Congratulations, Edith on A Questionable Death!

Jessie, in New Hampshire where the robins are flitting about the garden!

Today we are celebrating Edith’s release of A Questionable Death, a collection of short stories featuring her sleuth, Quaker midwife, Rose Carroll. Edith’s enthusiasm for writing short stories is well-known and well-regarded so this release should prove a delight! So, Wickeds, do I hear a hip, hip hooray?

Barb: Congratulations, Edith! What a great idea to collect all these stories in one book. I love the cover, too.

Jessie: I am always so impressed, Edith, by your short story output! Congratulations on this collection!

Liz: Congrats, Edith! This is great. The cover is very cool!

Julie: Congratulations, Edith! What a gift to your fans–a collection of Rose’s short stories. And hats off to Crippen & Landru for the wonderful cover. So exciting!

Sherry: This is so exciting, Edith! What a great idea and the cover is fabulous. It makes me wonder what is going on!

Edith: Thank you, dear Wickeds! Yes, Crippen & Landru (looking at you, Jeffrey Marks) has done a fabulous job with all aspects of the production. Sherry, you might find a clue in that cover. ;^) I’m also delighted Rose has some new life, and I do love the short form to change things up from novels. Tomorrow’s post will flesh out a few more details.

Readers: What do you think about short stories? Any questions for Edith?

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  1. Edith, congratulations on tomorrow’s release. I’ve got my copy already because when I put the order in, it just showed up a few days later. While I was surprised since it wasn’t the official release day, I sure am happy I have the book in my hands.

    I don’t have any questions but to answer the question about how I feel about short stories. I have no problem with them of course. However, I’m not usually seeking them out all that often. Pretty much the best way for me to get a collection or a magazine with short stories is to have a story featuring an author or authors I am already reading in long form.

  2. Congratulations Edith!

    Sometimes short stories are a good introduction to an author. They’re good reads on a short commute. And the last few years sometimes when I’ve had problems reading a book, I put it down at the end of a chapter and read a short story and then I’m ready to get back to the book.

    1. They are nice bites, aren’t they? Although sometimes I shake up my subject matter, going darker, and my storytelling in short form, so it would be an odd intro to my books! Not in this collection, though.

      1. True but let’s say you did a collection with a short story from each of your series and a darker story or two (not trying to make more work for you, honest :-). That would introduce somebody to all of your series and the other types of stories you write.

  3. Congratulations Edith!

    Love your stories and love those about Rose! Can’t wait for the opportunity to read and review this wonderful collection of short stories. And by the way, what a gorgeous cover!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  4. I love reading short stories, although lately it’s been mostly full length books. Looking forward to this collection, I got an email last week from Crippen & Landru that it was mailed so expecting it soon!

  5. Congratulations, Edith!! Rose is one of my favorite characters and I can’t wait to dive in to my pre-order. Yay, Crippen & Landru for publishing!

  6. I am excited to read this book since I didn’t know that you had written any short stories about Rose Carroll. Do you have any recommendations for books or magazines to read short stories?

    1. Thanks so much, Sue. I figured lots of people didn’t know! Be sure to come back tomorrow for more about the collection!

      You can’t go wrong with Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine or Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. AHMM has published two of my Dot and Ruth historical stories set around 1920. See my web page for more details:

  7. Congrats, Edith!! This is wonderful. I”m not a big fan of short stories, in general, but yours are always great.

    Yes, I have a question. How are you doing after your much feared surgery?

  8. Congratulations, Edith! When I was working, short stories eased my waiting to have a case called from the docket. (I retired so long ago cell phones were not common and the stodgy court rules banned their use in courthouses.) As most of my clients were children, I had no client discussions to fill the waiting time. A very long way of saying, I didn’t read short stories to find new characters and authors, but to have reliable “old” friends at boring time.

  9. What’s nice about short stories? I can read them in one sitting, which makes it easier for me to find a nice stopping point if my reading is interrupted. I think it’s a great idea, Edith, to make a collection of stories for the series. Truth be told, I have just begun reading the Quaker Midwife series and am loving it! I have a penchant for learning about the people within the quaint sects of Christianity, and I love that the stories take place during the 1800’s.

  10. Congratulations, Edith! I’m looking forward to reading this collection.

    Congratulations to Crippen & Landru for the buttons on the back of the dress. Well done! Zippers didn’t come along until 1892. Yes, it’s a pet peeve.

    1. Oh yes. I had to fix several anachronisms in the cover draft (wrong windows, a plumbed sink, wrong apron on Rose, and so on). I’m as careful as I know how about details like that.

  11. I just noticed the spilled salt on the cover . . . oh, oh. 😉
    Short stories are a good break/reset, and I especially appreciated them when I was teaching six classes a day and my reading time was limited. Huzzah for the new book! (soon to be an ebook?)

  12. I LOVE the cover. I enjoy reading short stories. It helps in a busy world to get to read just a bit and finish. Happy Easter. God bless you.

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