Wicked Wednesday – Who’s on your island?

Happy Wednesday! Let’s get back to the idea of a deserted island for this week’s edition of Cast Away. I could use a rest on a deserted island right about now…

Wickeds – your main character is stranded on a small island. What three things would they have with them? What about you? What three things would you have?


Barb: This is a funny question for me, because my main character, Julia Snowden, is REGULARLY on a small island. As the next book opens, Julia is living on Morrow Island in the renovated mansion built by her mother’s ancestors. Based on that, I’d say the three things she needs are her family around her, the window seat in her apartment for reading, and Le Roi, the family Maine coon cat. Those things sound pretty good to me.

Edith/Maddie: That’s so civilized, Barb! Robbie Jordan would have Abe, her bike (depending on the island), and a pan to cook in. Mac would need her parrot Belle, a cozy mystery to read, and her family nearby. Rose Carroll would have her birthing satchel, her David, and writing materials. I would need writing materials, too, plus matches and a bottle of whiskey.

Julie: “Stranded on a small island” gives me heart palpitations. Neither Lilly nor I are big on “roughing it”. Assuming there’s somewhere to sleep, etc. I’d take a solar-powered generator, an iPad (for reading, drawing and writing), and a pot for boiling water, etc. (I realize I wouldn’t last long on a remote island.) Lilly would probably be more practical. She’d bring one of the Garden Squad with her for company, a pot for cooking, and flares that she could light to get off the island.

Jessie: Since I am on a couple of deadlines all at once I am in love with the idea of being stranded on a small island! I would take my dog, Sam, my current knitting project and my writing go bag that accompanies me back and forth between NH and ME. It is filled with notebooks, pens, and ink. My sleuth Beryl would take a pair of sensible walking shoes, fire-starting equipment, and a case of gin.

Sherry: I’m with Julie! I don’t like roughing it and if our power is out for a couple of hours I panic. Chloe would need a satellite phone to call for help, Rip because firemen usually know how to start a fire, and rum so she can make happy drinks with all the fruit growing on the island. She’s not going to call for help for the first few days because being alone with Rip sounds just about perfect to Chloe.

Liz: I don’t like roughing it either!! Violet would just use her powers to get her coffee – or maybe even teleport herself off the island. Maddie would probably be able to figure out a way to survive for a few days at least…

Readers: What are your three desert island must-haves?

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  1. Oh wow! Tough one! I have a character that took almost nothing. Surviving on her wits in a totally new space in a very small town. Myself? I am definitely in agreement with the ‘writing bag.” I probably would take my little bag from my handbag since it has weird little tools in it. Finally, I think I would take a friend. I might be comfortable in my own company but having someone else with me would keep the internal thoughts on an even keel.

  2. My three things: 1. First and foremost would be that hubby was there with me. Not only do I love that man to pieces, but he can solve just about anything and figure out how to make things work or make do which would also be extremely helpful since I usually just shake my head and call for him. 2. Solar power won’t help if you had nothing to use the power on. So I’d take an never ending supply of matches so I’d have light at night, a way to cook what food we could find or catch, and stay warm if necessary. 3. And although I’d love to take bookS, that would be more than one item because we all know one book would never be enough. Making my third item my digital camera. No film needed and you can look at and discard as you wanted to. Love photography so I might as well enjoy capturing the landscape and critters of this new to me place while there.
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  3. I would take my dogs, my cats and my husband. With them I’d have love and support, protection and someone to help with any heavy lifting and setting traps for food, and all the entertainment I need.

  4. Desert Island must haves: 1. mosquito netting so I can sleep; 2. A Swiss army knife with a corkscrew; 3 a satellite phone so I can order Door Dash. 😉.

      1. If Robbie Jordan gets stranded on an island with Abe, her bicycle and a pan for cooking, who is taking care of her cat? I will take him in! I love tuxedo cats.

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