Easter Basket Murder Cover Reveal and a #giveaway

by Barb in enjoying a beautiful May day in Maine

This is a bit of a sideways cover reveal, as some of you may have seen the cover in graphics promoting Barnes & Noble’s recent pre-order promotion. Anyway, this is the official announcement.

Easter Bunny Murder is the latest holiday novella collection by Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis, and me, coming January 24, 2024.

As we’ve been doing all month, there is a giveaway at the end of this post.

What do you think? I find it hilarious. Kensington has really been on a roll with the covers for my mysteries and the mystery novella collections I’ve been included in lately.

Here’s the description.

Put on your Sunday best and grab a basket, because Easter egg hunting in these quaint Maine towns is to dye for!

Tinker’s Cove businesses are clashing over a new Easter Basket-themed promotion to boost in-store sales, with tensions boiling over the grand prize—a mysterious golden egg crafted by a reclusive Maine artist. When the one-of-a-kind art piece is stolen, it’s up to part-time reporter Lucy Stone to investigate three struggling entrepreneurs who stick out in the local scene. But a huge town scandal comes into focus when a harmless shopping spree turns deadly, leaving Lucy to stop a murderer from springing back into action . . .

As Bar Harbor’s annual egg hunt approaches, Food & Cocktails columnist and restauranteur Hayley Powell is thrilled to introduce her grandson, Eli, to local springtime traditions. Turns out, keeping up with a rambunctious toddler isn’t always sunshine and rainbows—especially when a decadent peanut butter treat kills the Easter bunny himself during the festivities! Now, with a clear-as-cellophane case of murder on her hands, it’s up to Hayley to crack the clues and scramble deadly plans before it’s too late . . .

Julia Snowden’s Easter Sunday at Windsholme, a sprawling mansion tucked away on a remote Maine island, looks like it’s been borrowed from the pages of a lifestyle magazine. But when a dead body is discovered in the garden—then vanishes soon after without any explanation—an innocent hunt for eggs becomes a dangerous hunt for answers. With no clues beyond a copy of The Adventures of Peter Rabbit, Julia must find out if April Fool’s Day came early or if she’s caught in a killer’s twisted game . . .

Readers: What do you think? Of the cover? The theme? The story descriptions? One lucky commenter below will win a hardcopy edition of my first book, The Death of an Ambitious Woman and a Snowden Family Clambake tote bag.

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  1. I love the cover and looking forward to reading this. I do love these holiday themed novellas/anthologies.

      1. The love the sleuthing chick’s. They will definitely crack the case. I thoroughly enjoy the anthologies.

  2. Oh, I think that little Sherlock chick on the cover is wicked cute! And the novella stories sound wonderful – the Easter theme is fun!

  3. I enjoy holiday themes especially Easter. Love the cover and look forward to reading it.

  4. I love that cover and the chick detective is adorable. I enjoy these holiday themed anthologies and death by Easter Egg sounds fun.

  5. Absolutely hilarious, & I would buy the book if I wasn’t familiar with the authors! I truly enjoy these three authors, & I am looking to this anthology!

  6. Love the cover and it looks like an amazing read. Thanks for your great generosity.

  7. Cute cover! There’s not a ton of Easter themed mysteries, and I really enjoy these holiday novella collections.

  8. Love the details of the cover such as the Sherlock chick and others chicks inspecting the pieces. Also, the bunny looks like she might be a corpse lol.
    I would love to win the book and bag!
    Looking forward to reading another fun novella by these authors…they never disappoint!

  9. I love a sense of humor in cover art. I am a fan of the holiday books and novellas tide us over between full books.

  10. LOVE the cover! Love to dissect covers and this one has so many fabulous details. From the chicks – the Sherlock Holmes chick, the chick that looks like he’s screaming “the sky is falling”, the two chicks comparing notes and the one off by himself just taking it all in – to the poor little bunny rabbit victim on top of some broken eggs in the basket, this cover is just adorably cute and very fitting for a book full of cozy stories.

    The theme is definitely very cozy. If you had any doubt before, it lets you know you are in for some amateur sleuthing when you get to a very normal (and familiar for this senior) saying until you hit the part about the small, quiet towns and the “to dye for”.

    The story descriptions would definitely have me placing “Easter Bunny Murder” on my TBR list – if it wasn’t already. Each one sounds AMAZING!

    Thank you for chance to win a copy of “The Death of an Ambitious Woman” and a Snowden Family Clambake tote bag. The one selected is going to be very fortunate.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  11. I love the cover! The little chicks are so cute, and the stories sound perfect. Looking forward to reading it. cking78503(at)aol(dot)com

  12. Love the cover! I have read all of these novellas and always look forward to the next.

  13. Two thumbs up on the cover. Looks great and book should be be a good one!

  14. Hi Barb! From my elliptical 🙂 How thrilling to know that there is another Julia Snowden novella coming up!!!! I just finished and reviewed your brilliant Hidden Beneath, and am still processing the intriguing and gripping plot, plus feeling sad that I wouldn’t have another Maine Clambake Mystery to read for quite a while. You made my day! I look forward to the novellas as much as the full-length, technicolor novels you write. Now I have to share with my book club, and I know they will be equally as excited! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Luis at ole dot travel

  15. I love the story descriptions. And I love the cover. I have a little rubber duckie that is dressed as Sherlock Holmes. One of my favorite silly collectables. And I would love to win both the giveaway prizes.

  16. I love holiday novellas and cannot wait to read this one. I love the color and graphic on the cover too.

    1. Yes, the colors are great. I’m a little worried about the readability of the yellow on blue and expect the colors may be different on the mass market paperback as this has happened in the past.

  17. That cover is so much fun. And I’m already intrigued by the teaser for your story. Looking forward to it. (Exclude me from the giveaway, please.)

  18. I’m so excited to read this one! The cover is really cute. Love the bunnies.

  19. These are all series I read .The descriptions make me really interested in getting the book. The cover is attractive

  20. I especially like the baby chicks on the cover. They are so cute!! Yes, I am looking forward to reading this book.

  21. I love the cover! I also love that the stories are Easter themed. There aren’t nearly as many Easter themed stories as there are Christmas so I am happy about that.

  22. I love the cover and all the holiday novellas. I hope I win your first book because I haven’t found it anywhere. Thanks for the chance.

  23. Absolutely love the cover. I always enjoy the short stories and look forward to these books!

  24. Fabulous cover. The stories sound fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you.

  25. I love the cover, it’s so cute! I enjoy reading anthologies and I’m looking forward to next year’s book.

  26. Love the cover! Can’t wait for this one! I really enjoy these short story books.

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