Our favorite holiday moments

By Liz, sorry to see the festive time of year over…

Let’s keep the holiday spirit alive just a bit longer, shall we? Wickeds, I want to hear about your favorite part of this holiday – best moment with someone special, favorite gift you gave or received, most awesome dessert…whatever you want to remember!

Sherry: My husband and I drove to Florida to spend Christmas with my mom. Our daughter was flying in on Christmas Eve and I was worried about that huge storm sweeping across the country. Planes were delayed, flights were canceled, but we got a Christmas miracle and she made it with only a one hour delay. I was so happy and grateful!

Edith/Maddie: That’s a lovely miracle, Sherry! Our in-person Christmas was cancelled/postponed because Hugh was COVID positive, alas (not me, thank goodness). But we had a lovely Christmas morning three-way Zoom chat with my sons and their sweethearts and a quiet day at home. I love this photo of son JD and his fiancee Alex in their superadobe home in Puerto Rico showing off the “Welcome to Amesbury” etched glasses I bought locally and mailed to them.

Liz: Love that, Sherry and sorry about Hugh, Edith. I had a pretty quiet holiday but got to reconnect with some old friends from my childhood, which was really special. I always felt like part of the family with the Murphys, and they welcomed me right back into the fold when I moved back to the area. It was so lovely to reconnect.

Julie: Liz, how great is it to reconnect with folks? My holidays were fairly quiet, but lovely. Lots of family time, going to see SIX with my sister and the nieces, dinner with my folks, and playing Left/Right/Center and Yahtzee on new year’s eve. Lots of fun.

Barb: Guys, I had the BEST Christmas. The first time we’ve all been together for the holiday, Bill and I, our kids and their spouses and the grandkids, in four long years. And we had two big family events–the traditional Feast of the Seven Fish (which untraditionally, Bill’s family holds not on Christmas Eve, but on the Saturday before) and Christmas dinner, this year held at my daughter’s house for 40+ people. Between the two events we got to see all Bill’s siblings, their spouses, all the cousins and their spouses, the next generation of cousins, and assorted in-laws and out-laws–all the usual suspects. It was so special I get teary just writing this.

Did Santa come?

Jessie: Barb, I got a little teary just reading your post! I am so delighted for you! We had a lovely holiday season, except that our oldest had to quarantine because of COVID. Luckily, he got to visit with us before our second youngest had to return to his new job out west. Having all four kids in the same house together is always one of my favorite things in the world!

Readers, what about you? Do you have a favorite moment from this year’s holiday celebrations?

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  1. I had planned to spend the holidays alone, but a friend invited me to their house for Christmas and I had a lovely time.

  2. Flew from Maine to upstate New York to have an early Christmas with my daughter and granddaughters – we kept it a surprise for the grands and seeing their faces light up when they saw me was a special feeling I’ll never forget!! Then I flew back home for a quiet Christmas with my husband. Wonderful!

  3. My best Christmas present was to be blessed to have hubby by my side. It’s just the two of us so a quiet day for us. Enjoyed capturing a few photos of our critters, some movies and a great supper.
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  4. Christmas memories can be so wonderful when spent with family and friends. We had a good one. My son did the cooking! I got to see all the family members between Thanksgiving and Christmas so it was a great time. Looking forward to more memories made this year!

  5. Great stories all around! My favorite moment came in early December when you get kiddo Aidan proposed to his now-fiance Lorianne. Cheers!

  6. I had a pretty good holiday season. Christmas Eve I spent with my sister and her husband and Wilson the dog. She decided that she alone was going to celebrate Jolabokaflod and I received a couple of books from her. One was a brand new one that I loved, but then she surprised me with my favorite gift of the holiday season. She found this little blue hardcover book at a used book sale. I looked at the insides and it was published in the early 1950s in Great Britain. It’s Sherlock Holmes “Selected Stories”. Fantastic condition and given my love of the Holmes Canon, this was a great present to add to my meager Holmes collection.

    For Christmas Day, I went to my friend Ann’s place. We decided not to go to a movie like we usually try to do and stayed in. She cooked dinner (I helped by bringing a couple of the dishes and staying out of her way). Then we exchanged gifts. My favorite gift given was the Disney gift card I gave her because I was able to put a good amount on it, which really surprised her. But it was part of my revised plan since I couldn’t do anything else but give her books meant I had less options. Then we watched the first season of Wednesday on Netflix and I loved it.

    So a successful, if low-key, holiday for me. Which is just how I like it.

  7. On the 26th, my family went to my uncle and aunt’s house for a second Christmas. My cousin and his family were there, and we don’t see them that often, so it was nice to spend time with them.

  8. What fabulous holidays. I love reading about them. Our holidays were quiet. Just the two of us and the critters. Very restful and fun.

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