Greetings From the Florida Panhandle

We flew to Florida to visit my mom and I thought maybe you all would like to have a taste of what we’ve been up to. First though — it is hot here. You are probably thinking, Sherry, it’s Florida in August. And of course you’re right, but somehow I always hope it won’t be as bad as it is. It’s cramping my walks. Anyway, here are pictures from our visit.

The first thing you see when you leave the airport are palm trees! And there were Air Force jets flying around.

I love these massive dunes on Okaloosa Island. Many of them were wiped out during Hurricane Opal in 1995.

These beautiful sunrise photos are courtesy of my early rising husband. The pictures are so stunning and almost look like paintings.

We’ve played lots of rounds of cards. Is it gin? Is it rummy? Or is it some combination with our own set of rules?

The white sandy beaches and the color of the water in this area are hard to beat. I love the sea oats. They are drought and fungi resistant. And they help rebuild the dunes that protect the barrier island.

And look at these two cuties!

It wouldn’t be life in Florida without a lizard in the house. This tiny lizard didn’t want to get in the bag, but he did and then was released back into the wild.

The sun doesn’t rise or set over the Gulf this time of year. While the sunset we saw wasn’t as spectacular as the sunrise, the clouds were pretty amazing. The people in the water were giving me an anxiety attack because dusk and dawn is shark feeding time. We saw one very close to shore when we were here in March. But look at how calm the Gulf is!!!

If you want to read about a fictional version of the area, my Chloe Jackson Sea Glass Saloon books are set here. The fourth book, Rum and Choke, comes out December 27th. Signed copies will be available through One More Page Books.

Readers: Did your family play cards?

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  1. What lovely pictures and travelogue. Thank you for sharing you vacation time with us.

    We did play cards, sometimes by our own rules since there were just dad, mom, and me. Three-handed games had to be adapted. Pinochle, euchre, rummy, and of course, good old solitaire – single and double.

  2. It’s stunningly pretty there, Sherry! Glad your mom is doing well, and yes, that’s a sweet picture of her and Bob.

    We played lots of cards. Fish, rummy, spades, and cutthroat games of quadruple solitaire, where all the aces are common and you have to be FAST. My mom taught us canasta, but I can’t remember how to play.

  3. I don’t see me visiting Florida anytime soon so the pics were great Sherry.

    I learned how to play War, Go Fish, Solitaire and Rummy as a kid. I haven’t played any of them in years though.

    And I’m really looking forward to ‘Rum and Choke’ in December!

  4. All the time! My grandmother taught us how to play canasta when we were young, and we played a lot on rainy days visiting her in the Poconos. My mother and father were both bridge players, and my older brother and I learned to play (though later, not from them). My mother had a great memory for cards and could tell you after a round was played who had what and who played what on each trick! Wish I could do that. She also was ruthless at Hearts, and cut us no slack at all when we were learning. Now I play Hearts and Rummy with the grandkids.

  5. Fabulous pictures, Sherry! Love the Panhandle. My wife and I have become big fans of the Panama City Beach area.
    I played a lot of euchre growing up. Lots of good memories of that.

  6. I love your beautiful pictures! Our family played a lot of card games. We lived on a ranch 16 miles from the closest town and back then TV wasn’t a staple. Get together with family and friends were common also.

  7. I love your Chloe Jackson Sea Glass Saloon mysteries. Looking forward to the next one!

  8. We did! And cards were small – taking up little space – so they went on vacations with us as well. We had the children’s games, but also plays rummy and double solitaire plus others I can’t think of the names of right now.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  9. What beautiful pictures, Sherry. My family did not play cards, but The Hubby’s did – many cutthroate games of euchre and Spades (he can’t play Spades any longer because of the trauma).

    Liz Milliron

  10. Thanks for sharing. Looks wonderful.

    We are hitting triple digits for the next week, so I get hot. Fortunately, without the humidity.

    And yes, my family played games, and seems to play more now as adults than we ever did as kids.

  11. Wow, Mark! That is hot, but you are right — the humidity makes such a different. On our sunrise walk this morning the feel like was 88 and the humidity was 90%.

  12. Yes, our family loved to play cards! We played canasta, gin rummy, spades, hearts , Michigan poker and more. I play bridge mainly now but I can’t wait for my grandchildren to be old enough to play. We did play five crowns with the oldest one this summer! I love it!!!

  13. Yes! I practically grew up with a deck of cards in my hands. My extended family played Setback and many variations of Poker. I also enjoyed the children’s games such as War and Go Fish.

  14. I feel like I just went on this journey with you. Thank you for sharing this, it was beautiful!

  15. Yes. We used to play Rummy and Uno. With it only being two of us now, it is not quite as fun. Thank you for sharing. The pictures are fabulous. God bless you.

  16. My Grandmother taught us Canasta. She cheated to win. She gave us pennies to bet and then she would change the rules mid game so she could win. My sister still plays with her grandson.

  17. Played Spades in College. Go Fish and Old Maid as a kid and with my husband’s family we played Liverpool Rummy. Learned Bridge when I started teaching with some teacher friends. But I have no one to play with as Hubby Dearest does not like cards, so we don’t play any games.

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