Opening Lines: Graveyard Edition and a #giveaway

Wickeds, give us your opening lines for a story, inspired by the photo below.

As we have done all month, there’s a giveaway for one lucky commenter below.

Edith/Maddie: “Hey, pal!” I yelled at the dude – my brother – trying to make a break for it. “It’s the Day of the Dead, and that means you’re supposed stay dead. Listen, I brought your favorite vodka and cookies. Now be a good corpse and get back into that coffin.”

Barb: “Honestly, I thought the zombie apocalypse would be a lot scarier.”

Liz: “I told my new boyfriend he could invite his friends to the party. I should’ve kept my mouth shut.”

Sherry: My grandmother’s grave looked terrible. Then I realized the cemetery was working with a skeleton crew.

Julie: Honestly, if it’s not one thing it’s another. We finally get Uncle Fred six feet under now we have to worry about him showing up as one of the undead? I told them we should have cremated the SOB.

Jessie: The fact that her husband always insisted on going overboard with the Halloween decorations had been a serious bone of contention in their marriage. She thought that while it was unlikely he was content that his life had ended so unnaturally, he would have been cheered to know his skeleton contributed so prominently, if anonymously to the holiday display.

Readers: Add your own lines. One lucky commenter will win a Snowden Family Clambake tote bag and a signed copy of The Death of an Ambitious Woman.

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  1. What do you mean were suppose to stay down below but there’s a huge party down the street and I’m in the mood to party.

  2. I thought it was Night of the Living Dead or is this the sequel Day of the Living Dead? Where is my cross!! Thank you for this chance at your giveaway. pgenest57 at aol dot com

  3. Everyone got quite a kick out of the Halloween display at the local cemetery, until the neighbors noticed one of the corpses was rotting a little too realistically.

  4. It was a typical set for a death metal band video until the dead actually began to rise…

  5. Morgan didn’t realize that trying to recreate a cemetery from his past and adding some horror movie touches would lead to it coming to life come sundown bringing terror and mayhem to his small town.

    Thank you for the wonderful chance to win a Snowden Family Clambake tote bag and a signed copy of “The Death of an Ambitious Woman”. Shared and hoping to be the fortunate one selected.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  6. I loved to visit the cemetery to look at the old historical headstones, but I didn’t expect to see my friends hanging out there.

  7. Did you see what the Joneses did in their back yard for Halloween, Elrod?
    No matter how competitive you are, Elrod, we are NOT going to outdo them…I said NO, and I mean NO! Luis at ole dot travel

  8. I knew I needed inspiration for this year’s Halloween decorations, but I didn’t anticipate getting them in May. Someone has a macabre sense of humor, or is it an omen?

  9. “I said I wanted to PLAY dead, not BE dead. Nobody listens anymore”

  10. if someone was offering me food, drink, and companionship, i would hang around rather than moving into towon

  11. I’m laughing at so many of these. Here’s mine:

    I was enjoying the fun Halloween decorations until I realized that the corpse was all too real.

    (No need to enter me in the giveaway.)

  12. I thought working the graveyard shift meant only working at night, it is true that there is no rest for the wicked.

  13. I was strolling though the cemetery this merry month of May. Shocking!

  14. Oh my goodness! I knew I shouldn’t have watched the cult classic “Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things.” Now I am seeing things!

  15. Not quite what I expected it would be like when I got here. Didn’t know it would be party time! Thought I would be six feet under.

  16. “I told you Grandpa would be mad you buried him in the wrong tie.”

  17. That is the last time I go to a Halloween party with frat boys. I never dreamed that while I was asleep thay would put me as part of their decorations.

  18. This is my life as a Halloween baby! Same party theme EVERY YEAR!!

  19. To think my family refused to listen to me when picking a plot for mom & dad. I kept telling them, “Location, Location, Location!!”

  20. Why wasn’t I invited? Too much flesh on my bones?

  21. I was an extra in the movie The Night of the Living Dead. They told me I looked much too realistic and couldn’t use me! Say what???!

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