Celebrating spooky season

By Liz, looking forward to Halloweekend!

It’s spooky season – my absolute favorite time of the year. And to make it even better, I’m currently working on the next Cat Cafe book, which is taking place in…yup, you guessed it—Halloween season.

It’s got a dead psychic and his missing cat, a cat costume parade, JJ dressed up as Sherlock Holmes, a pumpkin shortage, and a haunted inn.

And even more fun, there’s a character some of you might recognize who is making a guest appearance in this book. (Hint: she owns a crystal shop in Connecticut.)

Yep, Violet is coming to Daybreak Island. I think she’s bringing Sydney with her too, for a little extra fun. They’re going to be vendors at the Halloween marketplace. And there was a glitch at the inn where they were supposed to stay, so now they’re bunking with Maddie and Grandpa. I can’t wait to see what kind of fun they get up to.

So in honor of spooky season, here are a few things that are making me happy right now:

I found the best new crystal store nearby, Ravenstone. It’s really filling my soul to be able to walk around and be in the energy of so many beautiful crystals. I even found one named “Fiona,” which I had to get in honor of Violet’s mom. (And speaking of Violet, if you haven’t preordered Witch Way Out, you can get it here! This is Fiona:

Also, spooky shows and movies! Every October (well, all year round but especially October) I love to immerse myself into scary stuff. Right now I’m watching The Watcher on Netflix. Next up: Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, a Stephen King adaptation also on Netflix. Fun fact? This was filmed in my old neighborhood last year. The dogs and I used to go to the set every morning to check it out. Some of it was filmed right on my street, and the rest at an old mansion nearby. Very cool experience. 

And finally, my new oracle deck, the Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell.

Readers, what’s making you happy this spooky season? Leave a comment!

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  1. Love the cool weather, children’s costumes, seeing adults being able to be children again too by dressing up for Halloween parties, hay rides and all the great movies for this season.
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  2. The decorations on my front porch. I love Halloween and fall decorations. And I’ve already pre-ordered Witch Way Out!

  3. I like the cool weather and the bright foliage, but other than that, Halloween gets a big pass from me. I’ve never been into scary books or movies, and the whole costume/trick-or-treat thing was always so stressful.

  4. The colors of leaves, cooler weather and rattlesnakes go in ground so now I can go for walks in the desert. I love your quartz geode,I found one clean it up and it is nice, I love crystals. Penney

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