Wicked Wednesday: Relaxing with a New Release

Edith/Maddie here, basking in release week north of Boston.

As we’ve been hearing for the last two days, the Wickeds are rich in releases this week!

Wickeds, when you have a riches of new books in front of you, how do you choose which to read first? Feel free to plead the Fifth.

Julie: Congratulations to Cate, Maddie and Barb! What an embarrassment of riches for us all. The books are all on my Kindle, and I have a lot of traveling over the next few weeks, so lots of time to indulge. Which one first? I plead the 5th!

Sherry: What a happy problem! Congratulations, ladies! I can’t wait to read them! I’m a very in-the-moment person when choosing what to read next. I like to balance something dark with something lighter.

Barb: New releases from old favorites first. Experiments, recommendations from others, and impulse purchases second.

Liz: Thanks!! I also go by mood, but also by old favorites. If I try to plan my reading, plans usually change at the last minute because I inevitably find I’m in the mood for something else.

Jessie: Congratulations to you all! I totally chose by my mood, whether the books on my shelf are new releases or old friends.

Edith/Maddie: Thanks, all! I’m with Barb – new releases from favorite authors first, then recommendations and maybe some non-fiction.

Readers: How do you decide which of several books to pick up first?

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  1. Depends on what’s in my queue and if it is an ARC of an upcoming release. For recently published book, I read favorite authors first and/or series I’ve been reading longer.

  2. I want to read books from my favorite series/new release/favorite authors first and then it depends what mood I am in or if I agreed to read an ARC. It’s a tough call with these 3 new releases as I love a good cover too and Halloween books are my favorite holiday to read about. I love Cape Cod too. I might have to go eenie meenie. LOL

  3. I do FIFO, First In, First Out! So the oldest ones first. If I have more than one that I’ve gotten at the same time, we’ll it’s the eenie meenie game! Fun problem to have!

  4. Because I get sent books to review, I generally review anything that is getting a Mystery Scene or The Strand review first. When it comes to stuff I’m going to just do a personal review of over on Goodreads, I try to read favorite authors first and then go from there.

    I won’t say it always works out the way I plan but for the most part that’s the plan.

  5. The first to be read would be a book gifted to me by an author. Love to read and honestly review it to show my appreciation for both the book and the gift. Next would be new release in which an honest review can help promote a book right out of the gate so to speak – another way to help an author. Then the next could be one referred to me by an author, friend, or that caught my eye (this is where great covers may come into play). Rest assured my TBR pile never seems to dwindle because there’s so many awesome books out there crying to be read and I try my best to oblige. Keep it up Wickeds so there’s no fear of lack of awesome reading ahead!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  6. I do FIFO for reading books. As for buying books-why choose, I bought all three of these on preorder.

  7. Unfortunately I tend to buy when I’m in one mood, and then the poor thing sits there while my mood shifts to something else. Unless I’ve promised a review 😂

  8. CONGRATULATIONS again, again, and again!!! How wonderful to have new books by beloved authors!!! I always have two list to select from: My priority one list has books that I am obligated to read and post a review (Net Galley/contest winner), and the second list is for books by beloved authors that I have selected and purchased (which I will also review and post). The third list is for books from authors that I have not read before…this list is huge, and I will be reading them from the hereafter, surely 🙂 THANK YOU dear author friends for pouring all of you into your stories that take us to your worlds. Thrilling!!! Luis at ole dot travel

  9. Congratulations! I put my Kensington authors in a seperate pile and tend to pick those to read first (I’m looking at you, Edith 🙂 ). I will read another publisher if it’s a book I’m super excited about or that I’ve won. I try to review any book I’ve won within one week at the max. Right now, I’m reading And Ladies of the Club but am stretching it out all year since it’s 1,433 pages and it’s amazing. I’m currently reading this week – Kathy Lynn Emerson’s Death of an Intelligence Gatherer, Maddie Day’s Murder on Cape Cod and Bonnie Garmus’ Lessons in Chemistry.

      1. It’s the longest book I ever tried to read but it’s just so good. I don’t know if I’d do that long a book again any time soon. Maybe once a year!

  10. One of my goals this year was to clear my Kindle backlog! I made a list – in date of purchase order – of all of my unread books. Then I alternate old / new – I’m no where near clearing the backlog stage because of all the new books I keep adding, but at least I’m finding some great “old” books again.

  11. I have to really discipline myself and not read all my favorite authors at one time. I like to spread them out among the many other books in my TBR pile (pile?, make that bookshelves). All of the Wickeds’ book are definitely in my favorite pile. Which to read first? Depends on my mood, like so many others here.

  12. I try to mix some, so I won’t read two historical mysteries back to back if I can. Looking at October, I had three ARCs for books coming out the same day. I’m reading the non-Christmas themed book first – partially just because it makes it a couple days closer to Christmas when I do (I’m weird, I know), but partially because I have another Christmas book I’ll be reading the week before.

  13. Since I depend heavily on getting my reading material from the library, that somewhat dictates what is available to read. I try to read new releases as close to the book birthday as possible. And I always put favorite authors ahead of anything else when I can.

  14. I like to pre-order the new releases for the authors I follow. I might not read them right away but they are there when I get to them. I to read first what is on the top of my TBR pile.

  15. If I have ARC’s that I need to read by a deadline, they take first place. If I have free time, that there is no ARC’s, or book club books to read, I have a stack that I cannot wait to jump into reading. I am not sure which I will pick next. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

  16. I look at them and decide. I have hundreds to read. I kind of go through them and read some I am behind on and then some just out. It just depends on my mood. I just wish I could read more every month to try to get ahead of them, but I never do as new ones come out from favorites, or I see new ones that interest me. My best friend buys some of the authors and I buy some and we trade off. She keeps them all as she has a larger house and turned a huge closet into a library with shelves. So, I try to read some she has sent me to read and send back and some I have bought to send to her that she has not read.

  17. I usually read my favorite, whom I’ll never name (and I won’t say who my favorite child is either) first.They’re like a cozy sweater on a dank day; comfortable and familiar (ok…my gray Irish knit). Then I’ll prepare for a new “read” the same way I prepare for an oncoming cold, or a dismal weather forecast: soup on simmer, Dutch oven bread ready to bake, phones off, dogs asleep on the couch. And if anyone dares disrupt my plans, I’ll make sure I’ve got a good place to hide the body.
    Also …shhh don’t tell…Ellie is truly my favorite daughter and KJ is my most favorite son. Shhhh!

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