Opening Lines

Wickeds, add your opening lines!

Edith/Maddie: I told him not to go poking around in the forsythia. One more nosy boyfriend is now a late boyfriend.

Jessie: Marilyn was foolish enough to comment on my new garden had really taken off since my husband set off for parts unknown. She won’t be doing that again.

Barb: “I buried my ex-wife here, you know, for the tax break.”

Sherry: Digging holes is hard work. And I realized mine was too shallow when I noticed my former boss’s hat was still above ground.

Liz: Stupid meter reader. If he’d only listened when I told him not to go to that corner of the garden looking the meter.

Julie: And they wonder why I don’t weed more often.

Readers: Add yours in the comments.

28 Thoughts

  1. I love all of these! From my “good friend” Nikki Knight:

    I shot the snowman, but I did not kill the guy inside.

  2. He said, “Fork it over,” and I did, but his contribution to the mulch was an unexpected bonus.

  3. There was his beloved ballcap, one glove, and the pitchfork I’d seen him holding that morning. But where was the rest of him?

  4. The morning after the funeral, I took my coffee out to the garden and realized dear—and unfortunately dead— Uncle Bob was trying to tell me something.

  5. Susan Hogan drove around Oak Grove, Texas, for two days before she realized there was a dead body in the trunk of her car. And it was another three days before she knew that someone was trying to kill her.

  6. Those stupid kids next door have gone too far with their latest prank. Only, on closer inspection, it doesn’t look like a prank after all.

  7. Ted found Alice’s rabbit hole! Think his wife can follow the clues and get him out?

  8. The new neighbors apparently had a super-inclusive view of the term composting.

  9. I was finally able to make my point clear and end the argument once and for all.

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