Wicked Wednesday- Signs

Jessie: Enjoying the crisp autumn air!

This month we are discussing signs of all sorts. I must confess, I am always willing to contemplate that something could be considered a sign from something larger than myself. So, Wickeds, do you believe in signs?

Julie: Absolutely! Sometimes I’ll seek them out, and tell myself if I see a blue flower (for example) it’s a sign I should do xyz. I also get signs from the universe when I need them. I’ll be thinking about taking care of my mother, and my grandmother’s favorite song will come on and I know it’s her way of telling me to keep going. Things like that.

Edith/Maddie: Why not? There is much we don’t know. Ever since my beloved father died 37 years ago, I occasionally get a short period of ringing in my right ear. Like you, Julie, I always feel like that’s Daddy’s spirit touching base with me, and I take a minute to assess whether I’m living my best life. And when I am lucky enough to see a bald eagle, it always feels like a good omen.

Barb: I would swear up and down to you that I don’t believe in signs, but of course, it would be a lie. A parking space suddenly opens up right in front of the store or restaurant I was kind of, sort of thinking of going to? I’m as likely as anyone to laugh and call it a sign. I wouldn’t make any major life decisions based on it, but I’d be happy to eat a meal in a place I already wanted to go to.

Sherry: I’m a believer. I see hearts in things a lot–most recently and egg I cooked for breakfast looked like a heart. I’m not sure what it’s a sign of–a reminder to love perhaps.

Jessie: I love all of your signs! I am forever noting and noticing them in my life. I see dragonflies or ravens and am sure it is a wink from the Universe. I run across the same bit of information for a third time in a short amount of time and I think it is important. Feathers on the ground, rainbows in the sky, and favorite quotes that appear unexpectedly out of the mouth of a stranger all reinforce my belief that forces are conspiring on my behalf.

Readers, how about you? Do you notice signs? Do you take them to heart or dismiss them as fanciful notions?

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  1. Yes, I do notice signs (or uncanny coincidences) and I pay attention to them for sure. Dimes found in random places are a sign from my mum, something fortuitous happening at just the right time – I do believe it’s the nature of the universe!

  2. Yes. Some are known and some are what I perceive them to be probably. My best friend’s Mom loved cardinals. She was super special and her passing hurt us deeply. Now when I see a cardinal I’ll say “Hi Mom!”. Sometimes when I’m troubled or worrying about which direction to go, I’ll see or do something that reminds me of something my Mom would have told me helping me to decide to go right or left in a decision. It can be something we see, hear or smell that triggers it or something out of the ordinary that just happens.
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  3. Call it what you will – coincidence, a sign, whatever – I’m a believer. Here’s my latest example. A week ago, I took delivery of an electric motor scooter to get around town. It’s top speed is 30, so it’s not a good fit on major thoroughfares and I have to plan my trips accordingly. This morning, a newsletter I subscribe to included a map of bike-friendly streets in the metro area. It will be an excellent source for my scooter trips.
    I’d call that a sign!

  4. I am always saying, “It’s a sign from the universe…” when I feel something is pushing me in a certain direction. God, the universe, the unknown…why not?

  5. I do notice signs. Like the rainbow over Buckingham Palace when the Queen died. A white feather showing up out of nowhere. Any number of things that occur unexpectedly. I believe.

  6. Overall, I don’t pay too much attention to signs, but one I always do is anything from my daddy who died 48 years ago. He said he would always be there to help me and he is. He saves parking spaces for me, tells me how to accomplish things that baffle me, and many, many other things. And I always think of him as these things happen. Thanks, daddy.

  7. A part of me thinks there is so much we don’t know about how the universe works. Maybe “signs” are our subconscious telling us to pay attention or maybe there are energies at play beyond our current (pun intended) understanding of physics. Either way, signs and portents and intuitions can feel powerful. Enjoy them!

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