A Wicked Welcome to Michelle Corbier **giveaway**

by Julie, wintering in Somerville

I am delighted to welcome Michelle Corbier to the blog today. Her next book, Murder in Gemini, will be released on March 7 and is available for pre-order. Welcome Michelle!

A Blessing in Misfortune

In 2021, I planned to self-publish my first novel, Murder Is Revealing, in spring 2022. After researching the process, I gave myself a year to complete it. Because I enjoy making lists, I meticulously plotted the steps toward publication. Though the launch didn’t transpire as successfully as scheduled, it took place. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully we plan, life intervenes.

The initial plan involved releasing Murder is Revealing in April 2022. I wanted six months for the preorder and pre-launch activities. However, in the fall of 2021, I traveled to Georgia to visit my parents. It became apparent that my mom’s dementia had significantly progressed. Though I intended to move east in a few years, I escalated those plans.

But I had a home in California and a full-time job I enjoyed with a supportive supervisor, generous salary, and benefits. Okay, deep breath.

In order to move back, I would need a job. I found an available job, interviewed, and received an offer within a month. Step one completed. Now the house. For those who remember, the housing market in 2021 was hot. Homes sold fast and way above asking price. But I didn’t receive a job offer until December. Undaunted, my home listed on the MLS the week before Christmas. Within five days, I had an offer.

During this time, my upcoming book launch fell apart. With my attention focused on moving across the country, I did the bare minimum in planning for the launch. Should I delay it, if so, for how long?

In my Write Club Mysteries series, Dr. Myaisha Douglas planned a life with her husband and son. But when her husband suddenly died, she became a single mother. She adapted, then her son left for college. Widowed with an empty home, she must build a new identity. Myaisha delves into writing—and murder. During the series, she explores life on her terms. Builds a new community, starts a promising intimate relationship. Along with her Labrador, Boomer, and Greensboro Women of Color Writing Group, she discovers a penchant for solving crimes—and confronting danger.

Prepare for the unexpected. I didn’t intend to sell my home and move across the country during a severe winter storm in 2021, but life intervened. I had a choice. Did I make a poor one? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Whatever happens during your journey on this blue marble, make the most of the situation. The book launch of Murder Is Revealing in May 2022 could have gone better. But I will use that experience to improve the launch of my sophomore novel, Murder In Gemini, in March 2023.

Second chances are few. Don’t muddle your life with ‘what ifs’. Move forward, head held high, and do the best can with your current circumstances. Have you erred in writing or publishing your novels? How did those mistakes impact your career—favorably or not? Misfortune may become a blessing.

Michelle is offering a free ebook to the first twenty people who email her at
web @ MichelleCorbier.com and mention the blog on the Wickeds.

About Murder in Gemini:

In between seeing patients, Dr. Myaisha Douglas writes mysteries. When the sister of a friend dies, she suspects murder. Her writing group investigates, hoping to publish a true crime story. The investigation becomes deadly when Myaisha uncovers a secret behind a necklace.

About Michelle Corbier

As a military dependent, Michelle moved between California and South Carolina. She enrolled at the UC Santa Cruz before attending Michigan State University. After twenty years in clinical medicine, Michelle works as a medical consultant. If not writing, she’s outside gardening or bicycling.

Twitter: michelle (@MichelleCorbier) / Twitter

TikTok: @MrsDoctorWrites

Website: www.MichelleCorbier.com

Substack: https://substack.com/refer/michellecorbier

Buy link: https://books2read.com/u/bzVMrG

23 Thoughts

  1. Kudos, Michelle! I appreciate your take on moving on after plans take an unexpected turn.

    1. It’s difficult but we have to move forward after a devastating life event. Otherwise, it’s easy to become stuck. I want to address issues important to mature people in my novels.

  2. Welcome to the blog, Michelle. It sounds like you made the best of a tricky situation – and gave priority to family, something I respect. I’m going to check out this Dr. Douglas!

  3. Love your way of thinking which I have used in my own personal life. I’ve come to believe to do your very best in your own way of thinking. If it comes out as planned, then it was meant to be. If not, learn from it and move on. One can’t live in the past only learn from it.

    “Murder in Gemini” sounds wonderful as I’ve read up on it and added it to my TBR list. Unfortunately, I’ll have to leave the ebooks to those that can read them. Medical issues prevent me from sitting at the computer long enough to do a book justice or satisfy my reading desires. Can’t wait to read and review it.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. I’ve had to regroup and reassess multiple times in my life. It helps you grow, I believe. Though I have a Kindle, I still prefer physical books.

  4. What a wonderful introduction, Michelle! I also strongly believe that what does not break us, makes us strong. Our cup overflows with blessings every day, and I pray that every human being realizes and is overjoyed to know that! Best of success with your books. I am hooked 🙂 luis at ole dot travel

  5. Welcome to the Wickeds, Michelle! Life does have a way of intervening, doesn’t it? Your protagonist’s journey sounds as interesting as your own. Best of luck with Murder in Gemini!

  6. What a wonderful story, Michelle! I hope your mother is at peace and joyful. How wonderful that you are able to be with her. It is a blessing.

    My writing career could best be described as a square dance! I have made mistakes that grew from fear that if I didn’t get those first books out, I never would. When I took a longer view, things got both easier and better. It’s a journey and a process – one I love.

  7. Congrats on your upcoming release, Michelle! and kudos to you for not giving up when life kept throwing curveballs at you. Your lesson in persistence and keeping the focus forward is a great one. Cheers!

  8. Thank you for this honest post, Michelle. I feel your pain! My journey to publishing my debut novel has taken many side trips. One of my decisions was to retire early thinking I’d have more time to write. Was that a good decision? As you say, do not dwell on “what ifs” and move on. I look back on the many years it took me to finally publish as a steep climb in learning the craft of writing. If I had published sooner, I know my novel would not have been as good. I thank all the support I have had through Sisters In Crime and other groups. Becoming a member in a writing community was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made.

    1. I considered waiting until I retired, but I kept changing when I would retire. So, I jumped in. It has been an experience. There are many things I could, should, have done differently, but I continue moving forward.
      Thanks for your support. Beautiful book covers have made it easier.

  9. Your series sounds fascinating, but not half as much as your real life. I love, ” Whatever happens during your journey on this blue marble, make the most of the situation.” I’ve had to do that and it feels good to know one has survived difficult situations. Best of luck to you, Michelle.

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