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by Barb, from Key West, where my husband and I are going out for Valentine’s dinner tonight to avoid the rush

Edith/Maddie and I are participating in a multi-author book giveaway. Keep reading for a chance to enter and win.

Not long ago I was contacted by author Kate Carlisle’s admin, Jenel, about participating in a multi-author book giveaway Kate is sponsoring. Kate regularly and very generously offers these giveaways to others. Many Wickeds have participated at various times in the past.

The theme for this giveaway is Valentine’s Day. Jenel was looking for each of us to include a book with a significant romantic event like, “first kiss,” “first time,” “engagement,” “wedding,” “honeymoon.”

I wrote back that I’d be happy to participate (because I always am) but… um… er, the romantic event that most people comment on in my series is a break-up.

Jenel wrote back that she thought that would be hilarious. She was making little pink heart-shaped candies to put on each author’s part of the entry form to indicate the part of the romance included, and she would make mine black.

So, I included Shucked Apart in the giveaway. (I’m assuming enough time has gone by this is not a spoiler for you Wickeds readers.)

I hope people find this funny and the winner enjoys the book, though I admit I’m a little nervous about it.

The authors/books included in the giveaway are

  • The Book Supremacy by @katecarlislebooks – honeymoon
  • Deadly Ever After by @vicki.delany – engagement party
  • Murder in a Cape Cottage by @maddiedayauthor – wedding
  • It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder by @ellenbyronmariadirico – first kiss
  • One for the Books by @mckinlayjenn – wedding
  • Shucked Apart by @maineclambake – breakup
  • Till Death Do Us Tart by @ellie_alexander – wedding
  • Bones of Holly by @carolynhaines – sexy times on the beach
  • Murder of a Diva at Honeychurch Hall by @hannahdennisonbooks – they’re officially a couple
  • The Loch Ness Papers by @paigebooks – wedding
  • Careless Whiskers by @dieselharristhecat – engagement
  • Crimes and Covers by @amandaflowerauthor – wedding

The contest runs from February 9 to 13. The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day. One lucky winner will receive all these books. The contest is open internationally, but if the winner lives outside the US, the prize will be a $50 gift card.

To enter, click here.

Readers: What do you think? Did I make a mistake, or do you think people will be amused by including a break up story?

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  1. Sometimes a break-up story is necessary for your protagonist’s self-respect and best future. Your story line can be a good example that she is moving forward positively and standing up for her own convictions. Envisioning what she wants in a relationship is part of her future happiness. Readers see it that way so will be quite comfortable with Julia’s decisions.

  2. Thanks for putting this up, Barb. Break-ups can be just as much a part of romance as when things go well. I love the additional resolution you provided in “Perked Up.”

    1. What is it people say–in a romance novel the romance must be resolved but the mystery can continue from book to book. In a mystery novel the mystery must be solved but the romance can continue from book to book. More to come!

  3. Barbara, you did not make a mistake including a break-up as part of the giveaway. It’s a nice twist on things and sure makes me chuckle.

  4. Personally, I love it! To talk romance, one must see ALL sides of it. Not all romances turn into the happily every after. I’ve already entered the contest and would absolute be in reader’s heaven if I happened to be the very fortunate one selected.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  5. I love it, great idea! Breakups are a big part of love – you can’t appreciate the right one if you haven’t been through some not-right ones!

  6. Where I love to try all versions of a recipe, hubby is if it’s broke don’t fix it attitude happy to stay with the tried and true. I solve this by fixing variations when we have company. At times like that, I have several dishes to pick from so there’s always something from the old school recipes to keep hubby happy, I can try the new version and guests get their choice of both or having both.

    Since I’ve already been blessed to read this fabulous books (which I loved and reviewed), please don’t enter me in the contest so others may have a chance to do so. Shared just the same. 🙂
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  7. I don’t think you made a mistake. Breaking up is part of the process. My husband and I broke up a few times before we/he realized it was a forever kind of love. We’ve now been married 37 years and will be 38 in August. It took us ten years of dating, breaking up, dating, etc but we/he finally figured it out!! LOL 😂

  8. Breakups are real life. Not everyone meets, greets and marries with no bumps in the road. Life is a learning process and I feel makes the characters more like real people. Part of building that character is how they dealt with the breakup.

  9. I wasn’t amused when I read it. 🙂 But I think since it is clearly labeled as part of the giveaway, people will find it more amusing than not.

  10. Well, I was sad about the breakup when I read that it had happened in your book because they seemed to make a great couple. But as many above have said it is part of life and romance. As another said above that she had experienced many breakups with her husband before, but they got back together, that is my story, and I am sticking to it. Ha!. Hubby Dearest and I dated for 6 years (with many breakups), were engaged for 13 years (I had to have the prongs on my engagement ring strengthened) and have now been married for 39 years–it will be 40 this year. Amazing!

  11. No mistake on your part, Barb! It’s a fact of life that love isn’t always fun. Personally, I am happily married, and it’s the second marriage for both of us. Life is great when you have the right one!

  12. No. I do not think they will be confused. It is part of life. I love this contest. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you.

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