Wicked Plans for the New Year

January is always a big planning month for us here at the Wickeds. We wanted to start the new year off with some good intentions – and when we share our intentions, we’re more likely to keep them, right?

So Wickeds, what are your top three intentions for the year? This could be anything from travel or family plans to writing or business goals. Anything is fair game!

Edith/Maddie: My late friend Annie was big on setting intentions. In her honor, I intend to: Celebrate (my son’s wedding), connect (with relatives known and new), and relax (on the beach!) in Puerto Rico in February. Be grateful for who and what I have and where I am. Make each book or story I write the best thing I can write.

Julie: The wedding is going to be such a glorious celebration, Edith! My intentions for the new year are to write, write, write. To be healthy in mind, body and spirit. And to connect with family and friends.

Barb: For the first half of the year, my intentions are similar to the last ten years–to write the best book and novella I can. But after mid-year I’ll be completely out of contract, so who knows? Even without any future contract information, I have vowed to be as present for my family as I can be. Not always to be the mom and grandmother working away in the corner. Can I really change, now in my seventh decade? I also have a personal project I want to complete, though it will be a challenge to finish it in 2023.

Sherry: You all are way ahead of me. I’m the worst about planning things so I’m taking a swag here. Find a publisher for my romance, find joy in each day, and laugh a lot!

Liz: I love all of these! As usual I started going through a million things I intend to do…but I’m trying to keep it simple. I want to finally get the suspense novel I’ve been working on done and sold. I want to stop overthinking and worrying about everything. And I want to have more fun! I definitely never have enough fun, so it’s time to rectify that.

Jessie: I love goals and intentions! Thanks for asking, Liz! I hope you all enjoy your own plans! As for me, I want to up my running capacity to a 10K distance, use up all my supply of paint, and complete a project that I have been working on. Here’s to a great 2023!

Readers, share your top three intentions for the new year in the comments!

13 Thoughts

  1. Enjoy writing and spend less time on things that take away from my goals.

  2. I intend to ….. lose weight (be healthier), get the house tidy, READ lots of cozy mysteries!

  3. Start traveling again. We have a bucket list of places we want to see and things to do before medical issues and age make it impossible or impractical. Fully vaccinated and boosted we are again making plans and praying we can carry them out this time. Second would be to find new places to photograph critters in their natural habitat and hopefully getting some we haven’t seen before. Hubby and I both love photography and it’s something we can share the experience together whether traveling great distances or on our front porch. Third would be explore more new to me authors while continue to read those that I can’t get enough of. There always needs to be time to unwind, relax and enjoy a good book.
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    1. My intentions for the year is to connect my more with my community. Be there for my family.

  4. Connect with friends and family, write the best books I can, and live in gratitude! Those would be my big three. Fingers crossed.

  5. Jessie, good luck with the running. I should start trying to add more mileage again, but without a longer run to train for, I lose my motivation. Of course, right now, my intention is to use my lunch hour to go out for my first run of 2023. Rain has kept me from running, but it is sunny today.

  6. To all you, my favorite authors, I hope you keep writing and published. Barb, if you don’t have a contract after June, your publisher is a fool, and we will all suffer for it. Cate, my nephew got married in PR last February at the end of the month and I did not go. Not ready to face the flying and covid still at that time. Have extra fun for me. Now, for my three goals/intentions: to be the best person that I can be to everyone I am around: to file, date, scan and make scrapbooks of all of my family photos, etc.; and to stay healthy and be with the love of my life for many more years.

  7. I love your photo of all of you together! <3 I need to get one of our whole family together because they are my cheerleaders! I will continue working harder on recording my writing thoughts right away. I will stop thinking I can not do something because I am not strong enough. I will continue praying, praising and showing my love for my family and friends!!!

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