Grateful for People in 2022

Who is a person who you find yourself especially grateful to this year? It can be someone new in your life or someone who’s been around for a long time but who either did something specific this year or who stepped up generally across the year. Pick ONE person and tell us why. To make it even more challenging, no partners, parents, or kids. Tell us who and why.

Julie: I’m going first, and I’m already cheating. Last year my parents went into an assisted living facility, and this year we moved my mother to another floor into memory care. For any of you on this journey, you know how challenging this can be. I am SO grateful for the staff of the facility, and the care they give my parents. My father still refers to it as a minimum security prison, but he appreciates all that people do to take care of him. And my mother is being well taken care of, a huge blessing. Grateful is too small a word for the peace of mind they bring my sisters and I.

Edith/Maddie: Can I kind of cheat, too? Alexandra Santiago Llegus agreed to marry my son John this year. A talented designer and graphic artist, a woman beautiful in spirit and appearance, and a warm, affectionate soul, Alex is making my son happy beyond description.

It took my younger kid a while to find his true love (he’ll be thirty-four in January), and I am infinitely grateful he and Alex have decided to seal their bond with a wedding in Puerto Rico in February.

Liz: Is it cheating to say my therapist?? I don’t think I’ve ever acknowledged what a huge difference she’s made in my life. I’ve been working with her for years and she’s really helped me see some of the patterns I’ve been stuck in that have impacted my life. She’s taking a few months off to have a baby and I was thinking about how I’ll survive without her (LOL) and realized how grateful I am for the work we’ve done together, especially during times of massive change like this year.

Sherry: If laughter is good for the soul then I’m very lucky to have my daughter. It’s been a wonder to watch her grow into the hard working, charming, funny (oh, so funny) woman she’s become. She was a huge help after my husband had his hip-replacement surgery last fall. She’s great company and loves fiercely.

Barb: You people are impossible! Remind me not to put any restrictions on answers to future posts. This year I am grateful for my friend, Carol. We’ve been friends for years, colleagues, and business partners at important times. The gratitude, respect, and support goes on into our fourth decade.

Readers: Who is a person in your life you are grateful for in 2022? (I won’t even try to put the restrictions on you that I put on the Wickeds–no partners, parents, or kids–since that clearly was a failure.)

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  1. I’m grateful for the crime fiction family who were there when the world created havoc on me and my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. I am so grateful for my husband who has to do so much of the housework as I am unable to, plus keeping the outside looking good too. The other day I started to pass out and he was able to catch me before the could hit the floor. He’s a keeper.

  3. I’m going to stretch the rules a little, too. I’m grateful to the doctors and staff at the animal hospital who took care of our cat this fall. Merritt is my son’s “cat mom,” and has been my husband’s comforter through two cycles of cancer treatment, not to mention my writing partner. At least twice we thought it was the end, but she refused to give up. The docs stabilized her and sent her home to be comfortable…and almost two months later, she’s still here, happy, feisty, and running the house. Every day is a gift.

  4. My sister and my best friend Ann and family friend Maryellen. When I needed help after my back injury, they stepped up to help me as needed. Edith’s get well card was most appreciated as well.

    It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

  5. I am grateful for my book community-my fellow sales reps and all the wonderful book buyers and bookstore owners in New England, some of whom over the years have become real friends. We laugh and cry together, tell stories, support each other, share our lives. I feel forever blessed.
    Suzette Ciancio

  6. For me, it would have to be Dr. Tolba. He’s the specialist I was referred to this year and that has help me deal with pain successfully so far. While not gone, it’s not manageable which I am truly grateful for. He listened to me and we worked out the best choices for me.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  7. Since I’m a rule-follower, I’ll say the mystery community, especially friend Annette Dashofy and Dru Ann Love.

    Annette is my “runnin’ buddy” for travel and I’m so glad 2022 has brough that back into our lives. She’s a great supporter and a terrific person.

    Dru Ann is the epitome of “someone you meet online who becomes a true friend in real life.” She knows my morning Facebook habits and if I don’t follow them, she’s quick to check in and make sure I’m okay. It’s like that friend you always see at the coffee shop in the morning, and if you aren’t there, she makes sure nothing horrible has happened. Very comforting.

  8. I’m grateful for my boss. She lets me do my work and respects me for what I bring to the table. Going through a COVID layoff, it became tough for me trust people in the workforce, so my coming to trust my boss is a big tip of the hat to her.

  9. I had some friends reach out last night and ask me if I had somewhere to go for Thanksgiving. The answer was yes, but this is the first time I remember getting an offer in years, so I am grateful to them.

  10. This is going to sound weird, but I am grateful my husband’s spirit. He has been gone for 6 years now, but this year I realized that I am the woman I am, and my kids are who they are because of the man he was and what he brought into our lives.

  11. Restrictions or not, I’m thankful for my husband. January 28 I had a stroke. My husband got me to the hospital in time for them to administer the clot busting drug and because of his quick action I’m still here today, which happens to be my birthday, and I’m able to continue to read and enjoy my cozy mysteries.

  12. I also am thankful for my husband and my dog Texie that put up with me during covid and beyond and love me unconditionally. They helped me through the pandemic and some other issues. Funny, my nephew got married in Puerto Rico in February of this year. I was unable to attend as I was not ready for flying during these times. Have fun at your destination wedding for your son and new daughter.

  13. I am thankful for my sister. Can’t imagine life without her! I also am thankful for y’all as I can’t imagine life without great books to read!

  14. I am grateful for the Lord’s salvation. I am grateful for my amazing husband who has become my full time caregiver. He takes care of me without a word of complaining. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving. God bless you.

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