Malice Domestic- Time Capsule Edition

Jessie: In New Hampshire, where the first magnolia buds have opened!

Edith’s temporary teapot

Since I thought that perhaps Liz and I aren’t the only ones missing Malice this year it seemed like a perfect time to revisit posts from previous years. I’ve included links to each of the years the Wickeds have attended Malice since we started in 2013. I thoroughly enjoyed looking through our archive to find these posts and hope that you like them too!

2013- Julie asks us all about our first Malice together.

2014- Barb interviews the Agatha Short Story nominees

2015- Sherry asks about our favorite Malice moments

2016-Jessie polls the Wickeds for tips on how to get the most out of a conference

2017-Liz does a roundup of highlights including a fun event at a bookstore and the banquet

2018-Liz talks about missing Malice and visiting on a stick.

2019-Edith presents some of her favorite Malice photos and memories

2020- The Wickeds share Edith’s excitement for her Agatha win!

2021-Sherry toasts her fellow Best Contemporary Agatha nominees.

Readers, do you like looking back through old photo albums, scrapbooks, or other sorts of memorabilia? Writers, are you attending Malice this year? If so, let everyone know where and when to find you!

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  1. Sometimes I do as it reminds me of what was. I’ll be moderating a panel with Barb and Edith.

  2. It might just be me but the links aren’t working. 🙁 I love looking back at past Malices. And I’ll be there! See you soon!

      1. I wonder if they are too far in the way back machine. I grabbed them from the blog posts themselves and they appeared live when I checked them. Weird!

  3. It’s always fun to reminisce on good times of the past – whether through photographs, letters or post.
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  4. Sorry you and Edith won’t be making it to Malice this year. I’m sure you will be missed.

    On a rare occasion, I leaf through old scrapbooks, yearbooks, pictures, etc. It is fun. I sure don’t live in the past, even tho’ I have a wonderful one, but memories are always nice. Even memories of the bad times are part of my life and make me who I am today.

  5. Alas, no Malice for me this year, but I’m cheering on those who are going and looking forward to hearing all about it.

    Yes, I do like to peruse old photo albums – although the movers lost my oldest twenty years ago in our first Maine move. During the unpacking from our return to to Maine move, I uncovered a scrapbook I had tucked away and completely forgotten. It was fun to relive those days.

    Enjoy Malice, those who are going!

  6. I do enjoy looking back through old photos. I have almost 15 years worth that cycle through my laptop’s screen saver at random. However, sometimes I wish I could remember the context of the picture, so I could remember details like where the picture is. 🙂

  7. I love looking at old family photos more than anything else. Remembering the happy times that we shared!

  8. Yes. We are working on our family history and my husband has been locating pictures of my aunts, uncles, and his aunts and uncles. Alot of aunts, grandparents, uncles, and parents have pass so this has been interesting.

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