Have a Wicked Happy 4th of July

by Julie, dealing with rain and heat in Somerville, but still loving the 4th

My two favorite holidays have always been the 4th of July and Thanksgiving. They are about food, friends/family and fun. As I’ve gotten older, both days have taken on a bit of a more somber tone. The meaning of the holidays require some thought. I miss people who aren’t here any more to celebrate with me. Sometimes it takes a bit more effort to embrace the fun. Nevertheless, I persist.

To those who celebrate, have a wicked wonderful 4th of July. To those who don’t, do something fun today.

12 Thoughts

    1. As life changes and I grow older, I embrace new ways to celebrate while keeping some of the old traditions. Have a safe, wonderful and fun 4th!

  1. I hope your celebration of the 4th of July is wonderfully reminiscent and joyful. Happy 4th!

  2. Happy, blessed, safe and delicious 4th. Of July y’all 🤠 Luis at ole dot travel

  3. Whatever you do today, enjoy it and be safe. For all the problems our country is going through, we still have more freedom than many people of the world. I’m extremely grateful for that.

  4. I hear you about the holidays, all of them… am also grateful for those still here, sad for those who are missed or wounded. I too am here in New England enjoying listening to the thunder and between showers the neighborhood kids’ fireworks but feeling so sad for those with PTSD. Rainy night, so off to writing a little before bed.

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