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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Liv/Wendy for a number of years now. I was so lucky to get to spend the day sitting next to her at a book conference in Bowling Green, Kentucky. She is fascinating and fun. You might know her from her acclaimed Greenhouse Mystery series. Liv/Wendy has a brand new standalone thriller out, Little Red House, and I can’t wait to read it! Look for the giveaway below.

Name (s): Liv Andersson/Wendy Tyson

Genre(s): Psychological Thriller and Mystery/Cozy Mystery

What drew you to the genre you write? I was drawn to the crime fiction genre for three primary reasons. One, nothing is quite as satisfying as developing the puzzle elements of a plot. My goal is always that “a-ha” moment in which the reader is surprised by the ending but simultaneously realizes that all the pieces have fallen into place and the denouement was really the only way events could have played out. Two, I enjoy crafting the whydunit aspect of a crime novel. As a former therapist, it’s exciting to explore the psychological reasons for people’s actions. And finally, justice. As a therapist working with at-risk teens, I saw the horrific results of injustice. Real crime is gritty and awful and actual people get hurt or killed. In my fictional worlds, at least, the bad folks get their comeuppance and justice (sometimes in a twisted way) is served.

What sets your book apart from what is out there? Readers say Little Red House is twisty, fast-paced, and has an ending they didn’t see coming. The book is told through dual timelines using two primary point of view characters, both of whom are caught up in—and affected by—murders in one fictional town. At the heart of the mystery is a rundown little red house in the New Mexico desert. The eerie isolation of that house in the desert is the perfect backdrop for the sinister events that transpire.

What are you currently writing? I just turned in a new Liv Andersson thriller (yay!), which takes place in a fictional town on the coast of Maine, near Portland. Now I’m working on a new cozy-with-an-edge mystery series set in Vermont and finishing a contemporary women’s novel set in Martha’s Vineyard.

Do you write a series or standalones? Why? Under Wendy Tyson, I write primarily mystery series, and under Liv Andersson, I write standalone thrillers. I’m a big fan of crime fiction in general and enjoy reading most of the subgenres, including longstanding mystery series. As an author, I’ve found that each has its advantages and drawbacks.

Series provide so many possibilities. There’s nothing quite like sinking into the first book in a series, creating the characters and building a fictional world, and then having multiple books in which to develop the characters’ arcs, relationships, and subplots. It’s a commitment to a fictional universe. That takes planning, however, and you’re always writing with an eye to the larger story arc and what could be next. On the other hand, standalones provide a certain creative freedom.  With a standalone, you can focus on just that story, just those characters, just that resolution—without having to ensure continuity of setting or characters from one book to another. With a standalone, you don’t have to build in the possibility of future novels. Choosing between series and standalones would be hard, so my solution is to write both.

What are you reading right now? She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan.

What is your favorite deadline snack? Hummus. Yalla Hummus with smoked eggplant (made in Brattleboro, Vermont) is my absolute favorite. I buy three or four containers of it and eat it with tortilla chips, pita, focaccia, a spoon—whatever. In fact, I just met a deadline and still have two containers in the fridge! A small miracle.

Do you have a favorite quote or life motto? “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use it, the more you have.” —Maya Angelou

Favorite writing space? We recently purchased a small “canned ham” style travel trailer. It has a table and two bench seats, and the table is surrounded by windows. We’ve had the opportunity to take the trailer to a few spots in Maine and Vermont this past summer and fall, and I love writing at that table. We have three dogs, but we take our Newfoundland with us—he loves to travel—and he’s fond of sitting on the bench seat with his head on the table so he can simultaneously look out the window and watch me. There is something about being immersed in nature (alongside one of my writing buddies) that sparks creativity.

What do you see when you look up from writing?  Birds, squirrels, and chipmunks. I live on eleven acres in the woods of Vermont. At home, I write at my kitchen table, which looks out a set of French doors onto our front yard. We have a pollinator garden out there, with multiple bird feeders. In the summer, I plant red and dark purple flowers, which attract hummingbirds, and I especially enjoy when they visit. In the winter, the birds congregate at the feeders. It’s a nice spot to write and watch the seasons change.

Readers: Why do you love reading crime fiction? Wendy is giving away a copy of Little Red House to one person (US only) who leaves a comment.


Liv Andersson is an author, lawyer, and former therapist whose background inspires her thrillers and mysteries. As Liv Andersson, she writes thrillers, including LITTLE RED HOUSE. As Wendy Tyson, she is the author of several mystery series, including the Amazon-bestselling Greenhouse Mystery Series, and her short fiction has appeared in literary journals and crime anthologies. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Liv lives in the Green Mountains of Vermont with her husband, sons, and three dogs.

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  1. Congratulations on your new release, Wendy! I read for escapism but most of all, I love solving the crime/mysteries (or pretend to solve).

  2. So many congratulations, Wendy! Somehow this book escaped my radar. I also love the sound of your new Vermont series, and it’s fabulous that you’ve been busy.

  3. I love trying to solve the crime along with the MC. I just finished one where I thought the PI was wrong and I was right. We were both wrong. Loved that it was someone that I never would have thought of. Thank you so much for this chance at your giveaway. pgenest57 at aol dot com

  4. Justice! I love to try to solve the crime/mystery but mostly I love it when the bad guy gets caught and gets their just desserts!! My husband and I camp too, and I know what you mean by being immersed in nature!

  5. Kudos, Wendy! I like your writing process in the travel canned-ham caravan. Sounds fun and inspiring.

  6. Congratulations on your new book, Liv! I inherited my mom’s love of mysteries – the puzzle aspect. For me, nothing beats a good whodunnit!

  7. Congratulations on the new book – it looks like a fabulous reward for myself at the end of the year. For me, I love the puzzle and like you, I like knowing I can mete out justice where it’s deserved.

    1. I enjoy trying to solve the crime as I’m reading. The thrill of trying to solve the mystery with the book characters. Thanks so much for the chance!

  8. Really enjoy reading crime fiction because it’s exciting, fun to put the pieces together to see if I can figure out the end before the reveal and love that justice is served. For one that’s had a horrible experience where justice was never achieved, it’s nice to see that sometimes the legal system works giving one hope for others in a like situation.

    Absolutely LOVE dual timeline stories! “Little Red House” is now on my TBR list after reading abot it here and checking it out on line. Can’t wait for the opportunity to read and review this fabulous sounding book. Thank you for the chance to read a copy so I’d be able to do that sooner than later.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  9. Cozy mystery and thrillers are my go to genres When I think I have the puzzle solved a twist will be thrown in Then I’m off again trying to figure it out.

  10. Congrats on the new book! I enjoy reading crime fiction when the puzzle is well done and everything falls into place at the end.

  11. Congratulations on your new book. I like reading Mysteries because I like to try to figure out perpetrator before the end of the book.

  12. Thank you, everyone! I’ve been trying to respond to comments but have had some difficulty. Hopefully this will post. I love reading the responses.

  13. Congratulations on the new book. I absolutely love crime/ mystery in any way. True crime is fascinating and fictional is a no holds barred canvas.

  14. Crime fiction exposes me to another world because it is completely different from my daily experiences. It’s comforting to sit and read in the coziness of my own home, safe and secure from the crime that I am reading about. Cozy mysteries are the best!

  15. Yes, I enjoy reading crime fiction. Thank you so much for sharing. Merry Christmas. God bless you.

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