Welcome Isis Crawford – A Catered Doggie Wedding

Liz here, happy to welcome Isis Crawford to the blog! She’s talking about a doggie wedding – a subject near and dear to my heart. Take it away, Isis!

  When my editor suggested I write A Catered Doggie Wedding, my thoughts instantly  turned to  my two  golden retrievers, Sam and Annabelle, and what it would have been like to try and get them to stay in one place, let alone trot down the aisle in an orderly fashion. Bertha and Ernie are far better behaved than Sam and Annabelle ever were. That’s one of the nice things about writing – you can make your characters, be they man or beast, do what you want them to, something I’ve never managed to accomplish in real life. Maybe, that’s why I enjoy writing books! Everyone has to do what I tell them to.

  For example, Bertha and Ernie (named after Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street in case you haven’t guessed) would never steal my bra and dash out the door with it, or snag an entire roast chicken off the dining room table while the guests are in the living room and eat it on the run, or open the refrigerator door, take a carton of eggs from the shelf and devour all twelve eggs, being careful to leave the shells behind.  No, in my mind Bertha and Ernie are exemplary, a model of canine manners  – except for Ernie tearing off Bertha’s veil  and digging up the doggie daycare back yard hunting for grubs– but then no one is perfect.

  And then I thought about another wedding. My son’s. He had a formal wedding and his dog, Barry the Beagle, aka Barry The Bad, was included in the guest list. In fact, he even had his own babysitter, a necessary add-on since he had a tendency to jump on a table and gobble up everything in sight. And I must say, Barry looked very dapper in his bowtie. His behavior was perfect. He trotted down the aisle and sat next to my son as vows were exchanged, only baying when the music started. Fortunately, he didn’t see a squirrel because if he had things would have turned out differently.

  As someone who  used to make wedding cakes as well as other pastries for a living, it was fun conjuring up a doggie chocolate free wedding cake as well as a menu for the event. What would one serve at the reception?  Hot dogs, of course!   And sausages. And corn dogs. And pastry wrapped mini dogs, my personnel favorites.  Then there are potato wedges and bone shaped rolls. Of course, if one wanted to get fancier  steak would be the ticket, something my current dog, a golden mini doodle called Fred, loves. He is the first dog I have ever had that I actually cook for.  Who knew that some of his favorite foods would be salami, fennel, and prosciutto?  But he’s pretty happy with McDonalds as well if truth be told. So were Sam and Annabel for that matter. In fact, my kids and I used to get them Double Whoopers and fries on their birthdays. Maybe, I’ll do the same for Fred this year.

 In any case, I hope you enjoy reading A Catered Doggie Wedding. I know I certainly had fun writing it. 

Readers, would you organize (or attend) a doggie wedding? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I’m not a dog person but I think I would attend just because it is something so different. My husband loves dogs and I’m not sure he would want to go but after he was there he would enjoy all the dogs.

  2. Labsolutely! I love dogs and I think a doggie wedding would be so much fun!

  3. Personally, I think attending or organizing a doggie wedding would be a hoot. As a dog lover, I could most definitely see myself doing it.

    Can’t wait for the opportunity to read “A Catered Doggie Wedding”!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  4. Attend a doggie wedding? Of course! I had my dogs at my first wedding. We opted for the ceremony in a park to make it happen.

  5. I would go to one it sounds fun now getting my dog to obey when all those treats are close by is another thing.

  6. I went to a cat birthday party so I guess I would go to a doggie wedding.

  7. I have wished animals Happy Birtthday. I do not think that I would organize a dog wedding. I honestly do not know if I would attend one. I would really have to give that some serious thought. God bless you.

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