Wicked Wednesday: Time to Relax

Edith/Maddie here, enjoying summer north of Boston.

Our WW topic for the month is relaxation.

Wikipedia says: In psychology, relaxation is the emotional state of low tension, in which there is an absence of arousal, particularly from negative sources such as anger, anxiety, or fear.

Relaxation is a form of mild ecstasy coming from the frontal lobe of the brain in which the backward cortex sends signals to the frontal cortex via a mild sedative. Relaxation can be achieved through meditation, autogenics, breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation and other means.

August is the last full month of summer, when many of us try to knock back a bit and enjoy less stress. So let’s get started on our conversations about relaxation.

Wickeds, what’s your favorite way to reach that “emotional state of low tension” in the summer? Draw a little word picture for our readers of how you prefer to relax.

Jessie: Relaxation for me involves almost anything to do with the seaside. I walk along the shore, read a book with my toes wriggled down into the sand, or carry my painting kit to the beach to capture the view on canvas of paper. I play bocce there with friends, explore piles of stranded seaweed and marine creatures with my dog, Sam, or unfurl a kite and race up and down the hard-packed sand to set it aloft. In the evening I light the grill and smell the salt air mingling with woodsmoke as I enjoy a cool drink and a pleasant conversation with friends and family.

Sherry: Oh, that sounds delightful, Jessie. There are so many different ways to relax, but staring at water is one of my favorites or watching clouds. Reading is a great escape as is watching a great TV show or movie. And I do like walking around the woods in our neighborhood there is always something different to see.

Edith/Maddie: Staring at water or clouds is lovely, Sherry. At this time of year, I find picking blueberries relaxing, almost meditative. It’s just me, the bushes, and the birds. We don’t seem to have mosquitoes at night anymore (which is frankly worrisome), so sitting on my deck with a glass of wine as night falls is a lovely way to relax. When it gets too dark to read, I just sit and watch the fireflies and maybe a setting crescent moon.

Barb: I find that the best way to reach a “emotional state of low tension” in the summer is to hand in a book at the beginning of it. Like great sex, handing in a book leaves you pleasantly relaxed in the afterglow.

Julie: Barb, that is quite the comparison, LOL. I will admit that I have not been very good about relaxing this summer, and need to remedy that this month. For me, like so many others, that means truly enjoying the summer. The blueberries (not sure about picking, but it may be fun to try), reading in a hammock, floating on a raft in the water, sleeping without needing to wake up. What I really need is to figure out how to relax all the time, but August is a great time to start.

Readers: How do you relax in the warmer months?

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  1. We are retired so all we do is relax. My favorites are reading, watching my favorite programs no matter how many times I’ve seen them already, going in the pool. I miss my hammock that I had in MA. Will have to look for a new one for winter in Florida as it’s too hot now to lay outside.

  2. I find walking relaxes me, and yoga. Sitting outside in our gazebo, reading and watching the birds, is perfect too.

  3. There are two things that relax me in the warmer months. One is to head to the front porch, turn on the fans and make sure I have a book in one hand and a cool drink in the other. No other place I’d rather be and on the worse of days, I can find peace there. The other is when I become one with nature by having my camera in hand. It can be on the same porch or in the Blazer headed out to find critters in their natural habitat – locally or abroad. It’s the joy of trying to capture with the camera what my eye and brain see. It’s a hobby that once you achieve one goal, there’s always something else that you want to capture. Nature and critters are relaxing to me away from the worries of every day life, no computers, no phones – just you and peace and quiet interrupted by the song of birds or a deer wandering around the wooded area or even the sudden appearance of a black bear that gets your heart to pumping.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  4. I take a book (or a dozen) to our place in the Poconos and sit on the porch and read! Maybe do a little antiquing or go out to eat, but mostly just relax. Hopefully when we are there this summer, the local bear will keep his/her distance!

  5. Reading is almost always my go-to relaxation technique. That and watching the fireflies in my backyard at night – there are so many of them this year!

  6. Reading and crocheting are year-round relaxers for me. In the spring, summer, and fall – off to the woods for a long hike and a run. The tension falls away!

  7. I relax with a warm blanket, a good book and a big bowl of popcorn. I do that year round 🙂

  8. I have to admit to not knowing how to relax. There, I confessed! I get up early, exercise and read your blog while doing an hour on my elliptical, then I am in charge of breakfast, my wife and I eat, read our devotional, then the comics, and off we go to do chores in our ranch until it gets too hot. Then we do chores inside, have lunch, and only then we sit outside by the pool and read one of your cozies, swim for a while, back to reading until it is dinnertime. After dinner we watch a movie or a British detective series on various streaming apps. At the end, we pray and read our individual books until we fall asleep. Of course, there are deviations for trips to the grocery store, or a visit to my chiropractor some days. Boring for some, but perfect life for us. Thank you for sharing how you relax 🙂 Luis at ole dot travel

  9. Not surprisingly, reading seems to be the common thread here. 🙂 Lying on the sofa or on my new hammock (from Twin Oaks – the best), with a soft down pillow, a lightweight super soft blanket, my snuggly kitty, and a good cozy will relax me like no pill ever could. Going for a drive in the country or walking in the woods are great, too. And, for me, sitting in the yard and pulling weeds is a wonderful way to “Take me away, Calgon.”

  10. Reading can be very relaxing. It can also be stressful if I haven’t gotten as much reading done as I need to so I can meet my reviewing deadlines.

  11. No mosquitos, Edith! You’re so lucky. Georgia mosquitoes are nasty little buggers. Plus, I’m a mosquito magnet! I love relaxing in our community pool, but lately the water is like a hot tub. Still the water seems to calm me and allow aching joints to relax.

  12. Reading. I can go anywhere in a book. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

  13. We used to go to the Florida Keys where we rented a house at the same place for 13 years in Marathon. I would relax on the balcony looking at the ocean and read. Now I just stay at home and read, work jigsaw puzzles and watch old movies and the Hallmark Channel among others and hang out. In my youth, it was getting a tan and having fun, but as we got older that went out the window. Then it was bike riding 25 mile in 2 hours and walking 4 miles. I am 74 now and so all of that is not on my agenda due to knee issues. I love all these books and there is not enough time to read them all, but I try.

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