    1. I totally understand the shuddering! I had September 1 deadlines for several years in a row. It changed for a while, but I have one again this year and it gave me a bad reaction when it came up!

  5. Love the cover and can’t wait for the opportunity to read it!

    For me there are three things that helps to pass the time quickly – reading, baking and photography. I can get lost in a book and swish the time flies by. The good thing about reading is you can do it any time of day regardless whether dark or not and regardless to the weather. Hubby and I love to cook/bake and enjoy being in the kitchen together. The problem with that is that you can only eat so much so that activity is somewhat limited. We both also love photographing critters and are blessed with many daily visitors from a wide array of critters. The limitation to that is the weather. The aches and pains, especially in the colder months, limit when I can stand to be outside even bundled up. Come spring though you will often find us on the porch with cameras in hand.

    Thank you for the chance to win an ARC! Would love to read and review. Shared and hoping.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. There is so much to see outside as spring approaches, isn’t there? We have had increasing critter activity here and I can well imagine how they would make excellent photographic subjects!

  6. Cute cover!! Reading and doing puzzles help the time pass quickly for me.

  7. Time passes quickly when I am reading! Seems like the time flies by when I sit down with a good book. I would love the chance to read the ARC of your latest.

  8. The Scotty caught my attention. Great cover, Jessie! The three-dimensional game of constructing stories makes time fly ā€” way too fast.

  9. Congratulations on the beautiful and intriguing cover!! Thank you for a delightful series and a new book Jessie! Time goes so quickly when I read…I become transported to the location of the story, and mingle in my mind with my character friends. Oh joy!!! Thank you for sharing your writing telents with us readers. Luis at ole dot travel

  10. Love the book cover! Time flies when I’m reading a really good book! Thanks for the chance!

    1. Thanks, Julie! I think you have hit on it exactly. Being present and focused is how timelessness happens. I have been reading about flow a lot lately and a loss of time is one of the parts of it.

  11. Love the cover. Time passes quickly for me when I am involved with something. It could be something as yucky as cleaning a closet or something fun like having dinner with friends.

    1. Thanks, Karen! This sounds like Julie’s mention of focus. I totally understand what you mean, although I would admit that I would find it easier having dinner with friends!

  12. Like so many others, reading is the easiest way for me to zip through time. However, I spend a hunk of time most days on some computer games. Plus napping, especially while recovering from knee replacement surgery.

    1. Computer games seem to pass the time for my kids! I am not very skilled at them but enjoy watching them play some of them like Assassin’s Creed! The visuals are so well done!

  13. Love the cover! For me, reading makes time go fast or when I finally get some quiet time idea where thetime goes. Weekends are that way, too.

  14. Time has flown by with having Grands. They were little babies just yesterday and now…. If I want time to go by fast, I read a book. However, I am amazed at how the time flies when I am online reading great blogs like this one and answering emails.

    1. The internet is one place where my time seems to vanish too! Email is another! I’ll bet your time with your grands is the best way it flies for you!

  15. Congratulations on your newest release! I love the cover! And thank you for the chance to win an ARC.

    The older I get, it seems the quicker time passes on its own. Especially when I’m with family, whom I don’t get to see all that often anymore as we live in different states and regions. When I’m home and want to pass the time, I love reading, and I love to take walks, especially near the river. I also have been enjoying doing logic puzzles and cryptograms.

  16. I love this cover! Though it is different. No Beryl and Edwina! Good luck with your deadline. I’m sure you’ll make it gracefully.

  17. Time seems to pass more quickly if I’m with other people teaching something or just talking and sharing. And time always flies when I’m with family- hiking, eating, playing a strategy board game or just relaxing!

  18. For me time flies by keeping busy, which is usually doing something with my hands – a craft, cooking, holding a book! Time also flies if I get up later than normal – I’m a morning person and am usually up by 4:30 every day – if I lay in bed until 6, my day really flies! (I have ‘dairy farmer blood’ in me – can’t sleep late!)

  19. Love the cover! For me, staying busy makes the time fly for me. Sometimes I stay busy by reading šŸ˜Š

  20. Time passes much too quickly when I am with those that I love. I can never get enough time with them!

  21. Congratulations on your new release coming and Jessie, I know you’ll make that deadline with time to spare!
    There are two things that will make time pass quickly for me. If I’m watching a good movie the time just flies by. Secondly, if I’m engrossed in a good book. I will read and read and have no idea how much time has passed nor do I care. All I want to do is keep reading.

  22. Great cover! Looking forward to reading this one. (I’ll get my ARC from Kensington, so don’t enter me.)

  23. Congratulations on your new release! Your book cover is beautiful, I Love it!! This whole year is going by a little too fast already, for me reading or watching a good series makes the time go by even faster. Have a great day and a great week and stay safe.

  24. WOW! Great cover, can’t wait to read the book. Reading and playing Mahjong on my tablet.helps me pass time.

  25. Reading helps me pass the time quickly. Thank you for the opportunity. God bless you. Love the cover.

  26. What a great cover! I love Beryl & Edwina, look forward to the new book.

    What makes time go quickly? Working makes time move much faster than sitting around waiting, but getting lost on the Internet or in a good book makes the time fly!

  27. Reading or working on jigsaw puzzles! I would love to have this book. Kudos to you.

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