Wicked Wednesday–In the Beginning and a #giveaway

by Barb, celebrating the lusty month of May

We’re celebrating the blog’s 10th anniversary all month, so I want to ask: Wickeds, how did you feel in the beginning, when you did that very first post? Did you have confidence you had something to say? Did you think the blog would last? What was going through your head? What did it feel like?

As on most days this month, we have a giveaway for a lucky commenter. This time from Liz Mugavero/Cate Conte. See below for details.

Liz: I don’t think I ever had confidence I had something to say, LOL! Even to this day I struggle with that. But I think in the beginning I was just so excited to be on this blog with all of you, to be celebrating my first book coming out, and to feel like I had a community to share it all with. It was so special – and 10 years later, it still feels that way. It’s my week to do a giveaway, so make sure you read to the bottom to enter!

Sherry: I was terrified! I tend to be someone who will throw out the idea and then get whiplash when everyone says, yes, and makes it happen. I asked Edith to read the first several posts that I wrote because I was sure they were stupid. It didn’t take long to gain a little confidence thanks to all of you and our lovely readers.

Edith: And they weren’t a bit stupid, Sherry! I’d had a solo blog for a year or two before this one started up, so I was used to coming up with ideas for posts and writing them. I was relieved to have a group with whom I could share the responsibility of blogging, because I’d read that to be a successful blog, one had to post regularly. And it felt great to be part of this gang of women authors. I hoped it would last, and it has – the blog and the group.

Julie: I was so grateful to be part of this endeavor, and I knew that the blog would work. We all knew each other to varying degrees, and we respected each other. We were also at the same place on the journey, though I didn’t have a contract yet. What I couldn’t know was that ten years on I’d be blogging with five dear friends who add so much to my life.

Jessie: I think I was intimidated by the technological aspects of the blog. It seemed at the time that there was so much to remember in order to write the posts, save them, tag them, and to schedule them to go live on time. It took quite a while to feel like I knew what I was doing when it came to all that. After ten years it now feels like old hat! As for the longevity of the blog and the group, that never gets old hat to me in the least! It has been a fun ride and a meaningful one at that!

Barb: In the beginning, I was confident I’d have things to write about. So much was going on in my career. And, I had been on the group blog Maine Crime Writers for three years by then. As time has moved on, I have occasionally run dry, in the spaces between new books and so on. I think I’ve told everyone everything about my life. When that happens, I have to reach out to my fellow Wickeds with the question: What do I write about this month? What I wasn’t confident about in the beginning was whether anyone would read this blog. We were six unknowns at the time debuting our first in series books. What would the audience’s motivation to read be and how would they find us? It’s all worked out, as things so often do, when we don’t worry too much about a future we can’t control.

For this week’s giveaway, comment for a chance to win all three books in the Full Moon Mysteries: Witch Hunt, Witch Trial and the new release, Witch Way Out!

Readers: Do you remember when/how you discovered this blog?

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  1. No, I can’t remember when I first discovered this blog, but it is one of a few that I visit on a daily basis. Happy 10th blogversary!

  2. Barb, you introduced me to it very early and it’s been a go-to read ever since!

  3. I’m not sure- but perhaps on a book jacket? The first cozy I read from your group was one of Barb’s Maine Clambake!

  4. More than likely so giveaway had me joining. I never regretted it.

  5. I came across The Wickeds while searching for blogs by authors of love cozy mysteries.

  6. I am originally from eastern Massachusetts but have lived in Pennsylvania for almost 30 years, I became fascinated with the word “wicked” since I still said it and friends and relatives still said it. Being fascinated with words and phrases that are regional to counties and areas of the states and country, I looked up the use of the word in New England and there you were! I have been a fan since then and have read your books, attended Crime Bake a few times, and certainly read the blog daily. All because you chose to use “Wicked” in your title.

  7. If I remember correctly, I came across The Wickeds as I was following Edith Maxwell on FB where she mentioned the blog so I thought I would check it out. I’m so glad I did. I enjoy reading this every morning.

  8. I believe I found this blog because I was reading (and loving) Barbara’s Clambake series and following her on Facebook! So glad I did!

  9. I’m pretty sure my discovery of the blog came because Edith mentioned it the first time I met her at a signing down on the Cape.

  10. Many good things have happened since finding books by Edith/Maddie. This blog is just one of those good things.

  11. Due to life in general and then tending to Mom with Alzheimer in our home for five years, I had put reading to the wayside. When I was finally able to pick up a book and enjoy it, the first author I found was Edith. At the time having no idea what a cozy was, I was intrigued. After devouring her Local Foods Mystery series, I was hooked – big time. It was through her that I found Wicked and all the rest of the fabulous authors here. I love to read, review and promote the author’s whose books I love reading so others can find them and this blog as well. Wicked is the first thing I search out each morning now. Thank you all – both for your books and the blog posts here!

    Thank you for the chance to win all THREE books in the Full Moon Mysteries! Shared and hoping to be the very fortunate one selected.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  12. I have no recollection of how I discovered this blog. Perhaps through Guppies? I know I’ve been reading since the beginning as the reposts of earlier posts all ring bells! Keep it up, Wickeds, it’s a great blog.

  13. I discovered this blog about a year ago after I started following Cate on Facebook.

  14. I don’t remember exactly, but Edith might have mentioned it in a comment on Jungle Red Writers. It’s become one of the places I start my day.

  15. I started following in 2017, when I started writing cozy mystery. I was looking for blogs to follow to both help me learn the craft and to meet fellow mystery authors. Mission accomplished on both items!

  16. I don’t remember when I started reading this blog but I love it . I also read all your books and it’s great to get to know you and your books through this.. thank you!

  17. I met Edith at Malice Domestic 31 and started following her on social media, soon discovered this blog & have been a regular reader ever since.

  18. I have no idea how I became aware of the Wickeds, but it have a sense it had something to do with Edith. I wasn’t even sure what a blog was at the time. I continue to be delighted with my discovery and never miss a day. I already have (and have read) all the books in today’s giveaway.

  19. I found your blog through Jessica Ellicott’s FB page. I found Jessica Ellicott’s books and FB page through Sleuth’s in Time Authors FB page, which, if I remember correctly, I found because of Ashley Weaver’s books, which I may have found by fortunate accident. Before that I didn’t know I needed cozy or historical mysteries in my life.

  20. Happy, happy, happy 10th. blogaversary to all, dear friends! I do research on the cozy books we read in our Mystery Lovers’ Book Club, as far as I can recall, in early 2018 we started reading CLAMMED UP. I remember Googling to find interesting things about the first chapters of the book, and among the treasures I found was wickedauthors.com. Ever since, one of the first things I read while doing my daily elliptical routine is read this blog. I truly thank you for all the fun I receive from you every morning, and for all I have learned about all of you and your books. I also enjoy reading the posts that my fellow readers post. I wish for all of you to find abundant inspirations on subjects for this blog, and plots for your exciting books. Blessings! luis at ole dot travel

  21. I found the blog mentioned on FB so sighed up to read it
    . I enjoy V reading about all the Wickeds.

  22. Congratulations on 10 years.

    i don’t remember exactly either but i think it must have been mentioned on another blog i follow.

  23. I discovered the blog about 9 years ago. I wish I could remember how I stumbled across it while surfing the web while unemployed. But I quickly fell in love with the posts and had been happily coming here ever since. (No need to enter me in the giveaway.)

  24. I can’t seem to recall, but it seems like I have been on it forever!

  25. I recall that I was searching on the internet for mysteries to read. I had read some books from the Crooked Lane publishing company, and I must have figured that the Wickeds might somehow be connected to that company. I was wrong, but so what? I ended up here, and that is what counts!

  26. I’m sure I found this blog through Edith–following her on Facebook. So nice that you all share the duties!

  27. It was 4-5 years ago. I don’t remember exactly how I found it, though probably it was mentioned in one of the participating authors’ newsletters, books, or Facebooks.

  28. It’s been a long time, but I think I may have heard about it on Facebook.

  29. I’m not positive, but I am pretty sure I found it through one of your newsletters or even the back of one of your books. I read most of your books, so I am not sure. Congratulations on 10 years!!

  30. When I first started following the blog it was called Wicked Cozy Authors, I don’t remember where I discovered the blog. I follow the blog every day. Congratulations on ten years!

  31. I believe I found out about the blog through one of your newsletters. I am not sure whose. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

  32. I think it was through one of the authors’ newsletters.

  33. I found your blog through the author’s newsletters. I enjoy your books and the wonderful newsy posts.

  34. I have no idea how I came to this blog, but being from New England it is a natural…

  35. It’s been so long but I think it was through a newsletter. Definitely enjoying it!

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