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Today I thought we would bring you something a little different. I am a fan of online puzzles and word searches and I particularly love to make them myself. So to share the fun with all of you I created a word search comprised of words randomly plucked from the back covers of each of the Wickeds most recently released mysteries. The word search can be played online by following the link or it can be downloaded, printed, and played with pencil and paper. If you want to make one of your own it is easy and free! Enjoy!

Readers, do you love word searches, and or other puzzles?

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  1. Crossword puzzles and words search, but don’t often make the time to so them. Also the little jigsaw puzzles that some of the cozy mystery pages on Facebook of book covers. Thank you for this! It was a little harder than some.

  2. That is something I take spells on it seems. We have them around and hubby does a lot of them. Think I do them more in the winter when it’s too cold to go outside and when my eyes aren’t cooperating to read. 🙂 I do think that the one you made will be great to work because I will be connecting it to the books I’ve read making it a more personal connection for me. Thanks you for all the time and effort it took to make it for us!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  3. I like word searchs. Whenever the internet goes down or I get bored with reading my email, I will do a few. Or if I’m reading a really good book then I’ll read.

  4. I’m not big on word searches, although I’m looking forward to doing yours because of the book references, but I love crossword puzzles. I’ve worked my up to the hard level, but the challengers are sometimes a bit too much. I actually prefer the paper and pencil (never pen) ones. It’s easier for me to jump around the page. Thanks for all the entertainment.

  5. I love jigsaw puzzles, word searches and crossword puzzles. I am very grateful to authors Reagan Davis, Kate Carlisle and Victoria Williams for all the puzzles they provide to us in their newsletters. I will print your word search and use my trusty pencil to complete it. Thank you.

  6. Sometimes. If I am going to do a puzzle, it would be a word search. Thank you for sharing the beautiful covers. God bless you.

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