Wicked Wednesday – Cast Away

Happy Wednesday, readers! We’re well into the summer months, which makes me so happy…and our theme for July is Cast Away. Let’s have some fun with this one!

Fun fact: As a kid, I LOVED watching Gilligan’s Island. It was so silly but so fun, and also I loved imagining what I’d do if I ever got shipwrecked. And also how Ginger thought ahead to bring all those clothes!!

So Wickeds–imagine yourself shipwrecked and on an island with the cast of Gilligan’s Island. Which of those characters would become your best friend? 

Sherry: When I was little I had to go to bed before Gilligan’s Island came on although somewhere along the way, I did watch the show. Mary Ann would be my pick as best friend although I would have loved Ginger’s wardrobe.

Edith/Maddie: I don’t know, Gilligan was so zany and fun, as I recall. I think I might have wanted to hang out with him.

Jessie: I only watched this show a time or two so I am not sure that I am qualified to pick anyone. If I had to choose I might enjoy the professor for company.

Barb: The professor, of course.

Readers, what about you? Which character would you like as a best friend? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I loved this show and watched it every chance I got. It’s a toss up between Mary Ann, whom I could relate to, and Gilligan, who would be so entertaining, and the professor, who was so intellectual (except in how to repair a boat. 🙂 Great cast of characters.

  2. I think it would would be fun to hang out with Gilligan except when the headhunters are around. And when the Skipper is too busy bossing him around I would like to chill with Ginger and Maryann. They can teach me how to make their version of coconut pie.

  3. First one that pops in my head is the Professor because he was always figuring out how to make the best use of the things on hand. But I think all that technological thinking would get boring real fast. Gilligan would be fun, but getting him our of the trouble he always found himself in would be a constant job. So I think Mary Ann would be the one I’d have more in common with and would end up enjoying my time with the most.
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  4. I wouldn’t mind being best friends with Gilligan. Maybe I could help him make sure one of his schemes to get off the island actually works.

  5. I think it would have to be either Mary Ann or The Professor. Someone calm, mostly down to earth, and not likely to get into trouble from ridiculous schemes.

  6. Oh Gilligan by a landslide! I could always relate to him on so many levels especially the goofy/scared things he did and the klutziness, yep that’s me too. He could’ve been my brother LOL!

  7. So funny. Get me off this island. Gilligan is a nut! The captain is too crusty (and he’s old!). The professor has a thing for Ginger or What’s -her-name. Besides, a three hour cruise? Maybe I could swim back. LOL

  8. I don’t know. The rich couple seemed to have plenty of luxuries, all things considered. But I’d probably get along best with Mary Ann.

    Must admit, I haven’t watched the show much, so I’m probably not qualified to answer either.

  9. I would choose Mary Ann. She just seems like she would be a good friend.

  10. I think I could spend time with all of them. They all have special skills and personalities. If I had to pick one person, it would be the professor. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

  11. Maybe I’m weird but I had a crush on the Skipper! He just seemed to be the one who kept the others on track. The Professor was smart but was still up in his ivory tower. The rest needed a leader.

  12. Ginger, as I would love to know all of the secrets of Hollywood.

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