Countdown to moving day!

By Liz, surrounded by boxes…

Since I talked yesterday on the blog about my rental realtor con, I figured I’d better follow up with the good news portion of the story.

Even though I scrapped the idea of moving to Portland (sorry, Barb!) I did not scrap the idea of moving altogether. And I’m excited to share my news that I’m moving back to the Boston area in June. You all are the first to hear! 

I’m really, really thrilled about this move. Not only am I going to be living my dream of living on the beach (seriously – I have a water view), but I’ll be right outside the city and best of all, near my original writing community. I didn’t realize the full extent of how I’d been missing this until the pandemic put so much in perspective for me. 

I know what you’re thinking – Connecticut isn’t that far away, right? I mean, technically it’s still part of New England! Well, yes. Technically. But it’s complicated. 

I wrote a whole essay about this recently. Here’s an excerpt:

Sixteen years ago I moved to Connecticut. Yes, it’s still New England, and yes, there are mystery writers here. But I’m not in close proximity to most of them. Connecticut is that weird state that’s not really sure where it belongs (and I say this with fondness). For instance, in SinC, I’m part of the New England chapter but in Mystery Writers of America, I’m part of the New York chapter. In both cases, regular meetings and other in-person events were not often convenient. And while I needed to move here for many reasons, I think I’ve finally fulfilled my destiny here. I’ve learned lessons, I’ve met dear friends, I’ve experienced new things. I couldn’t help but feel it was done. There was nothing left to do. 

After a summer of feeling adrift, restless, that familiar unbelonging creeping up on me once again, I realized it was time. Time to admit that I’ve outgrown this place I’ve called home for a long time. That I wanted to be closer to home, closer to the circle I know is waiting for me, to the expanded circle that I’m excited to experience. Time to head north again.

So, it’s official – I’m outta here! And I hope I’ll be seeing a lot of you Mass. and Maine contingencies in the very near future. 

Oh, and I did NOT hire a realtor to help…lesson learned!

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  1. Yikes. I have lived in 4 of the New England states and am surprised by your attitude about Connecticut. Born and bred in eastern Massachusetts, a couple of years in New Hampshire, 1 year in Rhode Island and 2 locations in Connecticut. That was 3 years in Wallingford and about 9 in the Danbury-New Fairfield area. Also have vacationed in Maine and Vermont. I like them all.

    I hope you develop some fond reminiscences about the area you are leaving. Sometimes things look better over time and you look back through a different lens.

    1. I definitely will take some great memories with me, Doris. I did love the SONO area for most of the time I’ve lived here but things change. It’s all good!

  2. Congratulations on your move! Massachusetts is lovely, so much to do and see in Boston!

  3. I can relate about CT being in the middle and yet also apart re: the mystery writing community. I’m hoping the new SinC-CT chapter helps this situation, although I think I’m still the lone wolf in the quiet corner. Wishing you all the luck in MA!!

    1. I hear you – and I thought it was hilarious that as I’m about to leave, the chapter got going. But we’ll have to get you up to Mass. for some things!!

  4. Wishing you a smooth move! Know what it’s like too dream of living in a place that feels like home. We did our move to our forever home 5 years ago. It was the best decision ever!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  5. Congratulations on taking this step! Never easy to up and move but a change in scenery is what we need sometimes! Good luck with your move.

  6. About Connecticut, half of the baseball fans are Boston Red Sox fans, and the other half are New York Yankees fans!

  7. I lived in Hartford for 8 months after moving from the Midwest. I saw as much of Connecticut as I could during that time. I loved it there. Then I moved to Boston for 18 years. Again, I traveled around New England as much as possible during that time. And I loved it. But I’m now happy in mid-size city in Pennsylvania. Love them all.

    Happy moving and I’m glad you are going where you want to be.

  8. Congrats! I hope the move goes smoothly. I don’t envy you that part of it, but the ocean view sounds amazing.

  9. Congratulations! I hope you have a very wonderful, safe move. God bless you.

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